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Dr. Sami Al-Arian Indicted

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    THE PEACE AND JUSTICE FOUNDATION 11006 Veirs Mill Rd, STE L-15, PMB 298 Silver Spring, MD. 20902 June 30, 2008 Assalaamu Alaikum (Greetings of Peace): At the
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      11006 Veirs Mill Rd, STE L-15, PMB 298
      Silver Spring, MD. 20902

      June 30, 2008
      Assalaamu Alaikum
      (Greetings of Peace):

      At the base of the statue that graces the top of the entrance to the
      Albert V. Bryan U.S. Courthouse in Alexandria, Virginia, is a
      quotation that is most appropriate for a federal courthouse featuring
      the latest chapter in the five year saga of Dr. Sami al-Arian &
      Family. The quotation reads: "Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied."

      My nephew and I arrived at the courthouse this morning at about
      10:15, only to be informed that Br. Sami's hearing had been postponed
      to 1:00. (It appears that the reason for the delay is because Sami
      was still in transport to the city.) We waited around until 1pm when
      the proceedings began; what follows is a quick review of the outcome.

      1). If the date doesn't change, the trial should begin in the court
      of Judge Leonnie Brinkema on the morning of Wednesday, August 13,
      2008. (Please mark your calendars and plan to attend.)

      2). A motions hearing is pending - as well as a bond hearing, to
      determine whether or not Sami will be released to a "third party
      custodian" pending the outcome of the trial.

      3). Brinkema raised questions about Sami's personal history, and
      received the following information for the record: (a) Dr. Sami al-
      Arian has been in the country since 1975; (b) he has no criminal
      history predating this case; (c) all family members are U.S. citizens.

      His defense argued that given his years of residence in the country
      and extensive familial ties within the U.S., he does NOT constitute
      a "flight risk." The government's lead prosecutor (Kromberg)
      countered, given the strong possibility that Egypt will accept him
      (upon deportation), and the fact that his wife has been residing in
      Egypt, he does constitute a flight risk.

      The defense then argued that the government has all of the
      defendant's papers (i.e. travel documents), and Dr. al-Arian could
      easily be placed on an electronic monitoring device. Furthermore,
      given the nature of this case and what the government has done (in
      violation of its own agreement) it's only fair/just that he and his
      family should be accorded some measure of relief pending the outcome
      of this upcoming trial. (We couldn't agree more!)

      On a positive note, until a determination is made concerning his pre-
      trial release - and should he not be released - it appears that Sami
      al-Arian will be held at the county facility not far from the
      courthouse in Northern Virginia. This will make it easier for his
      family to visit and for his attorneys to have access.

      In closing, it is imperative that supporters of Dr. Sami al-Arian
      pack the courtroom for both the upcoming BOND HEARING and TRIAL. As
      an indication of the type of spirit that's going to be needed, a
      couple of non-Muslim supporters of Sami's from the Tampa area learned
      late yesterday that the brother's case was going to be heard in
      Virginia today. Mel Underbakke, Ph.D., and Fred Bryant were already
      well on their way back home when they decided to turn around and
      DRIVE THROUGH MUCH OF THE NIGHT so that they could show their support
      before returning to Tampa. Need I say more?

      Insha'Allah, as we get solid info on the bond hearing and other
      pertinent matters, we will pass it on.

      In the struggle for peace thru justice,

      El-Hajj Mauri' Saalakhan


      Dr. Al-Arian Unjustly Indicted!
      Government abuses grand jury system to punish former professor

      Portsmouth, Virginia, June 26, 2008 -

      Yesterday, three months after refusing to testify before a third
      grand jury, Dr. Sami Al-Arian - whose trial was the single most
      important test case of the PATRIOT Act - was charged on two counts of
      contempt of court. Dr. Al-Arian refused to testify not only because
      the plea agreement he concluded with the government in 2006 clearly
      exempt him from having to do so, but also because it was a clear
      perjury trap.

      The Assistant US Attorney who sought his testimony and who brought
      the contempt charges, Gordon Kromberg, has made no attempt to hide
      his bigotry towards Arabs and Muslims. Furthermore, Kromberg has
      publicly and in no uncertain terms declared his alleged right to use
      legal loopholes to punish people he cannot convict for any
      substantial crimes.

