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Israel Propaganda Exploits Iraqi Children

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    Iraqi children were taken out of Iraq and brought to Israel after tricking parents into thinking they were going to Europe! Iraqi Children in Algeria and
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      Iraqi children were taken out of Iraq and brought to Israel after
      tricking parents into thinking they were going to Europe!

      Iraqi Children in Algeria and Israel: Good Samaritan?
      Wafaa' Al-Natheema, Cambridge, MA
      June 10, 2008

      The Prophet Muhammad said, "When a person practices charity, it
      should be so secretly that his left hand does not know what his
      right hand has given". Meaning nobody knows how much he has given in
      charity. Another famous Arabic proverb states, "it is as if you've
      done a bad deed when you do good and announce about it." Such notion
      makes it hard for those, who follow it or simply live with such
      tradition, to excel in selling themselves (as the term often used in
      the USA), in marketing, promotion and propaganda. Precisely why
      Arabs and Moslems don't do good in these practices compared to
      people elsewhere in the world. So when they attempt to promote their
      good deeds (or anything else for that matter) or commit propaganda,
      they are easily caught up in the action, and often challenged. I
      mention this in the hope that those, who wear the daily fashion of
      harshly criticizing Arabs and Moslems for not doing much, or "the
      right thing," have some understanding of why that seems so, but not
      necessarily true. I began with the Prophet's hadeeth (saying) to
      give this societal norm a historic, not religious, dimension.
      Generally Arabs and Moslems are not articulate in selling themselves
      (or promoting their causes), in deception and propaganda. Therefore
      the good they commit is hardly noticeable. Another reason is that
      their side of the story is highly censored. Since we live in a world
      that worships and follows material whereby the mighty countries with
      massive armies and advanced technologies rule and have most of the
      say, the Prophet Muhammad's instruction and the Arabic saying are no
      longer practical. I conclude so also because of my recent findings
      about good deeds committed by Algerians and Israelis in providing
      medical care for IRAQI children who have acute medical conditions.
      This research offers some instances of censorship.

      When doing a search using Google and typing "Iraqi Children in
      Algeria," one finds less than seven websites none of which are by
      major or well-known media outlets or organizations! The list's top
      source by the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) provided only two paragraphs
      about the subject of welcoming three Iraqi children in May (2008)
      and offering them medical tests in preparation for surgeries in
      Algeria. The second link reported about the matter in four lines.
      The third was by Echorouk Online, which provided a report of twenty-
      one lines with a picture, for a change. The fourth link was by
      Lexisnexis.com showing an article published by The Sunday Times
      (London), written by Ali Rifat in Amman and Uzi Mahnaimi in Tel Aviv
      on May 25, 08. This was the most detailed article, but only one-
      third of its details were highlighting Iraqi children's treatment in
      Algeria, the rest focused on Iraqi children who received medical
      care in Tel Aviv. I will evaluate this article later.

      Then on another Google page, one finds two additional links giving
      information about the news of Iraqi children's medical treatment in
      Algeria; one by the forum.e-dz.com and the other account published
      in The Washington Times and written by Ben Lando. This article
      provided the most details on the subject. It is a strongly
      recommended article to read on the subject matter of Algerians' Good
      Samaritan. That is it!

      Yet when Googling "Iraqi Children in Israel," one finds sixty
      articles dating back to March 2007, being covered by major media
      outlets such as the Boston Herald, Jerusalem Post, Haaretz, and ABC
      News as well as on the website of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign
      Affairs plus two video clips on Google and Youtube. The mountainous
      propaganda about Israel's Good Samaritan is evident not only in the
      number of news reports written and the writing style, but also in
      the extensive details they provided.

      The 36-second Youtube clip by Infolive.tv begins with the narrator
      stating, "Coalition forces continue battle al-Qaeda in IRAQ
      suffering daily casualties," then shows footage of an Iraqi child in
      hospital bed and concludes with his mother speaking in Kurdish (with
      English subtitles) thanking the organization that helped her son
      have surgery at the Holon Wolfsen Hospital. The Youtube propaganda
      clip was posted on October 16, 2007 and indicates that it has been
      viewed 362 times. The video clip was posted under the title "Two
      Iraqi Children Suffering from Heart Disorders Treated in Israel."
      People posted utterly hateful and insulting remarks underneath the
      clip about Arabs, Iraqis and Moslems and over praised Israel.

