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Somalia fighters 'making comeback'

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    Somalia fighters making comeback http://english.aljazeera.net/news/africa/2008/09/2008912327554293.htm l The opposition says it has taken control of much of
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2008
      Somalia fighters 'making comeback'

      The opposition says it has taken control of much of the south
      Opposition fighters in Somalia appear to have made a major comeback
      after being ousted by Somali government troops backed up by
      Ethiopian forces last year.

      The fighters and remnants of the Islamic Courts Union first took the
      key port city of Kismayo and now they say they are making headway
      across southern Somalia, slowly wresting back from the government
      control of towns such as Dhoble, near the Kenyan border.

      But a Somali government adviser says the opposition is exaggerating
      the extent of its alleged comeback."

      I think they are less powerful than they were before. But of course
      they always re-group in areas that are very simple for them to take
      over," Yusuf Al Azhari told Al Jazeera.

      Some Kismayo residents say they are optimistic the lawlessness there
      will end, just a week after opposition fighters seized the area from
      clan militias, but others are wary.

      IN VIDEO Opposition fighters gain ground in Somalia

      "The last time the Islamic fighters controlled the city, we saw some
      violations .. We urge them not to repeat that again," one elder in
      Kismayo told Al Jazeera. Other residents have warned the fighters
      against imposing a strict Islamic code and to focus instead on
      achieving peace.

      But many southern citizens appear to be expecting the opposition
      fighters to fulfil their promises of respecting tribal divisions in
      order to prevent pitfalls of the past.

      Although accused by the United States of harbouring al-Qaeda
      fighters, the Islamic Courts Union is credited by some for bringing
      a degree of law and order to Somalia after its central government
      collapsed in 1991, giving way to an all out confrontation between
      various clan militias.

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