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Don't Expect Peace

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    Israeli military announces readiness to invade Gaza Saed Bannoura - IMEMC Friday November 30, 2007 The preparations for a mass invasion of Gaza are complete,
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      Israeli military announces readiness to invade Gaza
      Saed Bannoura - IMEMC
      Friday November 30, 2007

      The preparations for a mass invasion of Gaza are complete, said an
      Israeli source on Thursday. Israeli officials said the thousands of
      troops and dozens of tanks currently stationed on the Gaza border are
      not going to launch an invasion unless Palestinian resistance factions
      fire homemade shells across the border first.

      The Israeli daily newspaper Maariv reported that the chances of a
      major Israeli incursion into the Gaza Strip have increased now the
      Annapolis conference is over.

      An Israeli military spokesman said that "the Israeli response will
      come swiftly" if any projectiles are fired across the border. All
      troops are trained and ready for an invasion, according to the Israeli

      Israeli forces have killed ten Palestinians in Gaza over the last
      week, by air strikes and missiles fired from ships stationed offshore.

      An outright invasion of Gaza, one of the most crowded places on earth,
      would likely result in much higher casualties.

      Israeli forces control all entry and exit from the Gaza Strip, and
      have prevented all Palestinian movement in and out since September,
      resulting in the deaths of several patients in dire need of medical care.

      Earlier this year the UK Foreign Office described Israel's activities
      in Lebanon last year as disproportionate, upon reading the above
      article it would appear a similar occurrence is set to happen
      imminently. This year, do you think, at the very least, we can have a
      statement condemning the move before the event? Do you not think the
      people of Gaza have suffered enough? As a UK citizen I am becoming
      extremely concerned that my government can just sit back and watch and
      is basically complicit with this, `happening' GENOCIDE. I am literally
      begging you to urge our Foreign Minister, Mr Miliband to ACT NOW
      before this atrocity happens. Yours Sincerely,It already seems obvious
      to me now, that the Peace Con was more of a private debate – how to
      deal with Hamas – and that this `swift response' will be wholly
      disproportionate and how many innocent civilians will be paying the
      price? It would be more effective if you were to personalise this
      somewhat and of course add the name of your own Foreign Minister but
      please rush a copy off to as many of the below as time will allow.

      Email:milibandd @ parliament.uk
      Fax: 020 7008 2144 House of Commons
      London SW1A 0AA
      Tel Switchboard: 0207 219 3000Try faxing your MEP's (my MP's a dork &
      there more of them)http://www.faxyourmp.com

      Your Members of European Parliament from anywhere in EU:

      European Parliament institutions: http://tinyurl.com/3ccvqh Any
      U.S. House of Representatives
      Washington, DC 20515
      (202) 225-3121

      E-mail Congress: http://www.congress.org for contact information.

      To find the Israeli embassy in your country look in:

      For a comprehensive list of email addresses for UN Officials around
      the world: http://tinyurl.com/37eh3p


      Don't Expect Peace
      by Charley Reese

      Don't bet on peace coming out of President Bush's much-belated efforts
      to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

      For one thing, the people whom the Palestinians elected to represent
      them are excluded. President Bush, hypocrite that he is, blathered
      about democracy, then changed his tune when Hamas won the last
      election. He cut off all aid to the Palestinians and sponsored a coup
      by the Fatah faction.

      Secondly, the Israeli government is not about to dismantle the Jewish
      settlements on the West Bank and in East Jerusalem. The Israelis will
      not allow the Palestinians to have a viable state even on 18 percent
      of Palestine. Nor will the Israelis agree to allow the Palestinian
      refugees to return or even be compensated for their lost property.

      The Annapolis meeting was just another charade like the one Bill
      Clinton staged. Eventually the Israelis will make an offer no
      Palestinian could possibly accept, and then the Israelis and the
      Americans will say, "We offered them a good deal and they rejected
      it." Note, too, that the only thing to come out of the Annapolis
      meeting was an agreement to reach an agreement by the end of 2008.
      This is the 40th year of Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem and the
      West Bank. They don't need a year if they are serious, which they are not.

      Some sap on TV said the big difference this time was that the
      president himself would be the judge of progress. What a joke. George
      Bush has shown for seven years that he would sooner kiss Bill Clinton
      on the lips than utter a word of criticism of the Israeli government.

