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Israeli Spies' Trial Thwarted

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    Trial for Two Israeli Spies May Be Thwarted 2007 Mark Glenn December 11, 2007
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12, 2007
      Trial for Two Israeli Spies May Be Thwarted
      2007 Mark Glenn
      December 11, 2007

      Up until only a few weeks ago, it was a trial that was almost assured
      to take place against one of the most powerful and dangerous
      organizations ever to work against American interests–AIPAC. After
      years of investigations and hundreds of hours of surveillance and
      wiretaps, a mountain of evidence the size of Mt. Sinai was gathered
      against the accused spies Rosen and Weissman and promised a victory
      for the American people as seemingly easy as pouring water out of a
      boot with the directions on the heel.

      The resulting aftershocks would no doubt have resulted in major
      political changes taking place over time with regards to America's
      cozy love affair with Israel. The resulting fallout ensuing from AIPAC
      being associated with the dirty business of treason and espionage
      would have eventually led to it being forced to register as the lobby
      of a foreign government, which it most certainly is.

      More than that though, and the more dangerous as far as AIPAC is
      concerned, is that a shift in how Americans see the relationship
      between their own country and a nation that engages in aggressive
      espionage against them would have taken place. Those running this nest
      of spies understood this all too well, which is why calls were made,
      visits were paid and why strings were pulled to see to it that `the
      fix' was put in place in scuttling this important trial before it even

      Now, based on recent events, tragically it appears that not only is
      America going to be denied the justice she deserves, she may not even
      get her day in court. Besides the several delays granted by presiding
      Judge TS Ellis since charges were first brought against the 2 accused
      spies Rosen and Weissman over 3 years ago, now other developments
      suggest the likelihood of this case going to trial has been seriously
      compromised. If indeed this turns out to be the case than America's
      security stands to be threatened in a manner never before seen in her

      In an unprecedented move that portends serious problems for the people
      of the United States, US District Court Judge Ellis has granted
      several requests on the part of the two accused spies for Israel that
      bode ill. The first involves forcing current and former high-ranking
      US government officials to testify, including figures no less in
      stature than current Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Ex-Deputy
      Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, National Security Council chief
      Stephen Hadley, ex-DoD official Douglas Feith, Elliot Abrams, Richard
      Armitage and others who all played instrumental roles in getting
      America on board with the current illegal invasion and obliteration of
      Iraq. The list (basically a who's who of Zionist Neocons, puppets and
      puppet masters alike) are individuals up to their ears in the
      gangsterism of Neocon politics and who have gotten their hands dirty
      at the behest of the parent company employing the accused spies Rosen
      and Weissman, Israel.

      To all except those who understand the organically-dirty nature of
      Zionist intrigue, this latest appears to be but a harmless (albeit
      ridiculous) legal maneuver on the part of the defense, similar in its
      flavor to an accused bank robber claiming that his string of crimes
      are part and parcel of his inalienable rights to life, liberty and the
      pursuit of happiness. To those however who have had the scales removed
      from their eyes with regards to the gangsterism of Zionist political
      maneuvering, this latest represents a subtle yet unequivocal threat on
      the part of Israel and her supporters, akin to a mugger pointing an
      unseen gun at his would-be victim from within a coat pocket.

      The defense's argument (in addition to the ridiculous assertion that
      the present case is an issue of `freedom of speech') is that the
      top-secret information (some of it classified `SCI,' the highest
      classification that exists) received by the two accused spies Rosen
      and Weissman from former Pentagon analyst Larry Franklin (convicted of
      espionage and sentenced to 13 years) and which they in turn passed
      along to Israel was `nothing out of the ordinary' and the sort of
      thing that `happens all the time' between good friends like America
      and Israel.

      Based on everything known about the relationship between Israel and
      America (and particularly with the administration of George Bush) this
      may be the one time in its long history of lying that AIPAC is
      actually telling the truth. The information passed along by Pentagon
      analyst Franklin is undoubtedly a drop in the bucket compared to what
      has most likely been passed along to Israel by the previously-named
      officials now being called to testify.

      In other words, Rice and the other administration officials being
      forced to admit under oath that they themselves passed national
      defense secrets on to representatives of a foreign government would in
      the process be incriminating and opening themselves up for possible
      criminal prosecution, and this is obviously something not likely to occur.

