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"Amen" for Israel, say Christian Zionists

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    Amen for Israel, say Christian Zionists By Rebecca Harrison http://uk.reuters.com/article/worldNews/idUKL0219167620071002?pageNumber=1 SHILOH, West Bank
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2008
      "Amen" for Israel, say Christian Zionists
      By Rebecca Harrison

      SHILOH, West Bank (Reuters) - With a skullcap bearing the Star of
      David and a fervent belief that God gave the Holy Land to the Jews,
      Paul McCaleb could be mistaken for a Jewish settler.

      The 73-year-old from Tennessee is actually a born-again Christian,
      part of a growing group of devout Protestants, many from the United
      States, who are supporting Israel with their votes and their wallets.

      "Coming here just does something inside of me," McCaleb said at
      Shiloh, a holy Jewish site in the occupied West Bank where the Bible
      says the Ark of the Covenant once rested. "This land belongs to God,
      and God gave it to the Jews."

      McCaleb and some 7,000 mostly evangelical Christians from across the
      world flocked to the Holy Land this week to celebrate the Jewish
      festival of Sukkoth and to show support for Israel.

      During the event, busloads of pilgrims travelled in bullet-proof buses
      to Jewish sites in the West Bank -- which some Jews call Judea and
      Samaria -- and to Jewish settlements, which are deemed illegal under
      international law.

      Some pilgrims toured army bases and donated gifts to Israeli soldiers
      while others gave money to buy mobile bomb shelters for communities
      near the border with the Gaza Strip, which are often targeted by
      rockets from Palestinian militants in the enclave.

      Shouting "Amen" and "Hallelujah" as settlers acting as tour guides
      vowed to hold onto "the land of their forefathers" in the West Bank,
      the pilgrims said it was their duty as Christians to support Israel
      against a broader Muslim threat.

      "We are here to support the Jewish people and to bless them," said
      Scott Fritz from California. "The idea of giving land back to the
      Palestinians is completely wrong."


      A group called the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem organises
      the annual festival, which culminates with a march through the holy
      city on Tuesday.

      This year some Orthodox rabbis urged Jews to stay away from the
      marching pilgrims for fear the Christians -- many of whom believe
      Jesus is the only hope for salvation -- would try to "exterminate" the
      Jewish people by converting them.

      The ICEJ concedes it "cannot offer hope outside of Jesus", but argues
      Christians and Jews share the same spiritual roots and says it wants
      to help erase the legacy of anti-Semitism.

      "There is no dark agenda," David Parsons, ICEJ media director said.
      "Christians are realising that God still loves the Jews and their
      return to Israel is of great biblical significance."

      Some Christians, particularly evangelical Protestants, believe the
      return of Jews to Israel paves the way for Christ's return and the end
      of the world, and represents the fulfilment of God's promises to
      biblical patriarchs.

      Christian Zionists form a growing part of the pro-Israel lobby in the
      United States, the Jewish state's main ally.

      Groups such as the Chicago and Jerusalem-based International
      Fellowship of Christians and Jews raise millions of dollars each year
      to support projects in Israel and to lobby Washington.

      During the trip to Shiloh, representatives of the Jewish settler
      movement urged pilgrims -- some of whom wore "Praise the Lord"
      baseball caps -- to lobby governments against peace talks that may
      lead to a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza.

      "Governments come and go but anyone who tries to give away God's land
      will fall," settler Yehudit Tayar told one of the buses, prompting
      cheers from the pilgrims.


      Not all Christians back Israel. The Vatican's envoy in the Holy Land
      and bishops from three other churches last year accused the Christian
      Zionist movement of promoting "racial exclusivity and perpetual war".

      While pilgrims in Israel this week were keen to visit Jewish towns and
      settlements, few appeared to venture into Palestinian towns, or meet
      many Arabs during their stay.

