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Victory to the Intifada

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  • ummyakoub
    Statement issued by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine June 23, 2003 To the sons and daughters of our great people! To those who have fashioned
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      Statement issued by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

      June 23, 2003

      To the sons and daughters of our great people!

      To those who have fashioned our glory and the intifada
      and resistance!

      To our heroic prisoners!

      We salute you with admiration and in resistance and

      These days, as the daily killing, the destruction of
      houses, the colonial settlement, the Zionist terror,
      and the genocidal war against our people, against our
      militants, and against the very foundations of their
      human existence continue, the American Administration
      is encouraging measures to ensconce its colonialism of
      fraternal Iraq, to liquidate the just cause of our
      people, and their legitimate resistance struggle; to
      spread their control over the whole region, to plunder
      our resources, and to heighten Zionist activity
      throughout the area via the so-called Road Map, and
      the free trade and investment that the World Economic
      Forum on the banks of the Dead Sea has called for.

      As the talk continues about a so-called truce and
      cease fire, we in the Popular Front maintain that any
      truce that grants the occupation army and its agencies
      an exception, allowing them to continue their
      aggression under what is called "targeted killing",
      and with time bombs, such a truce in fact is only
      giving Sharon a free hand under international
      protection to continue his bloody terror, leaving the
      fate of our people, our militants, and our patriotic
      leaders to the mercy of the occupation army and to the
      good intentions of the terrorist Sharon. Furthermore,
      such a truce would serve as a warrant for turning
      facts upside down, for branding our people's
      resistance "terrorism," while calling the state
      terrorism of the occupation "self defense" – as in
      fact was done in the Declaration of the Committee of
      the Four issued at the World Economic Forum.

      Sons and daughters of our great people!

      The Popular Front does not look at the so-called truce
      in isolation from the National Program or from the
      issue of how to manage the forms of the struggle. The
      PFLP affirms that the key to protecting the national
      project, our supreme national interests, and our basic
      national principles, including the release of all
      prisoners without exception or discrimination, is the
      establishment of a unified national leadership
      embracing everybody as a supreme authoritative body
      for the Palestinian people in answer to the current
      stage of our liberation struggle, to reality, to
      objective developments; and in order to guarantee
      participation in national decision making and in the
      implementation of policy on various levels; and to
      protect the Palestine Liberation Organization, the
      sole legitimate representative of our people and its
      Program of return, self-determination, and an
      independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.

      A truce that is linked to our national program, and
      not to illusory plans and maps of deception, one that
      provides for the protection of the national security
      and the right of our people to resist the occupation
      and to have temporary international protection in
      accordance with the Fourth Geneva Convention, to hold
      elections as a means for self-determination and to
      establish sovereignty and national independence – that
      is the kind of truce that would prevent the imposition
      of American-Israeli tutelage over our people and our
      Arab Nation, that would prevent the Road Map from
      attaining its aims of pushing us back to the
      never-ending vicious circle of security negotiations,
      joint security patrols, and a "state" that amounts to
      nothing more than temporary housing management.

      We salute the consciousness of our people and their
      Patriotic and Islamic Forces and of our Arab Nation
      who are burying the Road Map, with its deadly
      incitement to civil strife, and the deceptive American
      Israeli maneuvers aimed at destroying the intifada,
      the resistance struggle, and the P. L. O. and its
      legitimate leaders. The aim of these maneuvers is to
      install pliant alternative leaders who are ready to
      renounce our fixed basic principles. We regard the
      calls that have been issued and are being issued at
      the World Economic Forum and in other contexts as an
      attempt to seize the so-called fruits of peace that
      have been soaked in the blood of the children of Iraq,
      Palestine, and the Arab Nation. These calls are
      nothing but efforts to push normalization with the
      Zionist entity, and subservience to the agents and
      brokers of colonialism who are pleased to exchange the
      interests and national honor of their people for the
      crumbs that colonialism and its agents throw down from
      their table to their servants and slaves.

      Victory to the intifada and the resistance!

      Glory to the martyrs, and Freedom to the prisoners!

      National unity is the path to freedom and

      The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
      The State of Palestine
      23 June 2003.

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