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Funeral Attacked by Soldiers who Killed Teen

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    Palestinians who approach Gaza fence will be shot, says IDF Amos Harel, Haaretz Correspondent June 30, 2008 http://www.uruknet.de/?p=m45325&hd=&size=1&l=e
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2008
      Palestinians who approach Gaza fence will be shot, says IDF
      Amos Harel, Haaretz Correspondent
      June 30, 2008

      Israel has informed Hamas it will fire "warning shots" at
      Palestinianswho enter an area west of the Gaza Strip border fence,
      extending for several hundred meters. Egyptian officials told Hamas
      of the new procedure, which is expected to raise tensions between
      the two sides. Israel's representative in truce talks, Amos Gilad,
      told Egyptian mediators of the decision to declare the area west of
      the border a "special security zone" and to prevent Palestinians
      from entering it.

      The Egyptians informed Hamas, which objects to the plan. Several
      incidents have occurred near the fence since a cease-fire came into
      effect on June 19. Earlier this week the United Nations Office for
      the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reported eight cease-
      fire violations by Israel. Most of these violations apparently
      consisted of Israeli troops firing at people who approached the
      fence. OCHA's reports rely mainly on Palestinian accounts.

      Israel is interested in maintaining the security zone for fear that
      Palestinian "terror" groups will use the truce to plant explosives
      on the Palestinian side of the fence. This would prepare them if
      fighting resumes. In the past, explosives aimed at Israel Defense
      Forces vehicles on the Israeli side have been planted in this area.
      Israel also fears that Hamas might build a line of fortifications
      along the fence as a basis for further attacks, as Hezbollah did in
      Lebanon between Israel's pullout from South Lebanon in 2000 and the
      Second Lebanon War in 2006.

      However, preventing people from approaching the fence will block
      Palestinian farmers' access to their lands. Farmers have been unable
      to reach their fields for years because of the fighting along the
      border. The IDF claim that some of the farmers are sent by terror
      organizations to plant bombs or observe Israeli troops. Throughout
      the second intifada Israel declared areas along the fence
      as "security zones."

      Soldiers were instructed to fire warning shots at people approaching
      the fence, and for certain periods were allowed to shoot even at
      unarmed people. These instructions met resistance in the army, with
      senior officers saying civilians were being killed. The IDF believes
      that Hamas has recently been taking firmer action to curb other
      Palestinian factions' attacks against Israel. IDF sources told
      Haaretz that Hamas' leadership in Gaza apparently wants to maintain
      the truce and is trying to enforce its authority on the smaller
      factions. At the beginning of the week Israel opened the border
      crossings that had been closed last Thursday after Qassam rockets
      were fired at the Western Negev


      IOF troops kill Palestinian youth in cold blood
      Palestinian Information Center

      June 29, 2008 TOBAS, (PIC)-- A Palestinian teenager was killed at
      dawn Sunday in cold blood at the hands of Israeli occupation forces
      in the city of Tobas to the north of the West Bank. Medical and
      local sources said that Mohammed Daraghma, 17, was killed during an
      IOF incursion into the town. The sources said that the soldiers
      killed Daraghma in cold blood when they spotted him in the main road
      of the city, and added that he died on the spot. The sources said
      that the troops took away Daraghma's body. The IOF soldiers on
      Friday evening killed a 14-year-old Palestinian child during an
      incursion into Beit Ummar village north of Al-Khalil city.


      Eyewitness report: Funeral of 17 year old student attacked by same
      Israeli soldiers who killed him
      Bekah Wolf, PNN
      June 29, 2008

      Hebron / - The Israeli military has been slowly escalating its
      intimidation tactics in Beit Ommar over the last three days, often
      patrolling the streets at sundown, provoking youth by parking
      outside of the mosque and waiting for young boys to come and throw
      stones before shooting tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets.

      The increasing terrorization of the village culminated at
      approximately 9:30 pm Friday when a 17 year old boy, Mohammed Anwar
      Al-Alami, was shot in the heart and killed.

