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Podhoretz Confronted About 9/11 and Iran - Loses It

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    Podhoretz - Confronted About 9/11 and Iran - Loses It‏ http://www.calgary911truth.org/my_weblog/2007/10/norman-podhoret.html video of the reading
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2008
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      Podhoretz - Confronted About 9/11 and Iran - Loses It‏

      video of the reading available on this page and is a must watch until
      the very end to see under what circumstance Podhoretz left.

      Arch-NeoCon Norman Podhoretz's book reading at a recent Barnes and
      Noble appearance in New York turned into a hostile affair after he
      told the audience that Iran should be bombed because "We were attacked
      by Islamofascists on 9/11," before being bombarded with accusatory
      questions and eventually telling the crowd to "shut up".

      Rudy Giuliani's foreign policy advisor was subject to walkouts by
      individuals disgusted at the fact that Podhoretz openly called for air
      strikes on Iran, labeling Podhoretz a "fascist" who would have blood
      on his hands.

      Asked whether there should be a fresh investigation into 9/11,
      Podhoretz simply dismissed the suggestion as "paranoia" and refused to
      answer the question.

      He later defended the fact that he signed the infamous Project For a
      New American Century documents, a Neo-Con manifesto for world
      domination that includes advocating the use of race-specific
      bio-weapons, and claimed that the PNAC had been "misrepresented".

      Podhoretz then admitted that the CIA had overthrown the U.S.-friendly
      Iranian government of Mohammad Mossadegh in the 50's, but called it
      "ancient history."

      He then went on to make a case that Iran was behind the violence in
      Iraq and had formed an alliance with Al-Qaeda, despite the fact that
      the two are Shia and Sunni respectively and as such are arch-enemies.

      He was then educated about how in fact it was the U.S. government that
      is funding Al-Qaeda affiliated groups to attack Iran. This mattered
      little to Podhoretz, who was then asked why we should "fight back"
      against Iran by bombing them when they had never attacked us?

      Podhoretz's answer was to state that, "We were attacked by
      Islamofascists on 9/11," clearly implying that Iran attacked the U.S.
      on 9/11. Such unmitigated and bellicose propaganda might fly on Fox
      News, but many members of the audience were having none of it, asking
      why they should trust Bush and the Neo-Cons after being lied to for
      six years.

      "Why don't you shut up," barked Podhoretz, seemingly having abandoned
      his ceaseless regurgitation of warmongering rhetoric and finally
      losing his temper.

      Several members of the audience were kicked out of the store by cops
      but as Podhoretz left he was heckled again as protesters chanted "No
      Iran war," before ducking into a vehicle and scurrying away.

      The incident was another example of the sterling efforts of We Are
      Change NYC, who have made headlines this year for their prolific
      confrontations of numerous public figures from Hillary Clinton, to
      David Rockefeller, to Alan Greenspan.

      We Are Change have almost single handedly ruined Rudy Giuliani's
      Republican nomination campaign by repeatedly hounding him at public
      events and reminding that watching media that he is universally hated
      by New York firefighters and other 9/11 heroes while constantly
      invoking their names for cheap political points scoring.

      Giuliani enlisted Podhoretz as his foreign policy advisor back in
      July. In September, Podhoretz met secretly with President Bush and
      Karl Rove and encouraged them to bomb Iran. Podhoretz is widely
      considered to be one of the few remaining hardcore Neo-Con loyalists,
      while a sizeable majority of the rest begin to flee the sinking ship
      as public opinion turns ferociously against the Neo-Con's
      anti-American agenda and incessant warmongering.



      IT takes guts to be a conservative in Manhattan. Norman Podhoretz
      entered the lion's den when he read from his bestseller "World War IV"
      at Barnes & Noble on Broadway at 82nd Street on Thurs day night. The
      Upper West Siders were polite enough during the reading, but started
      "causing a ruckus" during the Q&A, especially after Podhoretz opined,
      "It may be necessary to bomb Iran." Reports a witness: "A front- row
      audience member became so irate that a staff member had to go over to
      quiet him. Then a lady stood to say that she had over a hundred
      relatives in Iran and asked, 'Why do you want to kill them?' Another
      woman called him a fascist and a murderer. Somewhere around this
      point, Podhoretz said that he had lived on the Upper West Side for
      over 20 years and was now being reminded why he moved away."
      Eventually the police were called and "people were escorted out" of
      the store.



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