      No such Youtube or Google video clips are found about the Algerian
      Good Samaritan toward Iraqi children!! Instead I found a clip
      entitled "MSF: Surgery for Wounded Iraqis," which was posted on
      Youtube in November 2007 by someone in Belgium! The clip, which was
      viewed by only 182 viewers, reports about Iraqi wounded individuals
      being treated by Iraqi, Jordanian and foreign doctors in Amman. The
      clip has no comments posted underneath it despite that it was
      allowable to post comments!!

      I was perplexed by the article published in The Sunday Times
      (London), which I mentioned earlier being written by Ali Rifat in
      Amman and Uzi Mahnaimi in Tel Aviv on May 25, 08. I found it again
      on the http://www.timesonline.co.uk/ website. Not only two-thirds of
      its details focused on Iraqi children's medical treatment in Israel,
      but also its title, first paragraph and conclusive quote were
      propaganda-geared and startling to read! Its title reads, "Iraqi
      mothers deny their sick children Israeli heart operation." The
      verb 'deny' has a negative connotation and is criticism provoking.
      The fact that two-thirds of the article's information highlighted
      children's medical treatment in Israel and their Good Samaritan
      makes more sense if the title had been 'Iraqi mothers chose Israeli
      heart operation for their sick children.' This title is more
      suitable also because only three of the fourteen families chose to
      head to Algeria instead of Israel. The remaining eleven families
      were suddenly removed from their apartment and placed in a church
      until their departure to Israel!! In other words, when three
      families chose Algeria over Israel, they made a mistake, how could
      they? The first paragraph of this Sunday Times article reads "The
      parents of Iraqi babies with congenital heart problems are facing a
      dilemma: should they allow their children to be treated in Israeli
      hospitals when they have been brought up to believe that Israel is
      their mortal enemy?" It is not really their mortal enemy, but they
      have been brought up to believe so! This is the intended message
      from this paragraph. In other words all the atrocities committed by
      Zionists since the forceful establishment of the State of Israel in
      1948, and even before that year, toward Arabs are insufficient to
      consider Israel an enemy! As if to indicate that their anomosity is
      the product of brainwashing and propaganda.

      Then Uzi Mahnaimi (in Tel Aviv) continues in the second paragraph
      stating, "hostility towards the Jewish State in Iraq is so strong
      that many parents refuse to travel to Tel Aviv for the life-saving
      hole-in-the heart surgery." Since Uzi reported in present tense
      ("hostility….. is so strong"), I was not sure what "hostility
      towards the Jewish State" he was trying to convey! Israelis have
      been nesting in northern Iraq and roaming all over the country, so
      what hostility he means! They have even rebuilt some of their
      religious sites since Baghdad fell to US occupation forces. They
      have trained Kurdish militias who caused the death of thousands of
      Iraqis mostly Arabs, not to mention assasinating Iraqi scientists!!
      The term "Jewish State" rings another troubling bell. Non-Jewish
      Iraqis have lived with Jews for thousands of years and no anomisoty
      has been reported against Jews in IRAQ (or in most Arab countries)
      until the forceful establishment of Israel. Had he used the
      terms 'Israel' or 'Zionists', his sentence won't be highly debated.

      Additionally why wasn't Ali Rifat alone sufficient to report about
      the patients in Amman heading to Algeria? Why the inclusion of a co-
      author (Uzi Mahnaimi) was inevitable for the article to be
      published? This comes as a reminder for the times when I used to
      give lectures about Palestine and a couple of times I was pressured
      to have someone with me present the Jewish/Israeli viewpoint even
      when such a practice was not done before with other lecturers! The
      Sunday Times should have covered two different stories about the
      Iraqi patients; one by Rifat to tackle the news about Iraqi patients
      who chose medical care in Algeria and one by Mahnaimi to cover those
      receiving treatment in Israel. It is a shame that mainstream media
      outlets (in English and other languages) have not covered the news
      about these patients and their predicament. People elsewhere who are
      willing and able to help would arrange to receive Iraqis in acute
      medical conditions and treat them if they hear of their needs and
      see others doing so. So why the censorship?

