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WE Must Watch and PUBLISH Iowa Count!

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    Reporter Chris Bollyn Proves Why WE Must Watch and PUBLISH Iowa Count! December 31st This article focusus on the DEMOCRATIC PARTY process in 2004, which
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2007
      Reporter Chris Bollyn Proves Why WE Must Watch and PUBLISH Iowa Count!
      December 31st

      This article focusus on the DEMOCRATIC PARTY process in 2004, which
      probably explains how John Kerry went from no where to "winner" in the
      Iowa Caucus that year.

      Bollyn's article is shocking, and he and his family are now in hiding
      outside the USA after being tasered for no reason by two Homeland
      Security-trained plain clothes policemen in Hoffman Estates, Illinois
      (near Chicago) in 2006. Also see Bollyn's article, "How a Private
      Company Counts our Votes on Election Night" linked on the home page of
      votefraud.org in the lower left hand blue box.

      THIS excellent reporting underscores why all Iowans and NH voters must
      support Watch the Vote 2008 and the newly up tally board at:

      www.LibertyBroadcastNetwork.org -- In-home correspondents will be
      listed for each county in Iowa. Now all we need is for the Iowa Caucus
      goers to do one more thing before they go home on Jan 3, Iowa Caucus
      nite: make a cell phone call to the in-home correspondent assigned to
      your county at www.LibertyBroadcastNetwork.org -- and report the
      eye-witness results you saw at your caucus. This is how to checkmate
      any chicanery in the GOP Iowa Caucus (or the Democratic).

      (The list of in-home correspondents assigned to your county should be
      up anytime on LibertyBroadcastNetwork.org. There will also be an open
      nationwide conference call on Iowa Caucus nite so people can call in
      and ask questions anytime throughout the nite if there is any
      uncertainly on what to do or who to call on the actual Caucus nite.)

      It is important to note that LibertyBroadcastNetwork.org has set up a
      system that goes live IMMEDIATELY on the internet, with updated
      tallies. The plan announced by Ron Paul HQ in Iowa appear useless, as
      Drew Ivers and the other decision makers there are planning to keep
      the tally secret. Without going public -- what keeps the Iowa GOP and
      the Big TV Network consortium (now called National Election Pool,
      formerly Voter News Service) honest?

      Here is the link for the blockbuster article on the counting of the
      Iowa Caucuses by Christopher Bollyn:


      Here is the content:

      ELRON - VOXEO: The Israeli Defense Firm That Tallies the Iowa Caucus

      Posted By: ChristopherBollyn
      Date: Monday, 31 December 2007

      The Israeli Defense Company
      That Tallies the Iowa Caucus
      By Christopher Bollyn

      The Iowa caucus is only a few days away and the nation's attention
      will be directed to the results, which signify the beginning of the
      U.S. presidential race. But does anyone watch who tallies the results
      of the Iowa caucus?

      The Iowa caucus results were tallied in 2004 by a company that is
      headed by a man whose company was bought by Elron Electronics, the
      Israeli defense firm. I suspect that it will be the same this year.
      Don't expect to see any grassroots political activists doing the tally
      in Iowa. The Israeli defense establishment takes care of that part of
      the American "democratic" election process.


      In the summer of 2004, I first learned that a foreign and out-of-state
      company using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology tallied the
      Iowa caucus results.

      The system used to tally the 2004 Iowa caucus results was provided by
      a company called Voxeo, which was apparently based in Orlando,
      Florida. (Yellow flag goes up in the mind of those familiar with
      Orlando and electronic vote fraud history. See Bollyn article on Wang

      The calls from the nearly 2,000 caucus centers in Iowa went to a Voxeo
      call center in Atlanta, Georgia.

      On January 31, 2005, I wrote to Michelle Bauer, Iowa's Secretary of
      State with some questions about the use of Voxeo, a foreign company
      located in Florida, to tally the results of the Iowa caucus:

      Subject: How was the Iowa Caucus Tallied?
      Dear Sirs,

      When I visited the headquarters of the Democratic Party in Des Moines
      last summer, I learned that the tally of the Iowa caucus had been
      "out-sourced" to a company in Atlanta, Georgia.

      What this means is that the tallying of the Iowa caucus results was
      done over the telephone, using the touch-tone buttons, to enter the
      results from each caucus location…

      I am interested in how this was done, and why. Why did the Democratic
      Party allow the crucial tally of the caucus results to be done by a
      company in Atlanta? Don't they trust their own math skills?

      Can any of you provide any information about this matter?

      Kind regards,

      Christopher Bollyn

      A person named Mike Milligan wrote back on behalf of Secretary of
      State Bauer:

      Mike Milligan wrote:
      Dear Christopher:

      The Secretary of State forwarded me the email you sent to then on
      Monday, January 31, 2004 [sic] regarding the Iowa Caucuses.

