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Latest news on Palestinian Fulbrighters

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    Latest news on the Palestinian Fulbrighters This is a personal message from one of the scholar s brothers. -WVNS Only one of the three remaining students got
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5, 2008
      Latest news on the Palestinian Fulbrighters

      This is a personal message from one of the scholar's brothers. -WVNS

      Only one of the three remaining students got his Israeli permit to
      leave Gaza, but all three of them were issued visas to US on the
      same day.

      My brother Fidaa Abed is the one who was able to leave. He arrived
      to Amman last week and the consulate booked his flight to US through
      Frankfurt airport on August 1st. We all thought that the story has
      reached a happy end. However Fidaa was returned in Washington DC
      airport because a senior official in the state department has
      canceled the visas of all three students, Fidaa had no prior
      knowledge until he learned about that in the airport. He had to wait
      in Frankfurt airport for 17 hours to catch a flight back to Amman.
      The total trip time was almost 48 hours for Fidaa, and he has not
      yet received his luggage.

      Fidaa was requested to go back to Gaza and the consulate rep called
      him today to let him know that his visa has been canceled and that
      he can not apply for a new one until after a year.

      Until this point there is no explanation why the visa was canceled
      all what we know that a senior in the state department had enough
      power to override their visas under bogus claims of threat to
      international security.

      Fidaa refused to go back to Gaza until he gets a convincing
      explanation for what happened and he is now in the process of
      contacting all the media outlets that he could reach. Please help in
      moving this story to the front page of the American media. The media
      pressure proved to be very effective in reversing the State
      Department's decision of withdrawing the Palestinian students grants
      couple of months ago.

      There is certainly a Zionist hand involved in this, because the
      Israeli authorities were finally okay with Fidaa leaving Gaza, they
      couldn't find any proof that he is involved in the so
      called "terrorist activities" and the American consulate in
      Jerusalem was very supportive of Fidaa and his cohorts.




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