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The Kurdish Imbroglio

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    The Kurdish Imbroglio By Serge Truffaut Le Devoir http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/011608G.shtml Shiite and Sunni parliamentarians have agreed to make common
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2008
      The Kurdish Imbroglio
      By Serge Truffaut
      Le Devoir

      Shiite and Sunni parliamentarians have agreed to make common cause
      against the Kurds. When we know that the former direct their energy to
      fomenting the culture of resentment between groups, this fact deserves
      to be particularly highlighted. It is, in any event, revelatory of a
      deep disquietude: that the Kurds simply secede and in that way mark
      Iraq's implosion.

      It's true that since last summer the leaders of the Kurdish
      province have been proliferating gestures designed to upset Shiite,
      and especially Sunni, leaders. The most spectacular example occurred
      last August when the regional government's officials decided to write
      their own oil exploration law rather than wait for the one promised by
      the central government ages ago.

      Immediately following the adoption of this text, which - even
      though it is a regional law - involves de facto denationalization of
      the black gold, the Kurds concluded a series of agreements with
      foreign companies for oil extraction and refining in a region where
      the greatest reserves are concentrated. Just before Christmas, it is
      important to note, the Norwegian company DNO indicated that the volume
      of hydrocarbons at one of the sites was double what had been
      previously estimated.

      Consequently, from Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to each lowly
      MP, everyone in the capital who could be counted as a political
      notable is busy countering the Kurds by claiming that the black gold
      belongs to everyone. As though by accident, the central government now
      comes along promising the imminent presentation of a law on the
      subject after having pussyfooted around for the last three years.

      As though by accident (once again!), this same government has just
      adopted a law authorizing the reintegration of former Baathists into
      official functions and certain professions. In this regard, you must
      remember that the decision to axe the former Baathists who were
      engineers and policemen, teachers or doctors had the perverse effect
      of feeding the ranks of the Sunni militia.

      That being the case, the law correcting what was done before was
      received in the Kurdish community without enthusiasm. The ravages
      provoked under Saddam Hussein's orders undoubtedly remain very vivid
      in the collective memory of a people who were promised independence
      immediately after ... the First World War.

      Another event very likely to strengthen the Kurds' nationalist
      feeling has just come to top this series: we have recently learned
      that the American military had communicated intelligence to the
      Turkish General Staff about the movements of PKK militants in Northern
      Iraq, to facilitate the bombardment of their bases. In short, the
      table is set for a unilateral declaration of independence.



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