      Unfortunately you either received some incorrect information in your
      travels or are confused. The Iowa Democratic Party completed all of
      the caucus night tabulations in Iowa, in the Des Moines/Polk County
      Convention Center, which was the Caucus night HQ. In fact, our tech
      staff wrote the software that tabulated the results.

      To answer your second to last question, we feel we have a comfortable
      grasp of mathematics.



      Mike Milligan, Executive Director
      Iowa Democratic Party
      (515) 244-7292 ex. 676

      I wrote this note back to Mr. Milligan:

      Dear Mr. Milligan,
      I am responding to you about how the caucus results for the Iowa
      Democratic Party were tallied on the night of the nation's first
      caucus. After checking my sources, I can assure you that it is correct
      that an out-of-state telephone/computer system tallied the Iowa
      precinct results.

      The system used was provided by Voxeo Corporation based in Orlando,
      Florida. The calls went from Iowa to a call center in Atlanta, Georgia.

      See: http://www.voxeo.com/

      This information was first provided to me last August by John
      McCormally, Communications Director for the Iowa Democratic Party in
      Des Moines, Iowa.

      Today I called Voxeo (800) 305-5771 in Orlando and although I didn't
      go into detail, the receptionist confirmed that Voxeo had conducted
      the telephone tally of the Iowa Democratic Caucus results.

      How is it that you don't know that?

      McCormally told me that chairmen were selected in all 1,993 precincts
      and these chairmen called in on touch-tone phones and after giving
      their PIN number, were able to enter the results from their precinct
      using the touch-tone number pad.

      I'm not going to go into great detail at this point, but this
      procedure of using an out-of-state computer company to tally the
      precinct results for the Iowa Democratic Caucus lacks the transparency
      and openness that one might expect in this exercise in grass-roots poll.

      Clearly, if someone wanted to adjust the results, it would be the
      easiest thing to do to do it through this computer system in Orlando,
      Florida. The Democrats in Iowa would never be aware of it, regardless
      of their math skills, unless the paper results were carefully audited
      in an open and honest manner.

      Christopher Bollyn


      Now, who really is Voxeo, and why are the Iowa caucus results tallied
      by them? I don't know if the 2008 Iowa results will be tallied in the
      same way, but I wouldn't doubt it.

      Voxeo is headed by Jonathan Taylor, who is the company's President and
      CEO. This is what his Voxeo webpage says about him:

      Jonathan combined his experience in both business operations and
      technology innovation to found Voxeo in 1999. Under his guidance,
      Voxeo has seen triple-digit revenue growth for four consecutive years
      and has been profitable since January, 2004. Prior to Voxeo, Jonathan
      founded and helped bring three additional software and infrastructure
      service companies to profitability.

      From 1995 to 1997, Jonathan was the founder and President of
      InterResearch and Development Group (IRdg), Inc. IRdg created and
      licensed iPost - the first internet powered OEM unified messaging
      solution - to leading telecommunications providers including Ericsson,
      Motorola and Unisys. IRdg was acquired by Elron Electronic Industries
      (Nasdq: ELRN) subsidiary MediaGate in 1997.

      There you have it. Jonathan Taylor's company, which he founded, was
      taken over by Elron Electronic Industries, the Israeli defense high
      tech company:

      In its early days, Elron focused on defense, particularly electronics
      and avionics, as well as the emerging medical and technology sectors.
      In 1966, Elron founded Elbit, which combined the expertise of the
      Ministry of Defense-Research Institute in special computer design with
      Elron's experience in electronic product design, manufacture and
      Source: http://www.elron.net/default.asp?Pa...

      This is important information that Americans need to know and which
      they will not find in the Zionist-controlled media in the United
      States. It needs to be understood that the entire election process in
      the United States is a fraud. More than that, it is a fraud that is
      being perpetrated by the Israeli defense establishment on the naïve
      and gullible American public.

      The sine qua non of an honest and transparent election process is the
      open counting of the votes by the voters themselves in each polling
      station in front of the open eyes of other citizens and members of the
      media. Any compromise in this most fundamental and essential process
      which acts to remove the citizenry from the vote-counting process
      simply cannot be accepted.

      This is what Americans MUST get back to, in every polling station in
      the nation: paper ballots that are hand counted in front of the public.

      Nothing else will do to protect their democratic franchise in the
      United States - NOTHING.

      * * * * * * *
      Christopher Bollyn is an independent journalist who needs the support
      of his readers. If you value his research and writing, please send a
      donation via PayPal to:
      bollyn @ bollynbooks.com or shop @ bollynbooks.com

      Recommended Reading:

      "Florida Election Stolen -- Computer Programmer Reveals Scheme to
      Steal 2000 Vote" Christopher Bollyn, 21 December 2004



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