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Advocating Genocide as Electoral Tactic

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    Advocating Genocide as Electoral Tactic Kim Petersen October 6, 2008 http://www.uruknet.de/?p=m47777&hd=&size=1&l=e In a 60 Minutes interview from 1996, then
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      Advocating Genocide as Electoral Tactic
      Kim Petersen
      October 6, 2008

      In a 60 Minutes interview from 1996, then US ambassador to
      Washington, Madeleine Albright infamously quipped of the deaths of
      half a million Iraqi children to maintain US policy: "… we think the
      price is worth it."1 On 24 September, a prominent Canadian politician
      said that the collective punishment of the Palestinian people "… is
      the right thing to do." The name candidate with Canada's Liberal
      Party delivered a shocking statement that is, in essence, advocating
      a genocide against 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza.

      Speaking at Toronto's Beth Emeth synagogue, hockey hall-of-fame
      goalie, former federal cabinet minister, and current member of the
      Canadian parliament for the Ontario riding of York Centre, Ken Dryden
      sounded like an arch-Zionist:

      Stop all aid that flows into Gaza. While that may seem a harsh
      measure that will hurt Palestinian civilians… it is the right thing
      to do at this time.2 [emphasis added]

      Journalist Paul Weinberg considered that Dryden was "trying to out-
      Israel" his competition from the staunchly pro-Zionist Conservative
      Party, Rochelle Wilner, a hard-liner and former B'nai Brith

      Dryden's campaign manager, Ruth Thorkelson, contradicted her
      candidate. She stated that the Liberal Party position was for a
      Canadian government boycott of aid but to indirectly support UN

      Since Palestinians in Gaza were already starving,3 a call for cutting
      off all aid to Gaza is tantamount to a call for a mass starvation. It
      is advocating collective punishment — a war crime, as stipulated by
      the Fourth Geneva Convention. It is advocating genocide.

      While with the International Committee of the Red Cross, Christa
      Rottensteiner argued that cutting all aid could be a war crime, crime
      against humanity, and/or genocide. The requisites for genocide are

      The denial of humanitarian assistance could fit into the categories
      of "killing members of the group", "causing serious bodily or mental
      harm to members of the group" and "deliberately inflicting on the
      group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical
      destruction in whole or in part", provided that the prerequisites for
      genocide are fulfilled. What was said for murder as a war crime is
      also applicable, mutatis mutandis, to genocide.4

      Wrote Rottensteiner, "[T]he impact of the denial of humanitarian
      assistance can be just as strong as massacres 'committed with

      So far no word has been forthcoming from Liberal Party leader
      Stéphane Dion on Dryden's racist remarks, which are receiving short
      thrift in the corporate media. Dion is known to be a sympathizer of
      Zionism, so this is not surprising.

      Dryden is considered to be an "all-star" of the Liberal team, a
      person who, according to "prominent Liberal strategist" Scott
      Reid, "can speak to character."5

      Ron Saba, editor of Montreal Planet magazine, has been indefatigable
      in exposing the complicity of Canadian politicians in the crimes of
      Zionism. Dion is near the top of his list. Many of the supporters of
      Zionism turn out to be politicians from within Canada's corporate-
      political duopoly of the Conservatives and Liberals. Prime minister
      Stephan Harper is an unabashed backer of Zionism.6

      A particular focus of Saba is the racist Jewish National Fund (JNF)
      which enjoys strong financial support in Canada — illegally. Dion is
      taciturn on JNF crimes and the illegality of the JNF operating in
      Canada as a tax-exempt charity. Dion even went so far as to welcome
      fellow liberal "all-star" Bob Rae, the Liberal candidate in Toronto
      Centre and a committee member of the JNF, an organization
      acknowledged as practicing racism towards Arabs by the attorney
      general of Israel.78

      Dryden's racist remarks are inexcusable from any human being and,
      certainly, from a MP. The right thing for Dryden to do at this time
      is to resign, and Dion should be calling for that resignation
      immediately and publicly.

      Albright does regret the statement. See "Democracy Now! Confronts
      Madeline Albright on the Iraq Sanctions: Was It Worth The Price?"
      Democracy Now!, 30 July 2004. [↩]
      See Paul Weinberg, "Israel's party mixer," NOW Magazine, 1-8 October
      2008. [↩] [↩]
      An Egyptian weekly called it "direct starvation — with grave
      ramifications in humanitarian terms." Saleh Al-Naami, "Darkness,
      starvation and imminent death," Al-Ahram, 24-30 January 2008. [↩]
      Christa Rottensteiner, "The denial of humanitarian assistance as a
      crime under international law," International Review of the Red Cross
      No. 835, 30 September 1999: 555-582. [↩]
      Craig Offman, "Dion calls up his all-stars," National Post, 20
      September 2008. [↩]
      Mike de Souza, "Criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic, Harper says,"
      The Gazette, 9 May 2008. [↩]
      Editorial, "Who needs the JNF?" Haaretz, 23 September 2006. [↩]
      Meron Benvenisti, "A ridiculous war against the gaps," Haaretz, 29
      June 2006. [↩]

      Kim Petersen can be reached at: kim @ dissidentvoice.org.


      Greenwald: Rutten, Ahmadinejad, Biden, Palin

      In Salon Radio: L.A. Times' Tim Rutten on Ahmadinejad Glen Greenwald
      notes the following:

      BIDEN: Gwen, no one in the United States Senate has been a better
      friend to Israel than Joe Biden. I would have never, ever joined this
      ticket were I not absolutely sure Barack Obama shared my
      passion. . . .

      PALIN: But I'm so encouraged to know that we both love Israel, and I
      think that is a good thing to get to agree on, Sen. Biden. I respect
      your position on that.

      They don't just consider Israel an ally. They don't just both support
      Israel. No, that's woefully inadequate. Instead: Biden has
      a "passion" for Israel and is its best friend, while Palin declares
      how excited she is that they "both love Israel."

      They "love Israel"? I'm asking this literally, not rhetorically: is
      there any other country in the world where presidential candidates
      are required to — or even could — proclaim their "passion" and "love"
      for another country in a national election? And other than Israel, is
      there any country for which candidates for the American presidency
      could get away with proclaiming their "passion" and "love"? It's not
      exactly healthy or rational for someone who wants to lead one country
      to swear their fealty, passion and love for another.

      The whole blog entry is worth reading and listening to the Rutten
      interview is also extremely interesting even if Greenwald needs to
      work on his interviewing technique. [See

      Does "love Israel" mean that the USA continues to send billions of
      dollars to Israel even as the US banking system collapses, the US
      economy goes into recession, and Americans are put out on the street
      via home foreclosures?

      The USA has spent trillions of dollars on Zionism. Now is definitely
      time to recoup some of that money by liquidating Israel and seizing
      the assets of Zionism terror supporters and corrupt Wall Street
      bankers. These two groups are not disjoint. Henry Paulson used to be
      CEO of Goldman Sachs. He had no problem with the tanking of Goldman
      competitor of Lehman Brothers. but rescued AIG on which Goldman

      Warren Buffet, who is a big non-Jewish booster of the State of Israel
      and who has made tremendous amounts of money by investing in US-
      subsidized Israeli corporations that steal customers and jobs from
      American businesses, is heavily invested in both Goldman Sachs and



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