      In 1988, Yehoshafat Harkabi wrote an excellent book, Israel's Fateful
      Hour. In it, Harkabi, former head of Israel's military intelligence
      and a hard-liner, said that unless Israel grants the Palestinians a
      state, Israel will be committing national suicide.

      What he predicted is coming true. Israel will eventually bankrupt
      itself trying to remain a regional military superpower, even with U.S.
      assistance. The occupation has already corrupted the Israel Defense
      Forces, which no longer enjoys the enormous prestige it once had.
      Israel was driven out of Lebanon by Hezbollah fighters, and despite
      its high-tech weapons and brutal tactics, it was unable to stop
      Hezbollah from raining rockets down on Israel in the summer of 2006.

      Furthermore, Israel's real strategic asset is its powerful lobby in
      the United States, and this lobby is already facing what it dreads
      most – becoming a public political issue. Sooner or later, the
      American public will rebel. What I fear is that when it happens, it
      will come in the form of a rebirth of anti-Semitism. That will be a
      terrible price to pay for Israeli intransigence and ideological and
      religious fanaticism.

      A common fallacy of human beings is to imagine that what is will
      always be. The opposite is true. Change is a constant. Nothing ever
      remains the same. Every single day, the world shifts. After World War
      I, nobody could imagine the British Empire fading away, but the change
      was already taking place. Today, Britannia, which once ruled the
      waves, would be hard-pressed to win a war unassisted with even Libya.

      America is also changing. The Chinese have shot down a satellite,
      launched a successful moon probe, penetrated our naval defenses with a
      submarine that surfaced within torpedo range of an American carrier
      and refused us the use of its port in Hong Kong. Vladimir Putin is
      telling us in plain words to butt out of Russian affairs. The
      president of Iran is publicly scoffing at our threats to attack his
      country. And after five years, we are still fighting in two poor

      I expect our own empire is on the wane, and when we wane, Israel will


      A Call from Gaza
      Contact: communications @ wrmea.com

      A Call From Gaza Asking for Your Help to End the Siege
      By News Editor Delinda C. Hanley and Managing Editor Janet McMahon
      November 29, 2007

      Today—the 60th anniversary of the passage by the U.N. General Assembly
      of the nonbinding resolution partitioning Palestine—is the
      International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. We've
      been hearing speeches about peace all week from politicians—but talk,
      as we've learned, is cheap. We've seen photos of Gazans demonstrating
      in the streets against the Annapolis conference, to which the elected
      government of Palestine was not invited, but with few reporters in
      Gaza Americans aren't getting the entire picture.

      Yesterday our Gaza correspondent, Mohammed Omer, called us to discuss
      a story idea for the next issue of the Washington Report on Middle
      East Affairs. Speaking on his cell phone from the office of a taxi cab
      company in Gaza City, Mohammed told us that he'd have to spend the
      night in Gaza City because there were no taxis available to take him
      home to Rafah.When we put him on speaker phone, we could hear the two
      other men in the office—Imad, the owner of Imad Taxis, and Mahmoud,
      who works for the municipalities department—ask who he was talking to.
      When Mohammed explained that he was speaking with his editors in
      Washington, DC, the floodgates opened. Our correspondent proceeded to
      translate what two everyday Gazans want the outside world to know.
      Their words were spontaneous, unpolished, and spoken from their
      hearts. It's extremely urgent that Americans listen and respond.

      Israel has kept Gaza's borders sealed since June, when Palestine
      effectively was divided between Hamas-ruled Gaza and the Fatah-ruled
      West Bank. But since January 2006, when free and fair elections
      resulted in a Hamas parliamentary majority, Gaza's borders have only
      rarely been opened. That means 1.5 million men, women and children are
      trapped there.

      The owner of Imad Taxis told us that, because of the closure, if one
      of his cabs breaks down there are no spare parts to fix it. "Drivers
      can't work," he said. "Gas is getting very expensive. I can't even pay
      my telephone bills, so soon customers can't call to book a taxi."

      Mahmoud chimed in: "We've run out of everything. After every Israeli
      attack something more is ruined. Electrical poles, wires, water pipes,
      and we can't replace them. Why are we being punished? What is our
      crime? Is it because we were born Palestinian?