      Israelis' Good Samaritan has an additional agenda, which is Israel's
      interest in breaking the political barrier with Iraqis; the most
      ardent resistors to Israel in the region. How political and
      propaganda-geared is this undertaking?

      1. The Haaretz correspondent, Yoav Stern, reports on October 27, 07
      that Iraqi and Palestinian Children (from Gaza) were being brought
      to Tel Aviv for heart surgery, yet at the same time Israel has been
      directly terrorizing and killing Palestinians in Gaza as well as
      participating in the killing of Iraqi scientists while training
      Kurdish guerillas to kill other Iraqis mostly Arabs! Double
      standards and patronage.

      2. Simon McGregor-Wood's report, on December 11, 07 for the ABC
      News, reads, "Israeli charity saving Iraqi children one heart at a
      time," while Israel has been collaborating with the USA-UK forces in
      their killing of more than one million hearts!! In the same article,
      one also reads "the children are made to feel at home. They are
      given doughnuts and candy, a traditional gift for the Jewish holiday
      of Hanukkah." So just in case Iraqis didn't know about Hanukkah,
      they need (along with thousands of readers) to be reminded of it and
      psychologically connect it with the Good Samaritan! Not to mention
      that Hanukkah has no historic or religious significance and was
      created to be commemorated around and to imitate Christmas and for
      celebration in Hollywood movies, TV series and the news.

      3. When Algerians welcomed three Iraqi children for heart surgeries
      in May 2008, their Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not publish the
      news on their website because they don't do propaganda well and
      don't intend to turn their Good Samaritan into a political campaign.
      Yet the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a report on
      their website on October 11, 2007 entitled, "Two Iraqi Children to
      come to Israel for emergency heart surgery." The Israeli government
      was so eager to tell the world about their good deed that this
      report was posted on their website on the same day Iraqi children
      arrived in Tel Aviv!

      The Legality of This Undertaking:

      The Iraqi Parliament's Health and Environment Committee has called
      for an investigation. The Health Ministry claims it didn't know of
      the organizations or the project providing heart surgeries to Iraqi
      children in Israel. Additionally some of these Iraqi families were
      told that the surgery was to be performed in a European country, but
      after arriving in Amman, they found out that they would be traveling
      to Israel for surgery! Why mislead the families?

      One of the Iraqi children, Sara, would need regular medical
      attention. While in Jordan with her mother, a group of Iraqi doctors
      helped the mother and two other families to find other options.
      Algeria responded immediately. So they moved three of the families
      to a three-room apartment from the one provided by Brothers
      Together, a Christian group. This move was unsettling to the
      international coordinator of Brothers Together. The Washington
      Time's Ben Lando reported that Brothers Together transported 80 or
      more children to Israeli hospitals. Despite that this group has not
      registered with the Iraqi government to work as a nongovernmental
      organization in Iraq, or with the World Health Organization, they
      arrange for the medical treatment, the visa to Amman and provide
      accommodation! The projects and activities of any humanitarian
      organization are bound by international law. The fact that they did
      not register with the Iraqi government and that there are no
      diplomatic relations between Iraq and Israel, these so-called
      charitable organizations have been functioning illegally.

      According to a reliable source, the Iraqi Ambassador in Jordan, Saad
      Al-Hayane refused to sign a Death Certificate for a child that died
      following the surgery in Israel arguing that there are no diplomatic
      relations between Iraq and Israel.