      "We dare not go into the Palestinian areas and anyway they are not
      open to us," said Elizabeth Lee, a Pentecostal Christian from Malaysia
      who has been to Israel 40 times.

      Many pilgrims saw the Israeli conflict with the Palestinians as an
      extension of U.S. President George W. Bush's "War on terror", and
      talked about a clash between good and evil.

      Mark Burns is an ardent Israel supporter who runs Christian radio
      stations in Illinois and brings groups every year to the Holy Land to
      donate blood and money.

      "Christians who read the Hebrew scriptures know God made a promise
      with Israel," he said. "People who are clueless about the Old
      Testament can be persuaded to support the other side."

      But as the bus rumbled past an Israeli checkpoint and through the West
      Bank barrier that Israel says it needs to stop suicide bombers,
      Australian Denise Vince was not so sure.

      "I don't know much about politics but I do get the sense I'm only
      hearing one side of the story."


      The Ideological Struggle of the Twenty-first Century
      Peter Chamberlin

      "To oppose the policies of a government does not mean you are against
      the country or the people that the government supposedly represents.
      Such opposition should be called what it really is: democracy, or
      democratic dissent, or having a critical perspective about what your
      leaders are doing. Either we have the right to democratic dissent and
      criticism of these policies or we all lie down and let the leader, the
      Fuhrer, do what is best, while we follow uncritically, and obey
      whatever he commands. That's just what the Germans did with Hitler,
      and look where it got them." - Michael Parenti, author

      All of us who read these pages, on this side of the Internet, are
      stuck on the same unanswerable question: How can we stop this new war
      against Iran, before the "decider" pulls the trigger? The closest that
      anyone can come to an answer is expressed in the idea of rousing the
      American majority to take democratic action to oppose this rapidly
      approaching heinous act of pure evil. This leads to the question of
      "how?" Because Americans have been raised in a controlled illusory
      environment (which has been fabricated by decades of
      corporate/government brainwashing), like rats in cages, and because of
      the very effective "filtering" system on all public communications
      systems, it is practically impossible for the "Paul Reveres" of the
      Internet to awaken the town.

      We look at the challenge before us and are overwhelmed at the utter
      impossibility of it all – how can we stop the things that are about to
      be, and save those things that are about to be no more? Is it
      America's destiny to become the new "Reich?" Doesn't our greatly
      revered Constitution acknowledge our God-given rights to oppose
      dictatorship if it raises its head in our government, and even to
      abolish and change government that becomes abusive of these rights and
      the rights of innocent others? Yes, we have all these rights and more.
      (Most of the powers that belong "to the People" are yet to be defined
      [10th Amendment, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the
      Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved for the
      States respectively, or to the people."], but that too has to change.)
      What we do not have is freedom of expression in this country for
      anyone who opposes the criminal actions by our government, or by those
      corporate elites who sit in the real seats of power, over them.

      To activate the majority of the American people, or at least a large
      minority, it may only be necessary to give them the rest of the story
      about the real world (that we read about in our cyber-world everyday).
      Maybe all it would take is a little peek, done in a way that is beyond
      the control of the networks of the "corporocrats" to twist and spin it

      While some of us work to devise the means to make our little "pirate
      broadcast" others must concentrate on crafting a short message, that
      will lead open minds to the same conclusions that most of us have
      already made about the coming new war. The consensus seems to concur
      that this war is imminent, either by design, or accidentally through
      bluster and brinkmanship. We know that this new war will change all
      things, shattering the illusory world that we think we now know. We
      have to lodge an all-encompassing grain of truth into the distracted
      eye of the American sheeple.