      "We can't fix generators or even keep them running," he continued.
      "When there is no electricity we can't distribute water. We've run out
      of chlorine to clean the water. It's full of bacteria. A water heater
      used to cost 10 shekels, but now it costs 40 or 50 shekels—if you can
      find one. So we don't have hot water for bathing. Our sewage system
      has collapsed. There's no power to pump sewage out and no chemicals to
      clean it. Look at the garbage in the streets. There is no fuel for the
      trucks to come to haul it away."

      "Israel is only allowing basic food supplies into Gaza: sugar, rice,
      flour, and oil," Imad told us. "Every day my little girl asks me to
      bring home a chocolate bar. I can't find any in Gaza. I disappoint her
      every night. We can't even buy Arabic coffee. There are no razors, no
      shaving materials. We'll all have to grow beards. [Laughter] There
      isn't stone, not even cement, to make headstones for graves. We're
      using pieces of metal to write names on graves. We can't buy diapers.
      Gazans are starting to smoke molokhiya [a green leaf vegetable]
      because we can't buy cigarettes. We can't buy shoes and soon we'll
      have to make them from tires. There is no printing paper."

      Their words overlap as they tumble out—we can no longer tell who is
      saying what.

      "You can't find jackets, wool clothes, underwear, or even socks for
      winter in the shops.

      "Medical supplies in hospitals are exhausted. There's no oxygen; drugs
      aren't available. We cannot find the basic needs for life.

      "For God's sake open the border."

      Mahmoud tells us: "My son has had a visa to study in the United States
      since last year. He was admitted to San Francisco State. He speaks
      good English. He has high grades—everything. Last year he missed going
      because the border was closed. He's ready to travel today. He's
      missing a second year. If my son doesn't have a future where will he
      go? Hamas is begging him to join its militia, but he doesn't want to.
      He's volunteering for [psychiatrist and peace activist] Dr. Eyad
      al-Sarraj's International Campaign to Break the Siege on Gaza. Help
      prevent our children from becoming extremists. They're so hopeless
      they could find al-Qaeda. We want them educated. Don't punish our

      "History will never forget. Israel and America are creating hatred in
      Gaza. The whole table will collapse if Gaza is excluded from the peace
      talks. Who is responsible for us? The U.N.? The European Union? We are
      not beggars. We are hard workers, educated, intelligent. We need our
      international human rights. We want to live like anyone in the world.

      "We hope you can get our message out. Please open the borders and end
      this siege."

      Call or write your local editors and radio talk show hosts, and
      contact your elected representatives in Washington, DC.

      President George W. Bush
      The White House
      1600 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.
      Washington, DC 20500
      (202) 456-1414
      White House Comment Line: (202) 456-1111
      Fax: (202) 456-2461
      E-mail: < president @ whitehouse.gov>

      E-mail Vice President Dick Cheney: vice.president@...>

      Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
      Department of State
      Washington, DC 20520
      State Department Public Information Line:
      (202) 647-6575

      Any Senator
      U.S. Senate
      Washington, DC 20510
      (202) 224-3121

      Any Representative
      U.S. House of Representatives
      Washington, DC 20515
      (202) 225-3121
      E-mail Congress: visit the Web site < www.congress.org> for contact

      The Israeli Embassy, Washington, DC
      (202) 364-5500

      The Israeli Embassy, Canada
      (613) 567 6450

      For more information about this issue or to subscribe to the
      Washington Report on Middle East Affairs visit our Web site <
      http://www.wrmea.com/>. This 26-year-old publication has the largest
      circulation of any magazine of its kind, and is sent to both public
      and university libraries and bookstores in North America, Europe, Asia
      and the Middle East. For a free sample copy call (202) 939-6050.

      Emergency Appeal for Medical Supplies for Gaza

      עברית אחרי אנגלית

      Physicians for Human Rights-Israel

      PHR-Israel Emergency Appeal for Medical Supplies for Gaza

      The prolonged siege imposed by the Israeli government on Gaza, the
      closing of its borders, the tightening of policies regarding
      permission to exit Gaza for medical purposes, and the severe shortage
      of medications and other medical supplies all severely damage the
      Palestinian health system and endanger the lives and health of
      thousands of Palestinian patients.

      This severe crisis calls for an extraordinary response on the part of
      Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHR-Israel) that is separate from
      our routine activities. For this reason we intend to implement the
      following emergency actions:

      Emergency aid dispatch of humanitarian supplies and a delegation of
      doctors from Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHR-Israel) to Gaza .
      The aims of this act: emergency aid, even if limited; documentation
      and dissemination of reliable information regarding the medical
      situation in Gaza; expression of protest and solidarity with the
      residents of the Gaza Strip under siege. In order to receive
      permission for this act we will probably also need to use legal action.