      Alternatives and Lessons:

      Iraqis should only be treated in Arab and Islamic countries as well
      as in countries that have had no military presence in IRAQ such as
      China, Cuba, India and Russia. All have excellent medical services.
      Countries that have been participating in the destruction of IRAQ
      and the killing of Iraqis; the USA-UK-Iran-Israel collaborative or
      those provided military forces to participate in the killing of
      Iraqis and the robbery of the country's treasures (such as Holland,
      Japan, Korea and many others) must be banned from offering any
      health treatment to Iraqis, thanks for the patronage and double
      standards. Israel has had its long history of terrorism and human
      rights violation not just against Palestinians, but also against
      their own Jewish community mainly those who came to Israel from Arab
      and African countries. When it comes to health, charity and medical
      treatments in Israel, the following is of importance:

      1. Upon arrival at Tel Aviv airport in the 1950s, Arab Jews were
      sprayed with DDT (Dichloro-Diphenyl-Trichloroethane), which is a
      synthetic pesticide; a chemical with a long controversial history
      and was banned two decades later. The purpose of the spraying was to
      disinfect them from germs! The Israeli government did not welcome
      Jews coming from Europe and the USA the same way!

      2. In a scandal unknown to the world, many infants of Yemenite Jews
      upon arrival to the "promised land" in the 1950s have disappeared.
      Some were told that their infants have been sick and died in
      hospital, but the parents never received their bodies or death
      certificates. The news of the graves of Yemenite Jewish children
      found empty were covered in few newspapers in August 1997, but
      worldwide mainstream media did not cover this scandal. The later
      findings were that these babies were sold to Europeans for adoption!
      Had the babies been Ashkenazi (western) Jews, the investigation of
      their disappearance would have been held immediately and without
      court orders.

      3. In another scandal unknown to the world, Moroccan Jewish children
      received poisonous radiations without their parents consent. "In
      1951, the director general of the Israeli Health Ministry, Dr. Chaim
      Sheba flew to the USA and returned with 7 x-ray machines, supplied
      to him by the American army." The ministry of health tricked the
      parents by pretending to take the children to school trips. The
      parents were later told that the x-rays were a treatment for the
      scourge of scalpal ringworm. Shortly after the doses given 6000
      children died. Others developed cancer that killed them over time.
      Those who lived suffered from epilepsy, amnesia, Alzheimer's disease
      and chronic headaches. More extensive details about this disgraceful
      project can be accessed in sources below. When "The Ringworms
      Children" documentary film by director David Belhassen was shown in
      August 2005 on Israeli TV, it was aired simultaneously with the
      highest-rated TV show of the year, the finale of Israel's talent-
      hunt show: "A Star Is Born." The next day, the photo of the newly
      born star took up half the front pages. There was not one word
      about "The Ringworm Children" in any paper, or on the Internet! Had
      those deaths been by Ashkenazi Jews, an annual commemoration would
      have been featured in mainstream media and people worldwide would
      have heard of it just like in the case of holocaust.

      4. Israel has had many instances of sending the wrong food to the
      occupied territories. On July 28,1997, the Washington Post
      reported, "There is substantial evidence that unscrupulous Israeli
      merchants, working in cahoots with Palestinian profiteers, sent tons
      of spoiled flour to the West Bank and Gaza last spring. And large
      quantities of canned baby food, shipped from Israel to Gaza under
      the label of the Milk Industries Group in Afula, Israel, turned out
      to be relabeled soy formula whose expiration date had passed."

      These examples should be a lesson and a reminder to Iraqis in
      general, particularly children under occupation, to never take
      medication, games, food or gifts from strangers even if they seem
      nice especially from US military personnel, never mind illegal
      organizations that mislead patients about even the core matter; the
      location of their medical treatment! Among the USA's charities
      during the embargo on Iraq were many instances of donating expired
      food and medicine! That is how the industrial west and Israel
      operate with people from the world they call Third! Knowing that
      most of the patients who received medical treatment in Israel since
      2007 have been Kurds, an extensive campaign to educate the Kurds and
      others in northern IRAQ about the aforementioned issues is a MUST if
      Iraqis want to avoid being exploited and to prevent the division of
      Iraq and the stealing of its resources!


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