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Holy Land tour for activists

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    Holy Land tour http://travel.holylandtrust.org We offer many invaluable experiences including opportunities to live with a Palestinian family, learn Arabic,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2008
      Holy Land tour

      We offer many invaluable experiences including opportunities to live
      with a Palestinian family, learn Arabic, and also understand
      Palestinian traditions and culture through our Alternative Tours. Your
      stay will last two weeks and must be scheduled before October 15,
      2008. Come, rediscover Palestine, and rediscover your roots

      Day 1: Arrival

      Upon arrival at Tel Aviv airport, a Holy Land Trust driver will
      transfer you to your hotel in Bethlehem.
      Orientation, transfer to host families in Beit Sahour.

      Day 2: Bethlehem

      We will start our day by visiting the Lajee Center in Aida refugee
      camp, where we will tour the camp and view the wall. Next we will
      visit the Church of the Nativity, the traditional place of Jesus'
      birth. In the afternoon, we will meet with Sami Awad, director of Holy
      Land Trust, to learn about his groundbreaking work in nonviolence
      training. At night we will have dinner at a Bedouin restaurant and
      enjoy a performance of folkloric Palestinian dance (Dabkeh )
      Dinner and overnight with your host families

      Day 3: Jerusalem

      We will tour East & West Jerusalem with ICAHD (Israeli Committee
      Against House Demolition). Then we will visit the Western Wall, Church
      of the Holy Sepulcher, and the Dome of The Rock, and end the day by
      meeting with BTSelem, an Israeli Human Rights organization.
      Dinner and overnight with host family

      Day 4 : Hebron

      We will start our day with a Power Point presentation by the Hebron
      Rehabilitation Center to learn more about the political situation in
      Hebron. Next we will visit the Ibrahimi Mosque, the traditional site
      of the tomb of the Patriarchs, a site holy to Muslims, Jews and
      Christians. Then we will walk through the old city of Hebron to see
      the daily lives of Palestinians in this contentious city. On the way
      back to Bethlehem we will stop to see the famous glass blowing
      artisans of Hebron, save room in your suitcase for some of their
      beautiful wares!
      Dinner and overnight in Bethlehem.

      Day 5 : Ramallah

      We will visit Ramallah, the unofficial capital of Palestine. There we
      will meet with the Addamir Prisoners Rights Organization to learn
      about the experience of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons.
      Next, we will meet with Amira Hass, the famous Israeli journalist. We
      will also meet with Al-Haq Human Rights Organization. Finally, we will
      visit Arafat's Tomb and we will try to arrange a meeting with Mahmoud
      Abbas, the President of Palestine, if available .
      Dinner and overnight in Ramallah.

      Day 6 : Jericho

      On this day we will visit the oldest city in the world and the lowest
      spot on earth where we will meet with Dr. Sami Mussalam, Governor of
      Jericho. Then we will visit the historical sites of Tel Jericho and
      Hisham's Palace, and will end the day with a relaxing soak in the Dead
      Dinner and Overnight in Bethlehem.

      Day 7 : Tulkarem

      We will start our day by meeting with a representative from Mahsom
      Watch, an Israeli human rights group. As we drive to Tulkarem we will
      meet a representative of the Stop The Wall Campaign. Together we will
      visit some farmers from whom land has been confiscated by the wall. We
      will also see the Israeli chemical factories that have been built on
      the Palestinian side of the wall .
      Dinner and Overnight in Nazareth.

      Day 8 : Nazareth , Haifa , Ein Hod

      In Nazareth we will meet with the Arab Human Rights Organization. Then
      we will walk through the beautiful old city market, and visit the
      Basilica of the Annunciation, the largest church in the Middle East.
      We will then travel to visit Haifa, and continue on to visit a
      destroyed Palestinian village. Our afternoon will conclude with a
      visit to Ein Hod, where we will meet with Mr. Abu Al-Haija to learn
      more about Palestinian unrecognized villages in Israel.
      Dinner and overnight with host family .

      Day 9 – Day 13 : Holy Land Trust will arrange several meetings and
      lectures about the following:

      -Refugees issues
      -Past peace agreements
      -Palestinian history
      -Palestinian politics
      -Education issues
      -Families who have experienced home demolition

      Holy Land Trust will arrange the following activities during the last
      4 days:

      -Cooking class
      -Dabkeh class (traditional dance)
      -Viewing of documentaries and relevant films
      -Meeting with relatives (Holy Land Trust will help you find your
      -relatives if you are not in contact with them)
      -A farewell party with your host families in the style of a
      -traditional Palestinian wedding. You can put your new Dabkeh skills
      to work!
      -Any other arrangements requested by the group.

      Dates: The program will take place on December 5-19, 2008. We
      encourage participants to extend their stay to experience Christmas in
      the region and take full advantage of the opportunity to explore and
      learn here.

      Costs : The cost for this program is $1195 per person. We offer a
      discount for groups larger than five.

      The Price includes:

      -Accommodation with host family
      -Honorariums for speakers.
      -Cooking class
      -Dance class
      -Breakfast and dinner
      -Goodbye party
      -Tips for guide and driver
      -Entrance fees

      The Price does not include :

      -Other expenses not mentioned in the itinerary

      We will also schedule a processing session, where participants and
      local representatives will talk together about how they can continue
      to work together after participants leave Palestine. Participants will
      have chance to process what they have learned and experienced and
      discuss how they can continue to support the Palestinian cause.


      Elias S. D'eis

      Holy Land Trust

      Travel & Encounter - Operation

      Phone #: +972-2-2765930 Ext. (115)

      www.holylandtrust.org / www.pnn.ps



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