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Settler Violence: Photos

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    Settler Violence: Photos Latest Events in Susya Photos: Karin Notes: Ehud Krinis http://villagesgroup.wordpress.com/ Testimony taken from Abu Jaber,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2008
      Settler Violence: Photos Latest Events in Susya
      Photos: Karin Notes: Ehud Krinis

      Testimony taken from Abu Jaber, eye-witness:

      On Tuesday, July 15th, attorney Kamar of Rabbis or Human Rights came
      to Susya, accompanied by representatives of the Civil
      Administration. They spoke with several of the residents of the
      Palestinian village Susya, among them Abu Jaber, and announced that
      they are allowed access and use of the grazing areas recognized as
      land belonging to the Halis family of Yatta, included in the
      expanded security area of the Susya colony (i.e. settlement) [see:
      http://www.taayush.org/topics/susia-update-13012007.html ].

      On Thursday July 17th, several of the Susya villagers, accompanied
      by some international volunteers, entered the Halis family land with
      their herds. This area is located on the south side of the hill to
      the west of the improvised colonist outpost created about two years
      ago that includes, among other things, a dwelling shack. Shortly
      after their arrival, some colonists suddenly emerged, among them a
      young man by the name of Shlomi on horseback (photo 1947), Michael –
      the Susya colony security guard (photo 1976), Dalia Har-Sinai and
      her daughter, a shepherd from Dalia's ranch (located to the south-
      west of the colony) and two other colonists, one of them driving a
      Subaru station-wagon no. 35-076-03 (photos 1945, 1957). This latter
      colonist now told the Palestinians he had taken part in the severe
      assault against Khalil and Tamam Nuaj'ah's family earlier last month
      (on this incident see

      This band began to throw stones at the herd, while Shlomi on his
      horse rode through it, trying to scatter and chase it away. When
      soldiers arrived at the scene, they collected the Palestinians' IDs
      and declared the area a 'closed military zone'.

      In answer to the question why the colonists are not turned away from
      an area declared as such, one of the soldiers said in English, "They
      are our commanders".

      When, after a while, some policemen arrived, colonist Shlomi
      complained of having been attacked by Mahmoud Nwaj'ah. Mahmoud was
      arrested and taken to the Hebron police station for interrogation
      (he was released that evening).

      On the next day, Friday July 18th, a civil administration officer by
      the name of Timor came to Palestinian Susya and announced that
      following the difficulties of entering the Halis family lands, they
      are allowed to reach the Nwaj'ah family lands on the other,
      northern, side of the "shack" outpost. On the morrow, Saturday July
      19th, accompanied by international volunteers, the villagers came
      there to graze their herd. The first colonist to arrive on the scene
      this time was Dalia's shepherd, who took his shirt off and used it
      to mask his face (photo 2098) as has become the habit in colonist
      attacks lately. This colonist alerted Michael, the security guard,
      who arrived with another ten colonists, including two who
      participated in the previous assault. Among them was the one had
      driven the Subaru and was now threatening the Palestinians:

      "We'll do to you what we did to Tamam" (photos 2107, 2112). Another
      bearded colonist (photo 2117) explained to the landowners of the
      Nwaj'ah family that all of this land belongs to the Jews, and the
      only way for the family to repossess it is to become Jews
      themselves. The other colonists resorted to the familiar language of
      stoning the shepherds and their flocks. After a while the regional
      brigade commander arrived at the spot, a colonel, and declared the
      place 'closed military zone'. When Abu Jaber's complained that once
      more this edict was being forced on Palestinians alone and not on
      their colonist assailants, the commander instructed his soldiers to
      arrest him. They also arrested Nasser Nwaj'ah who was filming the
      incident on behalf of 'B'tselem' organization.

      In addition, the four international volunteers were detained. None
      of the attacking colonists were detained, however. The commander's
      claims that the violence was initiated by the Palestinian residents
      who refused to obey the soldiers' demands have been refuted by the
      filmed footage.

      Later, when the detainees arrived at the Hebron police station, one
      of the interrogating policemen told them: "The key mistake here was
      made by Moshe Dayan, who did not expel all of you to Jordan
      immediately following the 1967 Occupation."

      Once again, the detainees were released that very evening.

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