      The great problem for us is that we have to deal with those who only
      deal in disinformation. The real ideological struggle is here, within
      America, between Americans, not between us and all the Muslims in the
      Middle East. We have to fight a war of ideas to take back that which
      has been stolen from us. We the People must be the ones to set the
      foreign policy of this country, not a bunch of "dual loyalty" agents
      who are loyal to a duplicitous foreign government. The neocon
      conspiracy (many of whom have dual American/Israeli citizenship) has
      bound America's fate to Israel's fate, and placed in Israel's hands
      the trigger to be used to fire the first shot. To stop this war before
      the bombs begin to fall, we must take our trigger out of Israel's
      hands and bring to justice the lying traitors who have placed our fate
      into the hands of a hostile foreign power.

      Our task remains, to focus the argument against the war upon those who
      are working so hard to start it. If we can prove that because of
      Israel and the neocon traitors, we are about to launch a "blitzkrieg"
      upon Iran, then we can also prove that the Iraq war can be linked to
      them as well. If not for the neocon plot this war would not have
      happened. Since the neocon motives and the Zionist motives cannot be
      separated, implicating one surely implicates the other. It is time for
      our own counter-offensive to get underway, unleashing our own
      "blowback" (backlash) that the enemies of America never even dreamed
      would happen. It is time for every American with at least
      "half-a-brain" to fight the defining "great ideological struggle of
      the twenty-first century," (in their own peaceful way) just like Bush
      said we would.

      We have to dig out and discredit the neo-conmen who still have their
      hands on the government machinery and those neo propagandists who puke
      out the lies for the new war. They all have to go. It is time that we
      stopped laying-down before the neoconservative intellectual plot. The
      neocon cabal that fronts for the Zionist cause here is a subversive,
      highly un-American force. They are dangerous to us and to the world.
      The most important thing in the world, right now, is that we unseat
      them from their positions of power in government, academia and the
      media, where they have subordinated the legitimate foreign policy of
      the United States to their own pro-Israeli foreign policy.

      To those of us who are now determined to stop the cabal from launching
      a war against Iran, it should be obvious why we must concentrate all
      our efforts on the only two forces that are pushing us towards this
      new war – the Israelis and their lobby, and the Zionist/ neocon
      ideologues. There is nobody else who really wants this disastrous new
      war, except for the anti-Iranian Sunni terrorist groups like
      Mujahadeen e-Khalq (MEK), who have served as the Israeli Mossad's only
      source of evidence on Iran's nuclear intentions. (involving 6
      "misplaced" American nuclear cruise missiles and the Israeli air
      strike on Syria) should be seen as elements of the plot to manipulate
      America into another war on Israel's behalf.

      Debate on Iraq is distracting us from our urgent task. The pro-Israeli
      propagandists have their hands full with their PR campaigns in America
      to create this war and to defend their lobby. Instead of approaching
      the American people in a legitimate fashion, to argue for the new war,
      the Zionists have tried their usual divide and conquer strategy, by
      dividing Americans with the smokescreen they are creating over the
      "Israel Lobby." By using this charade to label all criticism of Israel
      as anti-Semitism, they hope to paint everyone who criticizes Israel
      for the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and their aggression against
      Iran, with the big red brush of anti-Semitism. This is the key to
      countering all of these disinformation psychological warfare
      operations; they always seek unity of their cause through the sowing
      of division.

      To fight the war campaign, we fight the division. The centerpiece of
      the ADL campaign to slander Walt and Mearsheimer's "Israel Lobby and
      American Foreign Policy" is the lie that Israel did not help to push
      the Iraq war upon us. The Zionist agents and "fellow travelers," like
      Colin Powell's aide Larry Wilkerson, are coming out of the woodwork to
      dispute this claim from the book. The truth on this matter is in the
      public record, just as the overwhelming proof that Israel is behind
      the coming nuclear attack on Iran is. We have to hit hard at proving
      the truth about Israeli/neocon intentions and actions, exposing the
      lies they helped to supply us before the attack on Iraq and now before
      the coming attack on Iran, both wars fought as much for Israel as for
      American oil concerns.