      Soldiers first entered the southern West Bank's town at 4 pm and
      began slowly circling the village, often stopping in the center of
      town, shooting a few tear gas canisters, but otherwise staying in
      their jeeps. They were not searching houses nor made any other
      indication that they were engaging in any authorized operation.
      Shortly after sundown, at approximately 9 pm, they began arresting
      residents: blindfolding and handcuffing nine men in total and
      bringing them to the entrance of the village. Four were later
      released, five remain in Israeli custody. Several more jeeps and
      Armored Personnel Carriers (APC's) entered the village. Young boys
      began throwing stones and empty bottles which bounced off the
      armored military vehicles harmlessly. Still, for the Israeli
      military a rock against reinforced metal is reason enough to end the
      life of a young man, about to finish his final exams and graduate
      from high school.

      Mohammed was quickly rushed to the hospital, but he had been shot in
      the chest and the bullet entered his heart, killing him almost

      When international activists approached the soldiers one was thrown
      to the ground and his camera was stolen from him. Another observer
      with the Christian Peacemaker Teams, who was on crutches, was also
      knocked to the ground by the commander of the Israeli forces. The
      video tape and memory cards of the cameras of the CPT activists were
      all taken, erasing evidence of the assault on them presumably in an
      attempt to cover-up the egregiously excessive violence used by the
      Israeli army against young people.

      On Saturday at 10:30 am international and Palestinian activists with
      CPT and Palestine Solidarity Project joined the community as they
      took the body from the hospital in Hebron and drove in the funeral
      procession back to Beit Ommar. The long line of cars with
      Palestinian and political faction flags hanging out the windows was
      soon accompanied by two Israeli military jeeps. Not given a moment
      to grieve, the Israeli military soon brought in reinforcements and
      gathered a mass of jeeps and soldiers near the cemetery.

      After a visit to the murdered student's home and the mosque, the
      entire village, several thousand people, marched down the main road
      to the cemetery. The soldiers, not wanting to allow the participants
      to use the main entrance of the cemetery, ostensibly because of its
      proximity to their reinforced concrete watchtower that looms over
      the entrance to the village, parked two jeeps on the main road,
      cutting off the residents and forcing them to a side road leading to
      the back entrance to the cemetery. Community leaders, trying to
      prevent a confrontation with the soldiers, managed to persuade most
      of the procession on to the side road; approximately 50 or so,
      however, were insistent on their right to approach where their dead
      are laid to rest from the front entrance.

      These men walked past the parked jeeps and gathered at the entrance
      to the cemetery as well as gathering on the roof of a house across
      the street from the watchtower. It was at that time that the same
      commander who oversaw the killing of the boy the night before got
      out of his jeep. The member of the Christian Peacemakers Team who
      had been pushed to the ground the night before approached the
      soldiers with a video camera, reminding the commander that the CPT
      member was now a witness to the funeral of the boy his unit had
      killed the night before and demanding that he, a Palestinian-
      American, and other Palestinians, be treated with the dignity they
      deserve. The soldiers soon began pushing the crowd back towards the
      cemetery and threw a sound grenade, effectively disrupting not only
      the crowd, but the family's moment to mourn the death of a young man.

      Residents soon returned to their homes while young men, many of whom
      were fellow students of Mohammed's, began to throw stones at the
      armored jeeps. The soldiers, rather than leaving the village which
      would have both eliminated the source of tension and allowed the
      community to mourn properly, instead decided they had not 'taught
      their lesson' well enough and again invaded the village. This time,
      at least two were injured: one young boy was hit with a ricochet in
      the head, and another was light injured when his arm was grazed by a

      Members of PSP and CPT again went out into the street to document.
      Although they were less than 50 meters away and clearly visible to
      the soldiers, they also had to soon take cover as live ammunition,
      rather than "crowd-dispersal weaponry" such as tear gas or rubber-
      coated steel bullets which are less lethal, went whizzing past their
      heads. And so it continued that lethal force, when less lethal means
      were well at their disposal (though some of the soldiers were
      outfitted with plastic-coated steel bullets which are against
      international law) was used against stone-throwing children and
      international activists. It is this low-level war—the murder of a
      child here and there, the unending expansion of Israeli settlements
      and theft of Palestinian land—that is ongoing in the West Bank; less
      obvious, perhaps, than the brutal attacks on Gaza, but no less

      NOTE: Anyone ready to go to war with Israel yet? -WVNS



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