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Los Angeles Imam Arrested: FBI, IRS Raid Home

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    Shia Imam Arrested in Los Angeles Mousavi Defense Fund Conact: zainab @ hejrat.info October 11, 2007 http://hejrat.info/ BACKGROUND INFORMATION: In June of
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      Shia Imam Arrested in Los Angeles
      Mousavi Defense Fund
      Conact: zainab @ hejrat.info
      October 11, 2007


      In June of 2006, the home of Seyed M. Mousavi was raided at gunpoint
      by the FBI and the IRS, at which time he and his son were handcuffed
      and the family was detained for hours under guard while boxes of
      paperwork, computers, and other items were taken from the home. At
      the same time, Hejrat Foundation, a non-profit religious, charitable,
      and religious organization of which Mr. Mousavi is the head, was also
      raided. Despite being offered keys, the agents chose to forcibly
      enter the offices, the desks, and file drawers, damaging the property
      without need. From this location, too, files, computers, recordings,
      and other items were taken.

      In the weeks following, the people who frequent the Al-Nabi Mosque,
      which is administrated by the Hejrat Foundation, were questioned in
      their homes by FBI agents. Although the FBI claimed that they
      believed that Mr. Mousavi had failed to report income for tax
      purposes, the questioning did not focus on money issues. Rather, the
      questioning was in relation to Mr. Mousavi's perceived political
      stances, alleged connections to the Iranian government, and the
      possible political outlook of some of the past religious scholars who
      had visited the mosque to give speeches. It was implied to many that
      the mosque was "dangerous" for them, and it was requested of some to
      become a spy for the FBI to report on any "dangerous" activities
      taking place in the mosque. Although the FBI agents were assured by
      many that there was nothing of a dangerous nature taking place in the
      mosque, and that it was a place where people gather for religious and
      cultural reasons only, the agents did not leave off this campaign.
      During the year following the raid, Mr. Mousavi's attorney was in
      frequent contact with the appropriate agencies concerning this matter.
      During this time, Mr. Mousavi traveled out of the country several
      times for business or personal reasons. Before leaving each time, Mr.
      Mousavi had his lawyer request and receive permission from the
      appropriate authorities. The business to which Mr. Mousavi was
      attending was the Hajj pilgrimage trip, which he organizes each year.

      This required multiple trips to Saudi Arabia, and sometimes of a long
      duration, in order to finish all the necessary arrangements. Mr.
      Mousavi would usually make stops in Iran, which is his place of birth.
      There, he visited relatives, and attended to the business of the
      mosque, which requires arranging for religious scholars to visit the
      U.S. to give religious lectures at the Al-Nabi mosque.

      On August 31, 2007, Mr. Mousavi was arrested by federal agents upon
      leaving the Al-Nabi Mosque after an early morning prayer session.
      This surprise arrest was made despite the fact that Mr. Mousavi's
      lawyer had been assured that he would be given the opportunity to turn
      himself in should the government decide to charge him. Instead,
      agents were waiting outside the mosque, and he was arrested a few
      blocks away.

      Currently Mr. Mousavi is being held at Metropolitan Detention Center,
      a federal jail, in Los Angeles, CA. Originally it was decided that he
      would be allowed bail with $30,000 worth of home value to be as his
      bond, and he would have a modified house arrest whereby he would wear
      an electronic tracking device and be allowed to travel between his
      home and his work, which includes his place of worship. However, the
      Federal Prosecutors appealed this, and he has now been twice denied
      bail, despite the fact that by the actions taken by Mr. Mousavi in the
      past year have proven that he wishes to stay and fight these charges,
      of which he expects to be acquitted.

      Mr. Mousavi has been charged with failure to report income for tax
      purposes, which is simply untrue. He has also been charged - under
      the "IEEPA," which is the current catch-all law used against many
      other innocent citizens - he has been charged with giving consulting
      services to a foreign company who wished to do business with Iran.
      This, however is also a false charge because Mr. Mousavi did not do
      business with the company in question. He has also been charged with
      lying on his citizenship application concerning alleged previous
      service in the Iranian military. This charge is also utterly false.
      Mr. Mousavi never served in the Iranian military. He was officially
      excused from military service due to the severe injuries he received
      in a bombing as a civilian.

      The charges that Mr. Mousavi faces are quite defensible. He is not
      guilty of the charges, and needs to be able to gather his evidence to
      prove his innocence, since, indeed, in such a case a person must
      actually prove that he is not guilty as charged. Many of the original
      documents in question are not in the English language, and have been
      translated by the FBI and/or the prosecution team. Each of these must
      be inspected carefully to be sure that the translations are correct,
      since the FBI agents have shown some of these documents to people
      claiming that the documents said things that they did not indeed
      state. The federal prosecutors have buried the defense in an initial
      15,000 pages of documents, and has promised several boxes more. Even
      the judge in the case repeatedly expressed that this is an
      extraordinary and unreasonable number of pages to be given as "discovery."

      Given these facts, it is of the utmost importance that Mr. Mousavi
      have a skilled defense team. The government has shown undue interest
      in the case, far beyond what would be normal for such charges. Only
      with the help of highly skilled and experienced lawyers does Mr.
      Mousavi have hope of being acquitted of these false charges.
      Unfortunately, good lawyers come at a high cost.

      The Mousavi defense fund was established so that people from all over
      the country can have the opportunity to donate for the defense of an
      innocent man so that he can be acquitted of the charges and once again
      join his family in freedom, and so that he can continue his good works
      within the Hejrat Foundation and the Al-Nabi Mosque.
      Donate generously. May Allah bless you.


      In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

      Imam Amir ul Mu'mineen Ali [a] said: "May Allah have mercy upon the
      person who services a right and removes a wrong, or refutes an
      injustice and establishes justice."

      In order to find justice and fight the unjust charges being brought
      against Mr. Mousavi, we have opened the Mousavi Defense Fund, to which
      you can donate at Bank of America, checking account # 23464 45415.
      You may donate directly or make your check payable to "Mousavi Defense
      Fund" and send to:

      324 S. Diamond Bar Blvd., #137
      Diamond Bar, CA 91765

      All money collected will go toward the defense of Mr. Mousavi.
      May Allah have mercy on you.



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