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Would You Gas the Jews?

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    Would You Gas the Jews? Counter Bias Would you gas the Jews, if this could half the price of petrol? Remember, the oil price was
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 6, 2008
      Would You Gas the Jews?
      Counter Bias" <counterbias @ yahoo.com.au>

      Would you gas the Jews, if this could half the price of petrol?
      Remember, the oil price was quadrupled by the Jew "Yom Kippur" War
      (1973-4). Likewise, the oil price was continuously -- and purely
      artificially -- jacked up by the Jew-imposed ban on the sale of the
      oil exploration equipment to Iran -- and now shot up like mad as a
      direct and indirect consequence of the Jew-ordered invasion and
      occupation of Iraq -- so says Joseph Stiglitz, the Nobel Prize-
      winning economist.

      Would you gas the Jews, if this could undo both the "Islamic
      terrorism" and the Jew "war on terror"?

      Remember, both of these purely political phenomena were artificially
      constructed by the Jewpsy Zion-gang purely for the Jew purposes,
      where 9/11 serves as a cherry on top of the kosher pie, while the
      pie's foundation can only be discerned through apocryphal tales, as
      any truthful depiction is absolutely forbidden or, at best, severely

      ("Islamic terrorism" was brought about by decades of the quite
      deliberate Jewpsy televisual badgering of the Arabs with the scenes
      of the Palestinians, even little children, being shot like animals.
      Instilling extreme frustration into their victims is a tried and
      tested Jew bloodsucker tactics always deliberately intended to
      provoke an extreme "terrorist" or "anti-Semitic" reaction, so that
      the Jewpsy Zion-gang can cash in to the greatest possible extent
      every time. And 9/11 alone is worth to the Jews infinitely more
      than any Israeli military victory: 9/11 was the Jews' greatest ever
      triumph -- comparable only to the Jew victory in WW2.) Would you gas
      the Jews, if this could undo WW2, Korea and Vietnam ?

      Remember, neither of these wars -- anti-communist Crusades, whether
      fully or partly -- would have taken place, had it not been for the
      Rothschild-financed 1917 Judo-communist take-over of Russia and the
      predatory Treaty of Versailles -- made possible by the Jew-fixed
      1916 US entry into WW1 -- the Jew pay-off for the Balfour
      Declaration in a deal with the British Prime Minister Lloyd-George -
      - which prolonged the war and destruction by two more years of
      extreme misery and mayhem, but brought about the British victory, as
      well as the subsequent mass killings of the British servicemen and
      civilians in WW2 -- and the inevitable financial ruin of Britain
      herself by the agency of the Rothschild puppets.

      (E.g, the half-Jew Churchill, a prodigious liar and manipulator,
      surrounded himself with some 200-odd Jews, communists and KGB
      pederasts; the part-Jew Roosevelt (Rosenfeld) likewise; the
      prostitute Tony "Bliar" was Churchill's most worthy successor in

      Would you gas the Jews, if this could undo the Boer War, the Crimean
      War and the Opium Wars?

      Remember, the Rothschilds had their grasping hand in all of these
      mass slaughters -- and along with other Jewpsy banksters (their
      agents, as a rule), profited tremendously from pocketing most of the
      South African gold, diamonds and other minerals, and from forcing
      opium addiction upon millions of hapless Chinamen -- in the name of
      the "free trade", of course!

      And also remember, the very word concentration camp is a coy
      English euphemism for those squalid prison camps in South Africa ,
      where over 80,000 of the illegally detained Boer civilians were
      slowly done to death, while many of their girls were raped by the
      camp guards. And no one seems to have counted the number of the
      Negroes also driven to death in the Boer War concentration camps by
      the slave labour, disease and malnutrition -- towards the ever
      greater Jewpsy banksters' profit.

      Would those disappearing "gas chambers" have ever materialized, at
      least as a "Holocaust hypothesis", had the Rothschild-run Jewpsy
      Zion-gang and their Judo-communist bedmates not brought about WW2,
      in the first place?

      Hitler invaded Poland , but it's the Jewpsy banksters that created
      absolutely all necessary social and political conditions that made
      the National-Socialist ballot box revolution unavoidable, which --
      surprise, surprise -- perfectly dove-tailed with their "Zionist
      project" in Palestine . And the ring-leaders of the Jewpsy Zion-
      gang got into bed with the Gestapo in no time at all! In fact, it
      was the Jewpsy bankster Gedalia Kareski, a Rothschild agent -- and a
      generous Nazi Party donor -- who repeatedly urged the German
      government to compel the small-time Jews to wear their yellow Jew
      Stars -- so as to have them all indelibly branded as a private
      property of the Jewpsy Zion-gang.

      (This Jewish proposition wasn't generally adopted until after the
      German invasion of the Jew-ridden Soviets. Compared to the Jews,
      Hitler was little more than a good little Catholic Boy Scout.)

      NOTE: I don't usually post such essays but I love an op ed that asks
      a question, and it is not only well written but makes a lot of very
      sincere and on the nail points, however crudely worded. -WVNS


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