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American Diplomat Shot as Bush Signs Sudan Divestment Bill

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    American Diplomat Shot and Killed In Sudan Jan 01, 2008 INO.com Headlines An American diplomat who was shot while riding in a car in Sudan on Tuesday, died of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2008
      American Diplomat Shot and Killed In Sudan
      Jan 01, 2008
      INO.com Headlines

      An American diplomat who was shot while riding in a car in Sudan on
      Tuesday, died of the injuries caused by the attack. The diplomat, who
      was shot five times in the hand, shoulder and belly, had undergone
      surgery and was in stable condition. The incident took place a day
      after a joint African-United Nations force took over peacekeeping
      duties in Sudan's violence-torn Darfur region.

      The Sudanese Foreign Ministry identified the wounded person as a
      humanitarian aid.

      Walter Braunohler, the public affairs officer at the U.S. Embassy in
      Khartoum said the Embassy is working closely with local authorities to
      investigate the incident.
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      "As planned, the peacekeeping force would have been
      the largest such effort in the world, costing about $2
      billion in its first year and drawing on military and
      police forces from the African Union and the United

      Bush Signs Bill Allowing Sudan Divestment
      (qualifies it with signing statement)

      January 1, 2008

      CRAWFORD, Tex. — President Bush signed legislation on
      Monday allowing state and local governments to cut
      investment ties with companies doing business in
      Sudan, even as he expressed concerns that the bill
      could interfere with his right to set foreign policy.

      The measure, called the Sudan Accountability and
      Divestment Act, is aimed at pressuring Sudan to end
      the violence in the Darfur region, where 200,000
      people have been killed and more than two million
      driven from their homes in a four-year conflict that
      Mr. Bush has termed a genocide.

      The bill, which passed both houses of Congress
      unanimously, makes it easier for mutual funds and
      private pension fund managers to sell their
      investments and allows states to prohibit debt
      financing for companies that do business in Sudan. It
      also requires companies seeking contracts with the
      federal government to certify that they are not doing
      business in Sudan.

      "I share the deep concern of the Congress over the
      continued violence in Darfur perpetrated by the
      government of Sudan and rebel groups," Mr. Bush said
      in a statement issued from his ranch here, where he
      planned to celebrate the new year with his wife,
      Laura, and some friends.

      But the administration has expressed reservations
      about the bill, and Mr. Bush's signature was
      accompanied by a proviso known as a signing statement,
      in which he said he was reserving the authority to
      overrule state and local divestment decisions if they
      conflicted with foreign policy. The statement said the
      measure "risks being interpreted as insulating" state
      and local divestment actions from federal oversight.

      Mr. Bush has long sought an effective way to press
      Sudan to end the violence in Darfur, and he has been
      under intense pressure from human rights advocates to
      do more. The administration imposed stiff economic
      sanctions on the Sudanese government at the end of
      May, trying to force it to accept a United Nations-led
      peacekeeping force.

      On Monday, formal authority was transferred from the
      current African Union peacekeeping force to a joint
      United Nations-African Union mission. But advocates
      complained that the deployment was delayed for months
      because of bureaucratic foot-dragging by the Sudanese

      The peacekeeping force will be staffed far below the
      levels set by the United Nations Security Council when
      it voted unanimously in July to deploy 26,000 troops
      to try to stop the violence in Darfur.

      As planned, the peacekeeping force would have been the
      largest such effort in the world, costing about $2
      billion in its first year and drawing on military and
      police forces from the African Union and the United

      Instead, after months of wrangling, the force that
      made its debut on Monday had 9,000 troops, United
      Nations officials said. Experts worry that it may
      never get to the level where it will make any
      difference in the region's troubles.

      "What we are seeing and hearing is a reprisal of their
      same stall-and-delay tactics," said Allyn
      Brooks-LaSure, a spokesman for the Save Darfur

      The coalition, an umbrella group of more than 170
      organizations, has been waging a "Divest in Darfur"
      campaign aimed at big investment companies like
      Fidelity and Vanguard, highlighted by the question "Is
      your mutual fund funding genocide?" After a State
      Department official testified that the divestment bill
      might not be necessary, the coalition put together a
      letter-writing campaign urging Mr. Bush to sign it.

