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Greens Oppose War On Iran

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    New US military aid to Israel and the Lieberman-Kyl amendment bring the US closer to war with Iran, say Greens GREEN PARTY OF THE UNITED STATES Monday, October
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2007
      New US military aid to Israel and the Lieberman-Kyl amendment bring
      the US closer to war with Iran, say Greens

      Monday, October 8, 2007

      Scott McLarty, Media Coordinator, 202-518-5624,
      mclarty @ greens.org
      Starlene Rankin, Media Coordinator, 916-995-3805,
      starlene @ gp.org

      • Greens: Bush should have no credibility on
      Iran, but Democrats and Republicans are lining up
      behind Bush's next military disaster

      WASHINGTON, DC -- Green Party leaders strongly
      cautioned that the combination of a $30 billion
      military aid package for Israel and growing
      threat of a US or US-Israeli attack on Iran could
      trigger a major regional conflagration in the
      Middle East.

      "There's little doubt that the $30 billion in US
      taxpayers money sent to Israel will be used for
      two things: to maintain Israel's illegal and
      murderous military occupation of Palestinian
      lands, and to prepare for a military assault on
      Iran," said _______. "The new military aid for
      Israel and the Lieberman-Kyl amendment, passed on
      September 26 with strong bipartisan support, have
      brought the the US closer to war with Iran."

      Greens stressed that no hard evidence exists to
      confirm claims by the Bush Administration that
      the Iranian government is assisting Shiite
      militias in Iraq or that Iran plans to produce
      nuclear weapons for possible use against Israel
      or western nations. Greens noted that Iran has
      denied such intentions and that such use would
      amount to suicide for Iran.

      "The Bush Administration, after its deceptive
      rationales for invading Iraq, should have no
      credibility on Iran or any other foreign policy,"
      said _______. "Unfortunately, Democrats --
      especially presidential candidates like Hillary
      Clinton and Barack Obama -- have signed on to the
      Republican line that an attack on Iran is 'not
      off the table.' If a global war starts because
      Bush ordered an attack, it'll be a bipartisan
      disaster, like the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and
      the continuing Middle East crisis."

      In one scenario, confirmed by Newsweek, Vice
      President Cheney considered asking Israel to
      launch a missile attack either on a nuclear power
      site in Natanz, Iran, or on an alleged
      Syrian-Iranian-North Korean nuclear installation
      in northern Syria, which might result in a
      retaliatory strike that would motivate a larger
      US military assault on Iran. Israel has already
      launched an air strike on the suspected Syrian
      site in September.

      "The Lieberman-Kyl amendment designates Iran's
      Revolutionary Guard Corps as a 'foreign terrorist
      organization.' The amendment makes the Iran
      military a target in President Bush's 'war on
      terror.' This is a major step towards a military
      confrontation with Iran, whether the attack comes
      from the US or Israel or both," said _______.

      The Green Party has called for an international
      effort towards nuclear disarmament of all Middle
      Eastern and western Asian nations, including
      Israel and Pakistan, which are known to possess
      nuclear weapons, as part of a greater global
      nuclear disarmament project. Greens have called
      the Bush Administration hypocritical for
      condemning Iran while expanding US nuclear
      weapons programs and after removing the US from
      antinuclear treaties, and have called for the US
      to rejoin the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty,
      ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, and
      eliminate American nuclear weapons. Greens have
      also accused the Bush Administration of
      squandering pro-US sentiment that exists among
      many Iranians in its attempt to vilify their

      The Green Party has sharply criticized both
      Democrats and Republicans for maintaining support
      for Israel's four-decades-long violations of
      civilian human rights and bowing to the demands
      of AIPAC and Christian fundamentalist lobbyists
      that the US endorse the Israeli government's
      military ambitions and ethnic policies. (Israel
      is currently threatening to cut off water and
      fuel supplies to the Gaza Strip, to punish
      civilians over rocket attacks launched by
      militias.) The Green Party urges cessation of
      violence and negotiation by both sides in the
      Israeli-Palestinian conflict; a cut-off in US
      military aid to Israel; and an economic boycott
      of Israel until the latter recognizes full human
      rights, including the right of return for
      Palestinians and abolition of internal apartheid
      laws. Greens have called for support for Israeli
      and Palestinian groups seeking peaceful
      resolution, observance of human rights, and a
      halt to all violence and coercion directed
      against civilians.


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