      Surely we can muster enough good American anti-Zionists to mount our
      own PR campaign to counter the lies with the truth about the Israel
      Lobby. If we defend American Jews from those who would manipulate them
      to support cold bloodied murder, then how can we be called
      "anti-Semitic?" After all, the known objective of AIPAC and the rest
      of the pro-Israel lobby is to manipulate Jewish Americans into
      activism on behalf of Israeli aggression in Palestine and elsewhere.
      The primary target of their disinformation campaigns here are always
      Jewish Americans. The Zionists manipulate unsuspecting Jews to do
      their bidding, usually by feeding the fires of anti-Semitism, in order
      to scare them back to Israel, or into speaking-out in defense of those
      Zionist Jews who are already there.

      A successful anti-war anti-Zionist offensive would have to enable us
      to separate the Jewish people from their Zionist manipulators, their
      tormentors. Their claim to the mantle of "spokesmen" for all of
      Judaism is the basis of the Israeli claim of divine right in their
      siege of the Palestinian people. According to these ultra-orthodox
      Jewish sites, Jews Against Zionism and Jews Not Zionists, the Jewish
      people of the Diaspora have always been victimized by anti-Semites,
      because of Zionist agitation against hostile fascist nationalist
      interests. Publicity stunts engineered by groups like AIPAC here are
      also done with the same intention, to provoke anti-Semitic hatred, as
      a motivator for the targeted Jewish people.

      Legitimate criticism of Israel or Zionism is deterred by harassment
      tactics and threats of lawsuits for "libel." Many websites are afraid
      to publish anything of this nature because of the threats, or because
      of the power of "cronyism" to effect journalistic content. Wealthy
      Jewish lawyers like Alan Dershowitz provide the legal "muscle" that is
      needed to intimidate would be critics of Israeli actions. By making
      well-publicized examples of anyone who speaks-out, or by using
      well-known "anti-Zionist" agitators like Prof. Norman Finkelstein and
      Noam Chomsky, to serve as counterfeit counter-points, a lot of the
      potentially effective opposition is cowed into acquiescence. You know
      that Finkelstein is a fake, because he has taken Walt and Mearsheimer
      to task for their claims about the power of the lobby to influence
      American policy. According to Finkelstein:

      "I don't think there's any evidence that the is lobby was a crucial
      factor in the decision for the US to go to war in Iraq and I don't
      think that there is evidence that US policy in the Middle East in
      general is shaped by the lobby... I don't think it determined US
      policy in Iran, in Turkey or in Iraq. But on the Israel-Palestine
      conflict – the building of settlements and the colonisation of
      Palestine, I think it is a crucial factor."

      The recent staged event at Columbia University was an AIPAC inspired
      publicity event, intended to mock and debase an invited guest of the
      university, in a most undemocratic manner. AIPAC used this event to
      once again manipulate the good Jewish people of the New York area into
      doing the bidding of the Zionist government in Israel. The main
      purpose was to scare the Jews and their American Gentile supporters
      into supporting this new war against this "frightening/pitiful" new
      "Hitler" (?). Even recent high school graduates in Israel know the
      real power of their lobby, to manipulate American Jews and thereby
      affect the policies of the American people.

      Why is it that common knowledge in Israel is slammed as
      "anti-Semitism" when spoken by Americans?

      Another recent publicity event at the University of California,
      Irvine, was staged by the good foot soldiers of Zionism. Here, the
      B'Nai B'rith and ADL (Anti Defamation League) were using a Jewish
      student in an attempt to ban criticism of Israel or Zionism as "hate
      speech." Their charges were based on deceptive quotes of famous
      Zionists, provided by a group called CAMERA.org. This group seems to
      play a central role in providing re-worked Zionist quotes, and in
      having "offensive" material removed from YouTube and elsewhere on the
      web. From their point of view, anything that shows the Zionist state
      in the real world must be suppressed, especially video evidence of
      brutal anti-Palestinian military/police actions.