      "The Congress passed this measure unanimously in both
      chambers, and I think that sent a strong message to
      the White House," Mr. Brooks-LaSure said. "We believe
      they were right to heed that message."

      Maria Newman contributed reporting.



      Here are a few updates on the US Zionist war on Sudan
      with a few new articles and sources linked below.

      PAE Lockheed, the US based PMC (private military
      contractor) was given a sole source, rule breaking,
      executive, secret contract to build and maintain 60
      military bases ( and ?) 63 police bases in Darfur for
      the largest deployment of UN troops in the world

      The value of the contract is about 300 million for a
      year with some of the equipment and facilities being
      gifted from the current collapsing US, Canadian, EU
      funded 6,000 man AU occupation deployment. (1)

      " Save Darfur " is lobbying Washington to pony up 724
      million for the war effort.

      I think about 2/3 of PAE/Lockheed is controlled by the
      Carlyle group which is a massive private equity owned
      military industrial conglomerate who's co founder
      David Rubenstein is a funder of 'save darfur' spokes
      people and their pro war activitism. (2)

      The US is busy rounding up troop commitments, funding,
      military and attack helicopters ( French ? ) to build
      and man the bases.

      French troops are deploying to the Chad -Sudan boarder
      and have come under protest due to the exposed plot by
      Zoe's Ark / Save Darfur France to kidnap and export
      10,000 local children. (3)

      Desmond Tutu, Jimmy Carter, Kofi Annan, Muhammad Yunus
      and Nelson Mandela are working as neo liberal arm
      twisters for Billionaire UK tycoon Branson. Getting UN
      troops in to Sudan will lower and ensure Branson's
      Virgin Cola and Virgin Airline material costs (Gum
      Arabic, oil) at the expense of African lives.

      "Save Darfur" is highly funded by a rouges gallery of
      oligarch's, jewish zionist billionaires, evangelical
      crusaders and multinational corporations such as
      Phizer. Darfur is laden with oil, uranium, thorium,
      copper, and food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic grade
      gum Arabic.

      US Zionists have expanded their war on China and war
      on China's 'weapons of mass production' with covert,
      regime overthrow, economic and propaganda warfare
      against Sudan, Burma, Pakistan and the Beijing
      Olympics. (4)

      The US is pushing legislation and propaganda to
      justify war to stop sexual violence against women.

      S. 2279 full bill

      The accusation 'Genocide' is in part to trigger a
      mandatory required military response from the UN
      members under chapter VIII . After the destruction of
      Yugoslavia and the blatant imperialism in Iraq and of
      " save darfur" they need a more sensational "critical
      incident" to justify troop deployments to areas of

      The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust(UK) will use its
      national day on 27 January to demand tougher action to
      stop atrocities in Sudan.

      President Bush's $724 million emergency funding
      request for Darfur peacekeeping, the Save Darfur
      Coalition today called on the Congress to work with
      the administration to appropriate these funds before
      the end of the year while protecting other
      Darfur-related measures in upcoming spending bills.

      "...Sudan is going to become Somalia on a giant

      "Save Darfur senior director Amjad Atallah said the
      Security Council should also discuss a foundering
      peace agreement that ended a two-decade-long
      north-south civil war in 2005.

      Atallah said the Security Council should discuss
      Darfur and the southern civil war at the same time
      because if the southern agreement collapsed and civil
      war resumed Sudan is going to become Somalia on a
      giant scale"
      Activists call for emergency U.N. meeting on Darfur

      "The reader is left wanting to know more about the
      politics behind the decision... Colin Powell's
      characterization of the situation in Darfur as
      genocide was also the first time a government had
      accused another government of an ongoing genocide, as
      well as the first time a government had invoked
      chapter 8 of the Genocide Convention, calling on the
      Security Council to address the situation. "

      "Early CIA Involvement in Darfur Has Gone Unreported"

      Many more Sudan links at 'Stop Attacking Sudan'.....

      Boston Anti Zionist Action

      Thank you.

      UN headquarters committee minutes of sole source
      contract to PAE
      NATO Staff Designed Lockheed's No-Bid UN Contract,
      Lockheed's No-Bid UN Contract,
      No-Bid Darfur Contracts a "Troubling Pattern," PAE in
      For Darfur, Lockheed Martin Gets UN Sole Source
      UN Now Will Not Disclose Its No-Bid Lockheed Contract,




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