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British Gitmo detainee wins documents

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    British Gitmo detainee wins documents Aug. 30, 2008 http://www.upi.com/Top_News/2008/08/30/British_Gitmo_detainee_wins_do cuments/UPI-57021220119427/ LONDON,
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      British Gitmo detainee wins documents
      Aug. 30, 2008

      LONDON, Aug. 30 (UPI) -- British judges say Guantanamo Bay prisoner
      Binyam Mohamed will receive U.S. documents that may support his
      claim he was tortured into a false confession. Mohamed, an Ethiopian
      of British resident, is accused of conspiring with al-Qaida to blow
      up apartments in the United States. He is to be tried by a military
      tribunal at Guantanamo Bay. His attorneys had asked the London High
      Court to force British Foreign Secretary David Miliband to hand over
      U.S. documents backing his claim to having been tortured, The Times
      of London reported Saturday.

      If his attorneys can show Mohamed's confession was obtained under
      duress, it would be inadmissible under the tribunal's rules. Two
      High Court justices said Friday that Mohamed, 30, had now achieved
      everything that is "essential for a fair trial," the Times reported.
      Citing unnamed sources, the British newspaper said the U.S. State
      Department had agreed to give Mohamed's lawyers edited versions of
      documents relating to his imprisonment at Guantanamo, with the names
      of his interrogators blacked out.


      Judges attack Home Secretary over Briton's claim of U.S. torture
      By Daily Mail Reporter
      31st August 2008

      Held at Guantanamo Bay: Binyam MohamedJudges yesterday criticised
      David Miliband for not treating seriously enough claims that a
      Briton was tortured in Guantanamo Bay.

      The comments come after a legal wrangle over whether the Government
      will hand over secret documents relating to Binyam Mohamed, who is
      facing a U.S. military trial for terrorism.

      If convicted, he could face the death penalty. The legal team
      representing the Ethiopian-born 30-year-old asked the High Court to
      order the release of the material. They claim it provides evidence
      he was kidnapped and subject to 'medieval' torture - including being
      repeatedly slashed in the genitals with a razor blade.

      But the Foreign Office said it would only allow Mohamed's lawyers to
      see the papers if and when the U.S. puts him on trial.

      Lord Justice Thomas and Mr Justice Lloyd Jones gave the Government a
      further week to consider its position.

      However, they highlighted 'insufficiencies' in Mr Miliband's reasons
      for blocking the immediate disclosure of the documents.

      They said the Foreign Secretary's argument that it was not in the
      public interest to release the papers ignored the seriousness of the
      claims that a Briton had been inhumanely treated.

      They added that it 'failed to address the abhorrence and
      condemnation accorded to torture'.

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