      Advocacy: representation of dozens of patients applying to our offices
      each month, whose access to Israel or passage through it for purposes
      of medical care is denied for "security reasons;" a campaign against
      the policies of the General Security Service (GSS, shabac) whereby
      patients are compelled to inform on others as a condition for
      permission to access medical care. These campaigns will be implemented
      using litigation and media, targeting Israeli and international audiences.

      Deaths in Gaza due to denial of access of medical care:

      According to the records of the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza
      and the World Health Organisation (WHO), 44 people have died since
      June 2007 in connection with denial or delay of access to medical care
      by the Israeli authorities. Thirteen of these patients died in
      November alone. The number of deaths is rising each month, as the
      policy of siege tightens.

      Shortage of medicines:
      Hospitals and medical centers in Gaza suffer a severe shortage in
      medicines and medical supplies that are essential to minimal
      functioning of the health system. According to data collected by the
      WHO, 85 types of medicines defined as essential are out of stock,
      including medicines for cancer, heart conditions, kidney disease, as
      well as 12 different types of medicines for psychiatric conditions.
      138 other types of medicines will be out of stock within a period
      ranging between one and three months.

      Shortage of medical equipment and supplies:
      The hospitals in Gaza suffer severe shortage in medical equipment and
      supplies in a manner damaging to their ability to provide emergency
      and routine services, the need for which is rising due to the growing
      daily needs of the patient population. According to Palestinian MoH
      data, the shortage in medical equipment is felt in all the hospitals
      in Gaza, due to inability to maintain the equipment, which is in need
      of spare parts. Malfunctioning and missing equipment includes dialysis
      machines, laboratory equipment, cardiology equipment and test tubes.

      The functioning of the hospitals is also impaired by a shortage of
      other essential supplies such as cleaning materials, parts for
      electric generators, parts for refrigerators, parts for washing
      machines, toilet paper, sheets, winter bedclothes, stationary, paper
      and more. Although these materials are quickly running out, the State
      of Israel is preventing their entry, claiming that they are not
      considered part of the humanitarian needs which it publicly undertook
      to meet.

      Due to this severe medical and humanitarian crisis, PHR-Israel is
      planning an emergency dispatch of humanitarian supplies and a
      delegation of doctors, in order to supply limited emergency aid, to
      witness and report on the medical situation in Gaza, and to express
      protest and solidarity with the residents of the Gaza Strip under siege.

      Please support this action by sending checks to 52 Golomb Street Tel
      Aviv, 66171 Israel.

      For further details please contact Miri Weingarten, 00 973 546 995199,
      miri @ phr.org.il.


      Stuart Littlewood The economy is strangulated and for 1.5 million
      souls, life is hell. Fuel and candles are running out. Supplies of
      basics are exhausted, so even hygiene is fast becoming impossible.
      Power cuts disrupt hospital treatment and what few drugs there are
      cannot be kept refrigerated. Many look death in the face as medi-care
      collapses. Flour to make bread has doubled in price; cement for
      concrete to repair damaged homes and infrastructure has gone up 1,000
      percent! It is truly a humanitarian crisis, as the UN and various
      charities have repeatedly warned western governments. A friend
      emailed: "Today in Gaza ... we have no cement to build graves for
      those who die."...


      Doctors: 'Severe Crisis' in Gaza, 44 Dead Since July Closings
      Annapolis Meant Little for Dying Gazans Being Denied Medical Care by
      Israel Residents in Gaza in need of medical care are facing a "severe
      crisis" with forty-four Palestinan deaths due to Israeli border
      closures and denial of medical care since July. With Gaza all but
      ignored during Annapolis, only rights groups are making a dent in
      letting the world know what is going on in the open air prison known
      as the Gaza Strip. http://www.uruknet.de/?p=38740

      Gaza Children are at Risk .. The Anemia Disease Spreads as a Result of
      the Siege Popular Committee Against Siege

      In light of the siege imposed on more than a million and a half
      million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, suffering is spread amongst
      the people, but children are the most affected category by the siege.
      This led an international commissioner in Gaza to warn of the serious
      repercussions on the children of Gaza and their future health and
      education, as a result of the poor health conditions and malnutrition
      that the siege creates.



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