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Neuwirth loses lawsuit against Silverstein

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    Neuwirth loses lawsuit against Silverstein Joachim Martillo eaazi.blogspot.com Richard Silverstein describes his victory via anti-SLAPP motion in Rachel
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2007
      Neuwirth loses lawsuit against Silverstein
      Joachim Martillo

      Richard Silverstein describes his victory via anti-SLAPP motion in
      Rachel Neuwirth's libel lawsuit against him at

      Silverstein states the following.

      We won the case with an anti-SLAPP (Strategic Litigation Against
      Public Participation) motion under which the defendant must prove that
      his speech was made in a public arena and furthered a public good and
      that the plaintiff was a public figure. Rachel's key defense was that
      she is a private figure (she argued that she was merely a real estate
      agent) and the my blog was a private forum (because I "controlled"
      it), all of which are patently false since she herself calls herself
      an "internationally respected journalist" in her online bio. That my
      blog is a public forum is also patently obvious as 250,000 unique
      visitors each year indicate. And I no more 'control' the 6,000
      comments published on my blog than I control the entire web.

      Here is Neuwirth's biographical description from Rachel Neuwirth -
      Guest Contributor to OpEds.com.

      Rachel Neuwirth

      Rachel Neuwirth, an internationally recognized, political
      commentator and analyst. She specializes in Middle Eastern Affairs
      with particular emphasis on Militant Islam and Israeli foreign policy.
      She has been published in prominent news papers of Europe, Asia and
      the US. She is frequently quoted by reputable Media. Conversant in
      Arabic and French.

      rachterry @ sbcglobal.net

      From IsraPundit we learn the following.

      Rachel Neuwirth is a Los Angeles-based analyst associated with the
      American Jewish Congress and Stand With Us.

      She seems to be a public figure to me.

      The organizations with which she is associated are active and powerful
      political players.

      From http://www.forward.com/forward-50/

      Charles Jacobs and Roz Rothstein

      When it comes to defending Israel in the media, on campus and in
      the streets, America's long-established Jewish groups no longer have a
      monopoly. Increasingly, the agenda is set by scrappy startups like
      Boston's The David Project and the Los Angeles-based StandWithUs ―
      often dragging the rest of the community along behind them.
      StandWithUs was founded in 2001 by a group of activists assembled by
      Roz Rothstein, a family therapist driven by what she saw as the larger
      community's anemic response to growing anti-Israel activism. The David
      Project was launched the following year by Charles Jacobs, co-founder
      of the American Anti-Slavery Group, which targeted slavery in Sudan.
      Neither Rothstein, 55, nor Jacobs, 63, shies from confrontation. The
      David Project captured headlines in 2003 with a documentary alleging
      faculty intimidation of pro-Israel students at Columbia University.
      More recently, it waged a high-profile legal and media battle with the
      Islamic Society of Boston over its controversial associates and its
      plans for a new mosque. This summer, StandWithUs took the lead in
      responding to a planned pro-Palestinian rally in Washington. While the
      D.C. Jewish Community Relations Council opted to ignore the
      demonstration (which was a dud in the end), StandWithUs organized a
      counter-protest and answered pro-Palestinian ads on Washington's
      subway system with ads of its own. Both groups have focused on campus
      activism, multimedia projects, leadership training and curriculum
      development. The courses Rothstein and Jacobs charted have proven
      popular with action-hungry donors: Their two startups already boast
      multimillion-dollar budgets and sizable staffs.

      The true name of StandWithUs is the Israel Emergency Alliance, which
      is LA based. Its FIN is 01-566033, and its public filings are
      available on line at GuideStar - Search Results - Report Page - ISRAEL
      EMERGENCY ALLIANCE and probably at other web locations as well.

      Richard Silverstein states:

      [Rachel Neuwirth] sued me for libel in Los Angeles Superior Court
      because I called her a "Kahanist swine." Her claim was that this was
      the same as claiming she was a Jewish terrorist since Kahane Chai,
      Meir Kahane's Israeli political party, is designated by the U.S.
      Treasury Department as a terrorist organization.

