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CIA 'ignored Iran nuclear evidence'

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    CIA ignored Iran nuclear evidence http://english.aljazeera.net/news/americas/2008/07/20087122240417154. html Iran says its nuclear programme is for peaceful
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2008
      CIA 'ignored Iran nuclear evidence'

      Iran says its nuclear programme is for
      peaceful purposes [EPA/DigitalGlobe]

      A former CIA agent has alleged that the US intelligence agency
      ignored evidence Iran had suspended work on a nuclear bomb, a US
      newspaper has said.

      The man's lawyer told the Washington Post that the ex-agent was told
      on "five occasions" to either falsify his reporting on weapons of
      mass destruction in the Near East, or "not to file his reports at

      Details of the claims emerged after the ex-agent filed a motion in a
      US federal court last week asking the US government to declassify
      legal documents which he said described a deliberate suppression of
      findings on Iran's nuclear programmes that ran against the CIA's

      As a former undercover agent the man has been barred by the CIA from
      revealing his real name.

      The motion follows a lawsuit the man filed in 2004 alleging the CIA
      had fired him after he questioned official CIA doctrine over both
      Iran and Iraq's nuclear programmes and argued with senior officials
      when attempting to file his reports contradicting assertions both
      nations were working on weapons programmes.

      It also follows the release of an intelligence report last December
      as part of a US National Intelligence Estimate that concluded Iran
      had stopped work on nuclear weapons designs in 2003.

      Western powers allege that Iran is attempting to build nuclear
      weapons, however Tehran says its programme is solely for peaceful

      Allegations denied

      Assigned to undercover work in the Persian Gulf region, the ex-CIA
      agent, who is of Middle Eastern origin, recruited an informant who
      provided evidence that Iran had ended its research into designing
      and building a nuclear weapon, the man's lawyer, Roy Krieger, told
      the Washington Post.

      However, when he tried to file a report on the findings his attempts
      were "thwarted" by CIA officials, the documents filed in court

      Later two internal investigations were launched over the former
      operative's conduct, his lawyer said.

      Krieger told the paper the investigations were a "pretext to
      discredit" the former operative and that the man was being punished
      by being forbidden by the CIA to reveal his name.

      Paul Gimigliano, spokesman for the CIA, did not comment on the case
      specifically to the Washington Post but denied any allegation the
      CIA had suppressed reports.

      "It would be wrong to suggest that agency managers direct their
      officers to falsify the intelligence they collect or to suppress it
      for political reasons," he told the paper.

      "That's not our policy."



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