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Birzeit Student Councilor abducted

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    Head of Birzeit Student Council is arrested Right to Education Campaign, R2E 26 November 2007 http://right2edu.birzeit.edu/news/article504 On Sunday 25
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      Head of Birzeit Student Council is arrested
      Right to Education Campaign, R2E
      26 November 2007

      On Sunday 25 November 2007, Israeli military Special Forces abducted
      Fadi Hamad, the head of the Birzeit University Student Council.

      The incident occurred on the road linking the al Jalazoon camp with
      the central West Bank city of Ramallah. Eyewitnesses report that a car
      carrying Fadi was ambushed on the road between Ramallah and Jalazone
      refugee camp. He was then taken to Ofer prison where he is being held
      without physical access to legal counsel.

      Unlike other prisons, Ofer does not automatically permit legal visits.
      The Right to Education Campaign's lawyer has to fax a request to the
      prison which on average takes 8 days to be processed, for each
      prisoner he needs to visit.

      Israeli military law also allows the army 8 days of questioning and
      investigation before the case is heard by a military court judge.

      On Sunday 2 December, Fadi will be taken to a military court where he
      may be charged, released or held indefinitely without charge under the
      system of 'administrative detention'.

      Administrative detention is a system of incarceration without charge
      that is sanctioned by a military court judge every 6 months. It is
      granted on the grounds that the judge has seen 'secret evidence' -
      often provided by intelligence officers and not disclosed to the
      detainee's legal counsel – which justifies further incarceration in
      order to give the Israeli army has more time to find evidence and
      bring forth a case.

      This is most commonly used as a way to punish political activism and
      the majority of cases never end up in court. In one case, a former
      Birzeit student prisoner was offered exile in exchange for his early
      release on condition that he did not return to the country for two
      years. This was effectively an attempt by the Israeli army to extend
      his exclusion from society, for after he refused the offer, he was
      released by the judge without charge. He had been in administrative
      detention for over 1.5 years.

      Currently, there are 14 Birzeit students in administrative detention,
      the longest being in prison for over 2.5 years.

      Also last week, on Saturday 24 November, the Birzeit student Fathi
      Saadeh was arrested at Atara checkpoint between the towns of Birzeit
      and Nablus. He has since been released without charge. It is believed
      that his and Fadi's arrests are part of a crack-down against student
      members of political parties.

      Right to Education Campaign

      Birzeit University

      PO Box. 14



      +972 0)2-298-2059


      "Education is both a human right in itself and an indispensable means
      of realizing other human rights " - UNESCO, Committee on
      implementation of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and
      Cultural Rights.

      "The Separation Wall doesn't only separate the West Bank
      geographically, it also separates us socially and culturally and we
      need to resist that through education." - Fourth-year student at
      Birzeit University, from Qalqilia.



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