      Neuwirth used to correspond with my wife Karin until I told Karin that
      the discussion was pointless mostly because I had exactly the same
      impression of Neuwirth as Richard Silverstein has.

      I am not sure what the description of her as "conversant with Arabic"
      really means. During the exchange of emails, I was not impressed by
      Neuwirth's command of Arabic, and I am the first to admit that my
      Arabic is rather poor.

      Even though Silverstein hopes Neuwirth will have to dip into her
      savings to pay both his and her legal expenses, I doubt that Neuwirth
      will bear the cost of this particular legal escapade. Israel advocacy
      organizations have adopted an old tactic of lawsuits and threats of
      lawsuits both to silence critics of Zionism, the State of Israel and
      the Israel Lobby and also to disenfranchise Muslim and Arab Americans.
      These organizations and their financial backers are providing the
      funding for lawsuits by people like James Policastro in Boston and
      probably by people like Rachel Neuwirth in LA.

      My wife discusses the Policastro lawsuit in Ethnic Ashkenazim Against
      Zionist Israel: A Mosque Rises in Boston and in Ethnic Ashkenazim
      Against Zionist Israel: Emails show pro-Israel anti-Mosque Campaign in
      Boston. In the defamation and conspiracy lawsuit that the Islamic
      Society of Boston (ISB) filed in response to the Policastro lawsuit,
      Floyd Abrams, who was the high-priced attorney for several very
      wealthy individual defendants, filed a motion for dismissal of the ISB
      complaint under the Massachusetts anti-SLAPP statute. The court
      rejected this motion.

      Almontaser Must Rescind False and Defamatory Accusations « Stop The
      Madrassa: Protecting Our Public Schools from Islamist Cur.. provides a
      NY example of a threat of yet another frivolous legal action but this
      time against former principal Debbie al-Montaser for accusing the
      Stop-the-Madrassa Community Coalition of stalking her as part of the
      campaign against the Khalil Gibran International Academy of NY City.

      As far as I can tell from published news reports, Stop-the-Madrassa
      has been stalking her in the commonly accepted popular usage if not in
      the legal sense just as I have been stalked on the Internet (including
      in Richard Silverstein's public forum) ever since I had a change of
      heart about the conflict over Palestine even if I only know of two
      cases where Israel Advocacy groups actually had someone follow me
      around Boston. Such behavior is nothing new for Jewish organizations.
      The ADL has a long history of invasion of privacy and defamation.

      In my article Ethnic Ashkenazim Against Zionist Israel: Updating "The
      AJC attacks", I give a reference to the German Jewish use of lawsuits
      against groups and individuals believed to be enemies of German Jews.

      The Downfall of the Anti-Semitic Political Parties in Imperial
      Germany by R. S. Levy describes in detail how German Jewish advocacy
      organizations like the Zentralverein deutscher Staatsbürger jüdischen
      Glaubens (Central Association of German Citizens of Jewish Faith) used
      the legal system

      * to force perceived enemies into bankruptcy,
      * to attack members of the academic community believed unfriendly,
      * to ban books or
      * to force publishers to change offending passages.

      Like Rosenfeld and Reinharz, Levy often tends to conflate possibly
      legitimate criticism with anti-Semitism.

      Likewise Rachel Neuwirth conflates a reasonable if heated description
      of her politics with an accusation that she is a terrorist. So far the
      record of this type of lawsuit has not shown as much success in the
      USA as such lawsuits did in Wilhelmian Germany, but organizations like
      the David Project, the AJCongress, the AJCommittee, the ADL, and
      StandWithUs, which are just as likely to engage in defamation* as to
      sue for defamation, are nothing if not well funded, stubborn and

      * See Ethnic Ashkenazim Against Zionist Israel: Zionism, Penisism, and
      Joseph Massad. eaazi.blogspot.com



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