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Have Christians Accepted The Mark Of The Beast?

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    Have Christians Already Accepted The Mark Of The Beast? By Chuck Baldwin http://www.chuckbaldwinlive.com/c2007/cbarchive_20070814.html Christians throughout
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2007
      Have Christians Already Accepted The Mark Of The Beast?
      By Chuck Baldwin

      Christians throughout church history have debated the nuances of
      Eschatology. These debates will doubtless last until Jesus Himself
      decides to end them. Until then, the theological battles extolling or
      condemning premillennialism or postmillennialism, pre-tribulation
      Rapture or post-tribulation Rapture, etc., will continue. To be sure,
      this column is not an attempt to resolve or even argue these
      interpretations of Scripture. Let every man be persuaded in his own
      heart. Personally, I don't think it's worth arguing about.

      Whether a Christian is premillennial or postmillennial, whether he or
      she believes in the pre-tribulation Rapture or not is immaterial to
      our responsibilities. We Christians have a duty to be the "salt" and
      "light" of society until Jesus returns--whenever that is. And,
      frankly, the time of His return is His business, not ours. If we would
      concentrate on those matters that truly belong to us, we would be much
      more effective. Arguing and battling between Christians over the
      nuances of Eschatology only serves to advance the cause of the Enemy.
      It is counterproductive and fruitless to anything worthwhile.

      That being said, a brief reference to the belief that a literal
      antichrist is yet to come is in order. Accepting this interpretation
      of the Book of Revelation, there will come in the days of "great
      tribulation" a Western World leader, known as the antichrist, or
      beast. Christians accepting this interpretation believe that the
      antichrist will unite the Western World, mainly Europe and the United
      States, and will implement a satanic despotism.

      Part of the antichrist's reign upon the Western World (called, by
      some, The Revived Roman Empire) will be the demand that everyone
      accept "the mark of the beast" in his hand or forehead. Of course, the
      number Scripture uses is 666. Everyone who does not accept this mark
      will be deemed to be an outlaw: unable to buy or sell, or contract
      normal daily business of any kind. However, acceptance of the mark
      will also mean rejection of God and salvation.

      Premillennialists believe they will be "raptured" to Heaven before
      these events take place. Some believe the church will go through the
      "great tribulation," while most postillennialists don't believe in a
      literal "tribulation" at all, but believe these Scriptures are related
      to other events altogether.

      Regardless of how one interprets the Book of Revelation, I think most
      all believers will accept the Apostle John's warning that the spirit
      of antichrist is already in the world. (I John 2:18; 4:3) Can we not
      readily agree that anything that resembles antichrist is a form of

      Accordingly, did not the German church have an obligation to resist
      Adolph Hitler? Of course they did. However, at the end of the day, out
      of over 14,000 pastors and church congregations in Germany at the
      time, only 800 properly discerned the evil Hitler for who he was and
      openly opposed him. The rest not only tolerated him, but openly
      praised him, promoted him, and punished anyone who failed to do the

      Yet, Hitler definitely personified the spirit of antichrist. While
      publicly professing to be a Christian, he privately disdained
      Christians and was caught up in secret societies and the occult. He
      was driven to lead Germany into preemptive wars of aggression. He cast
      off Germany's republican form of government and consolidated power
      unto himself. He implemented a total surveillance society in the name
      of national security. He was so completely accepted and adored by
      Germany's churchmen that German congregations were told that in order
      to be good Christians they had to be good Nazis and that to support
      any other political party than Hitler's was to fight against God. He
      enacted strict gun control laws. Why did Germany's pastors and
      Christians not recognize Hitler for who he was?

      Can we not say that, in their own way, Germany's pastors and churches
      accepted the mark of the beast? Sure they did. No, Hitler was not THE
      antichrist, but he certainly exemplified the spirit of antichrist. As
      such, he deserved to be resisted.

      However, before we become too judgmental toward the Christians of
      1930's Germany, we should look in the mirror. Are not many Christians
      in these United States behaving in the exact same manner? Have not
      many of us already embraced the spirit of antichrist? And if so, have
      we not, in our own way, already accepted the mark of the beast? Sure
      we have.

      Many pastors and Christians embrace the authoritarian policies of one
      George W. Bush with the same enthusiasm and blind loyalty as Germans
      did Hitler. For example, according to White House insiders, while
      publicly embracing conservative Christians, the White House is
      privately said to have nothing but disdain for Christians. Mr. Bush
      acknowledged being a member of Skull & Bones, a secret society with a
      dark history. Others have reported that he is a member of Bohemian
      Grove, which, according to some, is an occultist society of the most
      sinister variety. Yet, all of this is rejected out of hand by most
      Christians today.

      Plus, George W. Bush (as did Adolph Hitler) has led America into a
      preemptive and aggressive war against a foreign nation without
      provocation. Now, there is even talk at the White House of expanding
      the war in Iraq with attacks against Iran and Syria, and maybe even
      Pakistan. In addition, he is in the process of turning America into a
      Hitlerian surveillance society where our every move, phone call, and
      email are being monitored by federal police agencies.

      Yet, conservative Christians are still so infatuated with President
      Bush that they actually believe that anyone who resists the President
      is resisting God. They further believe that if anyone votes for any
      candidate who is not a Republican (Bush's party), they are fighting
      against God. They gladly surrender their constitutional liberties and
      safeguards. They enthusiastically support an unconstitutional war in
      Iraq and would no doubt support expanding the war to wherever Bush
      decided. They happily cede Bush the power to tap their phones, read
      their emails, or open their mail (without warrant or court order, no

      Regardless of one's politics or religion, the spirit of Big Brother,
      the spirit of military aggression, the spirit of occultism, the spirit
      of a police state mentality, the spirit of deception are all part of
      the spirit of antichrist.

      Therefore, whether one identifies himself as a premillennialist or a
      postmillennialist or anything in between; whether we believe in a
      Rapture or not; no matter what our understanding of Eschatology might
      be, every Christian has a duty to "resist the devil" in any form in
      which he reveals himself. And that certainly means that any political
      leader, regardless of party, who embodies or exemplifies the spirit of
      antichrist, must be resisted. Anything less means to accept, in a way,
      the mark of the beast.



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