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Ahmadinejad in Rome for UN Food Summit

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    Ahmadinejad: Powers causing global crisis Tue, 03 Jun 2008 http://www.presstv. ir/detail. aspx?id=58564§ionid=351020101 Iran s President Mahmoud
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      Ahmadinejad: Powers causing global crisis
      Tue, 03 Jun 2008
      http://www.presstv ir/detail. aspx?id=58564§ionid=351020101

      Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

      Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said that the footprints
      of certain bullying powers are visible in international crises.

      "The problem of today's world is that incompetent people are
      governing the international community," Ahmadinejad told reporters
      after attending the UN food summit in Rome on Tuesday.

      Ahmadinejad said global powers, who only think of domination, wage
      war against different countries to 'fill their pockets with money'
      and to sell their weapons.

      Humanity's problems stem from injustice and the violation of human
      rights, he added, noting that the wealth of nations is concentrated
      in the hands of a few.

      Referring to the occupation of Iraq by US forces, he said over one
      million Iraqis have been killed or wounded since the beginning of
      the crisis.

      "Hatred and insecurity are the fruit of the occupation, yet the
      occupiers refuse to leave the country."

      Iran's president also said that the Israeli regime is spreading
      animosity, by depriving Palestinians of food and medicine and
      killing innocent women and children in repeated air raids and

      Ahmadinejad made the remarks in Rome on Tuesday, June 3, the day
      when Iranians mark the anniversary of the late founder of the 1979
      Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini.

      The message of Imam Khomeini was the message of Jesus, said the
      Iranian president, describing the late leader as the 'flag bearer of
      peace and compassion'.

      "Imam Khomeini stood against bullying powers and showed us the way
      toward freedom, human dignity, and compassion for fellow human
      beings," Ahmadinejad said.

      However, global powers lined up against his message and helped 'the
      most brutal dictator of our age Saddam Hussein to wage the eight
      year war' against Iran. They did not even prevent the former Iraqi
      dictator from using chemical weapons against the Iranian people, he

      "The message of the Iranian people is one of friendship,
      brotherhood, peace, and justice for all nations of the world," he



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