      Through the research that has been done by psychological and social
      science experts, the wealthiest of the corporate elite fully control
      America. According to people who count such things, 40% of all the
      billionaires listed on the "Forbes 400" list are Jewish, making them
      targets of the Zionist manipulators. The Zionist provocateurs have
      been able to successfully manipulate mainstream America into accepting
      the ethnic cleansing policies that have historically been utilized
      against the Palestinian people, because of this effective stranglehold
      on the entertainment industry

      Israeli agents within the US government (neocons) like Sen. Lieberman
      are doing everything they can to compel the United States Congress to
      order military action against Iran (Lieberman-Kyl Amendment). Others,
      like Gen. Kevin Bergner, have been trying to provide evidentiary
      grounds for the Lieberman covert war declarations by trying to
      mislabel Iranian aid to fellow Shiites in Iraq with "hostile intent,"
      intended to kill Americans, instead of to be used primarily to defend
      against al Qaida attacks. They are also helping to fabricate proof of
      Iranian military support for Iran's mortal enemies, the Sunni
      Baathists of Iraq. If the "evidence" that had been provided by General
      Bergner and General William Caldwell for Lieberman's first subversive
      amendment were true, then why was it not also included in the second,
      more lethal Lieberman Amendment?

      The existence of high-ranking generals within this manipulated effort
      to manufacture "grounds for war" and to force Congress into supporting
      their plot brings to mind past efforts by ranking generals (as high as
      the Joint Chiefs of Staff) to deceive the Congress into an unwanted
      illegal war - the 1962 "Operations Northwoods" false flag attempt.
      This was a formerly covered-up US military project proposal to
      undertake covert operations against Cuba, in the form of terrorist
      attacks, a staged remote control downing of a jet supposedly full of
      civilians, even going so far as to recommend sinking a US ship at
      Guantanamo. (Crashing remote control jets, in order to start a war –
      sound familiar to anyone?) According to the copy of the report, it was
      turned down by Sec. Defense McNamara, on orders from President Kennedy
      (not too long before he was murdered).

      Cheney expressed a desire that Israel would start the bombing of Iran,
      intending to back them up, as Bush had promised. A recent Newsweek
      article quoted Cheney inner council acolyte David Wurmser as saying
      that Cheney wanted to provoke the Israelis to attack, which would
      provoke the Iranian retaliation, that Bush had pledged to defend
      Israel against.

      Now reconsider the two previously mentioned "mysterious events" of the
      last few weeks, in this light – the missing nukes headed for the
      Middle East and the Israeli practice run in Syria for the attack on
      Iran. Here we have an extremely complex scenario unfolding (made
      possible only because of a complicated series of improbable events)
      over US soil, where someone very high-up was trying to scare-up a few
      loose nukes (with one of the nuclear cruise missiles possibly still
      missing). Concurrently, Israel was running another psy-ops attack on
      Syria, in order to heighten the threat level and contribute to
      panicking the Congress into authorizing this new war. All this happens
      as the Lieberman war declaration is sneaking through the Senate, under
      the approving evil eye of Cheney and his civilian and military

      Since the two events virtually took place within the same time frame,
      it is reasonable to suspect a clear linkage. Both events, in light of
      the "Northwoods" danger, harmonize perfectly with Cheney's sentiments
      as expressed by a key player from his office. It is time to tell the
      people about the danger. We have to make the Congress investigate
      Cheney and the neocons, in order to stop their new war plans and to
      find out exactly how far they have gone in subverting the Constitution
      of the United States. We have to do it now.

      We have to overcome the ideological forces that suppress the real news
      in this country and devise ways to get word to the people, past the
      filter that sanitizes our communication. One commercial on
      "Northwoods," then and now, with emphasis on the Israeli connection to
      the coming Iran war, might be a large enough dose of truth, to crack
      open the conspiracy known as "neoconservatism." Meanwhile, we have to
      counter the organized campaign of lies that now masquerade as truth.



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