      In comparative terms, this move in forcing the Bush administration to
      testify as to its own role in sharing top secret information with a
      foreign government is the courtroom version of "The Sampson Option"
      (Israel's longstanding military protocol calling for the launch of
      nuclear weapons against the entire world in the event that her own
      existence is substantively threatened) a case of "taking the world
      down with her" in the midst of her own demise. In this instance, what
      Israel and her high-priced legal team (including the likes of the
      infamous Abbie Lowell) are saying in effect is `Go ahead with the
      trial and we'll spill the beans on what the US government knew and
      what it has done.' It is no different than Al Capone and his gang
      threatening to sing like a bird and `name names' concerning corrupt
      public officials on the Syndicate payroll if the case goes to trial.
      With arch-Neocon insiders such as Wolfowitz, Abrams, Feith (and a
      whole slew of others not appearing in this piece) being called to
      testify, Americans can be sure that all sorts of embarrassing or even
      explosive material would be divulged and given to the press, including
      US government foreknowledge of 9/11 and its subsequent cover-up, the
      lies told to justify the war in Iraq, the Iranian situation and a
      basketful of similarly-dirty laundry aired for public consideration.
      And it would not just involve low-level lackeys such as Rice,
      Rumsfeld, et al, but would most likely go all the way to the top,
      involving Bush and Cheney. This is to speak nothing of the information
      Israel's intelligence service Mossad has acquired on these individuals
      in terms of their personal lives. Given the fact that the Zionists
      will not work with anyone except criminals, Americans can be sure that
      those occupying the highest levels of government have more than a few
      skeletons in the closet that they prefer remain unknown and unseen. In
      the event that Rice & Co pull the `executive privilege' ace out of
      their collective sleeve and for reasons of national security refuse to
      answer questions (as recently took place before Congress) the defense
      can claim it was denied valuable, pertinent testimony and thus call
      for a mistrial, or worse, that the case be thrown out from the bench.

      In the meantime, Israel and her supporters (and particularly among
      deluded Christians Zionists who make up the `Amen Corner' in America)
      would maintain that–once again–the beleaguered Jewish people `were
      used' by powerful forces against their own will, and that–once
      again–the present conundrum is all a product of–surprise,

      Other troubling developments related to this case include Judge Ellis
      allowing the defense to interrogate possible jurors for any
      `anti-Jewish' feelings on their part. Again, while this may seem like
      a reasonable thing to do in a court case, what has to be considered is
      that this particular creature has a history of going to ridiculous and
      irrational lengths when it comes to this topic. Given what passes for
      `anti-Semitism' in the great mind's eye resting atop the infamous New
      World Order pyramid with all its Kabalistic symbolism, anything
      (including a prospective juror saying that spying for Israel against
      America constitutes criminal activity) could easily fall within the
      parameters of `Jew hatred' and as such (in the event they are indeed
      convicted) be used in claiming victim status for the accused. Any
      doubts that Judge Ellis has been feeling the heat from all the usual
      suspects over the enormity of this case should be tempered after
      considering how he (Ellis) spoke sympathetically to convicted spy
      Franklin before giving him the federally-mandated minimum sentence,
      saying "I accept your explanation that you didn't want to hurt the
      United States and that you are a loyal American."

      And if all this weren't bad news enough by itself, there is recent and
      past history to consider as well. Following in the footsteps of his
      predecessor Bill Clinton, (who pardoned Mossad agent Marc Rich on his
      last day in office) there is George Bush and his commuting the
      sentence of well-known Mossad operative Irving `Scooter" Libby's. With
      this as a model there is no reason to believe Bush wouldn't do the
      same with respect to the two Israeli spies Rosen and Weissman.

      Of course, again this is all based on the assumption that the trial
      will take place at all. Keep in mind that Michael Mukasey, an orthodox
      Jew who was directly involved in sending back to Israel a whole gaggle
      of Mossad agents immediately following 9/11 (including the infamous
      `High-Fivers' seen filming the destruction of the Twin Towers and
      cheering) has been made head of the US Justice Department. As such,
      with a simple phone call he can shut down the trial with all the ease
      involved in ordering a take-out pizza. Needless to say, Mukasey being
      made the nation's highest law enforcement officer portends the worst,
      and particularly with regards to the issue of Israeli espionage
      against America. Given that he decides who and what will be
      investigated, it is not hard to imagine FBI counter-espionage teams
      being pulled off of vital cases involving Israel in order to catch
      whale poachers in Alaska.

      When once speaking about AIPAC, accused spy Steve Rosen compared it to
      a `night flower' that `thrives in the dark and withers in the light of
      day'. He was not speaking poetically as much as accurately, and he
      knew it. If Americans knew the extent to which their nation has been
      plunged into the bloody affairs of Middle East politics, including the
      wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the gathering storm involving Iran
      and Syria as a result of this lobby's influence they would burn down
      the headquarters and run its members out of the country. Excepting
      something truly apocalyptic taking place, this trial may be the last
      chance for Americans to wake up to the danger they face as a result of
      this lobby's influence over their nation's affairs. Anything less than
      justice being served will result in increased spying on America, both
      in terms of activity and aggressiveness, increased false flag
      operations and whatnot. Having no reason to fear the US Justice
      system, Jonathon Pollards will be crawling out of the wood work like
      termites boring into the load-bearing beams of the US national
      security apparatus.

      With all this in mind, let all Americans hope and pray that the same
      omnipotent and merciful God invoked by men such as George Washington
      still lends an ear to the prayers of good patriots who recognize the
      danger that their beloved nation faces and that His hand will guide
      events accordingly.

      nomorewarsforisrael @ yahoo.com

      Article originally appeared in American Free Press newspaper



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