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USS Liberty Gets its Own Weeking Radio Show

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    USS Liberty Gets Its Own Weekly Radio Program on the Republic Broadcasting Network Mark Glenn American Free Press Newspaper February 14, 2008
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 14, 2008
      USS Liberty Gets Its Own Weekly Radio Program
      on the Republic Broadcasting Network
      Mark Glenn
      American Free Press Newspaper
      February 14, 2008

      For 40 years and counting, the brave survivors (and their families) of
      the USS Liberty have tried telling the world what happened to them on
      June 8th, 1967 when the state of Israel attacked the United States
      ship for over an hour with as many as 1,000 rockets, tens of thousands
      of armor-piercing rounds and 5 torpedoes. For the most part, the
      American press has yawned and decided to cover the latest Hollywood
      scandal or some other nonsense that has absolutely no bearing on the
      more important issues facing the American people.

      Now, a new development has taken place where the survivors of the
      Liberty will not be forced to beg a criminally-incompetent American
      media to tell their story. Beginning Saturday, February 23rd, the USS
      Liberty survivors will have their own live radio program appearing on
      the Republic Broadcasting Network found at www.republicbroadcasting.org.

      The live, two-hour call-in program will appear every Saturday from 10
      am to 12 pm CST and will be hosted by Phil Tourney, survivor of the
      Liberty and 3-time president of the Liberty Veteran's Association and
      Mark Glenn, contributing editor for American Free Press newspaper. The
      weekly program, in addition to discussing the event taking place 40
      years ago, will also be an in-depth analysis of current political
      events that have as their origin the fact that a United States ship
      was attacked in an act of premeditated war and was not rectified.
      Appearances by many of the other survivors of the Liberty will also be
      a regular theme, talking about what they went through that day and
      what has happened to them personally since that time.

      Persons wishing to listen to the program live can do so by going to
      www.republicbroadcasting.org and clicking on the `Listen Live' option.
      For those not able to the program in real-time, the program will be
      archived for later listening.Suggestions for program ideas can be sent
      to Phil Tourney at tonktime5@... or Mark Glenn at
      nomorewarsforisrael@.... Sponsors for the program are also





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