      These charges are an outrageous abuse of the grand jury system and
      a naked attempt by the government to punish an innocent man for his
      exercising his first amendment rights. For more information on the
      indictment, see below. To watch the YouTube video which summarizes
      Dr. Al-Arian's case, see below.


      2 phone calls + 1 fax = BIG difference!

      Friends, please stand up with us to protest this act of tyranny by
      doing these two simple things:

      1. Call Senator Patrick Leahy ((202) 224- 4242) and Congressman John
      Conyers ((202) 225-5126) - the Judicial Committee chairmen of the
      Senate and House respectively - and ask them to meet with the
      Attorney General and have him demand that Assistant USA Attorney
      Gordon Kromberg be reigned in and stopped from going forward with
      this unlawful indictment. Even if you are not their constituent, they
      are obliged to listen to your opinion since their duties extend to
      all Americans.

      2. Fax a letter to the Office of Professional Responsibility at the
      Justice Department: (202) 514-5050. Click here for a letter template.

      There are other very important things you can do to help out! To find
      out more, please visit this page.

      Donate to Dr. Al-Arian's Legal Fund!

      After five years of constant legal battles with the government, Dr.
      Al-Arian's defense team urgently needs to raise more funds to
      continue their fight for this important case. You can pay online
      through PayPal or by sending a check to:

      National Liberty Fund
      P.O. Box 1211
      24525 E. Welches Road
      Welches, OR 97067


      Dr. Sami Al-Arian Indicted on Two Counts of Criminal Contempt
      June 26, 2008
      Jonathan Turley

      This evening the Justice Department issued indictments for Dr. Sami
      Al-Arian. Just yesterday in my testimony before the Judiciary
      Committee, I discussed Dr. Al-Arian's case and the pattern of how the
      Justice Department has abused the grand jury system. As is eager to
      prove the pattern, the Justice Department indicted him despite his
      giving a full account of his knowledge of IIIT and his lack of any
      knowledge of any crime committed by IIIT or its officers. Our
      statement on the indictment is below.

      The indictment of Dr. Sami Al-Arian is a continuation of a long
      campaign of abuse that has drawn international criticism. After
      failing to convict Dr. Al-Arian before a Florida jury, the government
      has continued to use any and all means to prolong his confinement in
      direct contradiction of a plea agreement reached after his trial.
      They have indicted him despite the fact that the prosecutors admitted
      that he is a minor witness in the IIIT investigation and he has
      already given two detailed statements under oath to the government
      and offered to take a polygraph examination to prove that he has
      given true information about his knowledge of IIIT.

      Dr. Al-Arian has addressed every document cited by the government as
      the reason for his being called before the grand jury. He has shown
      that he has no incriminating information to offer against either IIIT
      or its officers. This indictment proves that the government was never
      interested in any information that Dr. Al-Arian has on the IIIT
      matter. This was a classic perjury trap used repeatedly by the
      government to punish those individuals who could not be convicted
      before an American jury.

      The government spent an enormous amount of time and money prosecuting
      Dr. Al-Arian and defendants Ghassan Ballut, Hatim Fariz and Sameeh
      Hammoudeh in the United States District Court for the Middle District
      of Florida in Tampa. After a six-month trial and over 80 witnesses, a
      jury acquitted Dr. Al-Arian of eight of 17 counts. There were only
      two jurors who voted against acquitting him of all of the remaining
      counts. Ballut and Hammoudeh were acquitted on all charges. No one
      was convicted of a single count and Dr. Al-Arian later agreed to
      plead guilty to a single count in exchange for being allowed to leave
      the country – an agreement that the Justice Department has broken as
      it continues to hold Dr. Al-Arian.

      This is only the latest case where the government has manufactured a
      charge against someone who was acquitted before a jury. We have seen
      the same tactics used in the cases of Abdelhaleem Ashqar, Dr. Sami Al-
      Arian, and Sabri Benkahla. On behalf of myself and my co-counsel,
      Will Olson and P.J. Meitl (of the Bryan Cave law firm), I can promise
      that we will vigorously defend Dr. Al-Arian from this outrageous
      abuse of the grand jury system. We remain committed both Dr. Al-Arian
      and his family. We look forward to bring the full of this matter
      before the Court and the public.

      Jonathan Turley
      Lead Counsel to Dr. Al-Arian





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