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The C.I.A. And Heroin

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    The C.I.A. And Heroin http://tinyurl.com/4922gn Bo Gritz letter to George Bush, which details involvement of former Deputy Secretary of State, Richard Armitage
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2008
      The C.I.A. And Heroin

      Bo Gritz letter to George Bush, which details involvement of former
      Deputy Secretary of State, Richard Armitage in Heroin
      trafficking.Honorable George Bush, Vice President, United States of
      America, Washington, D.C. Sir: Why does it seem that you are
      saying "YES" to illegal narcotics in America? I turned over video
      tapes to your NSC staff assistant, Tom Harvey, January 1987, wherein
      General KHUN SA, overlord of Asia's "Golden Triangle", offered to
      stop 900 tons of heroin/opium from entering the free world in 1987.

      Harvey told me, "...there is no interest here in doing that." General
      Khun Sa also offered to identify U.S. Government officials who, he
      says, have been trafficking in heroin for more than 20 years.


      Transcript of a message to the U.S. Justice Department by Burma
      Druglord, General Khun Sa, regarding opium production eradication,
      also mentions Richard Armitage.Ref. No. TRC/FA-0 Date June 28, 1987
      U.S. Justice Department, Washington, D.C. U.S.A. SUBJECT: Important
      fact for the Drugs Eradication Program to be successful. Sirs: This
      letter to the US Justice Department is to make it clear about our
      deepest concern in wishing to help eradicate drugs and for all the
      American people as well as the world to know the truth that for the
      past (15) year they have been misled to look upon us as the main
      source of all the drug problems.

      1. The refusal of the United State government to accept our "SIX
      YEARS DRUGS ERADICATION PLAN " presented at the Congressional Hearing
      by Congressman Mr. Lester Wolff after his visit to Thailand in April
      1977, was really a great disappointment for us. Even after this
      disappointment, we continued writing letters to President Carter and
      President Reagan forwarding our sincere wish to help and participate
      in eradicating drugs. We are really surprised and doubtful as to "why
      the US government refuses our participation and help to make a
      success of the drugs eradication program.

      Furthermore, "why the world has been misled to accuse us as the main
      culprit for all the drug trades.... while in reality, we are most
      sincere and willing to help solve the drug problems in South East
      Asia. through our own secret investigation, we found out that some
      high officials in the US government's drugs control and enforcement
      department and with the influence of corrupted persons objected to
      our active participation in the drugs eradication program of the US
      government so as to be able to retain their profitable self-interest
      from the continuation of the drug problems. Thus, the US government
      and the American people as well as the world have been hoodwinked.


      From Burma to Bush, a Heroin Trail also details the involvement of
      Richard Armitage in Heroin traficking. This is a story that makes
      Watergate seem like a petty crime blown out of proportion by a gaggle
      of hysterical Eastern journalists. Here is a shocking tale of
      corruption and deceit in the highest places. It reveals that evil in
      general has become so pervasive that one can believe it only if
      prepared by the imaginations of such novelists as Robert Ludlum or
      John Le Carre. http://tinyurl.com/2lq2fx

      "A Nation Betrayed" (excerpts are from a transcript of the video)
      Col. James `Bo' Gritz A Nation Betrayed(excerpts are from a
      transcript of the video) Col. James `Bo' Gritz:What I want to tell
      you very quickly is something that I feel is more heinous than the
      Bataan death march. Certainly it is of more concern to you as
      Americans than the Watergate. What I'm talking about is something we
      found out in Burma - May 1987. We found it out from a man named Khun
      Sa. He is the recognized overlord of heroin in the world. Last year
      he sent 900 tons of opiates and heroin into the free world. This year
      it will be 1200 tons.[video showing discussion at Khun Sa's
      headquarters -- some translation of Burmese to English going on. Bo
      Gritz still narrating in foreground.]


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