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Caterpillar Executive Meeting Disrupted

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  • ummyakoub
    For Immediate Release 11/21/02 Bay Area SUSTAIN Disrupts Caterpillar Executive Meeting Activists from the Bay Area chapter of SUSTAIN (Stop U.S. Tax-funded Aid
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 25, 2002
      For Immediate Release


      Bay Area SUSTAIN Disrupts Caterpillar Executive Meeting

      Activists from the Bay Area chapter of SUSTAIN (Stop U.S. Tax-funded
      Aid to Israel Now) disrupted an executive meeting in the board room
      of the Caterpillar corporation today to perform a citizens’
      arrest, charging the CAT executives with war crimes and violations
      of the Fourth Geneva Convention for selling bulldozers to the
      Israeli military which uses them to demolish Palestinian homes,
      olive groves, and villages.

      Two activists dressed in business attire together with a camera
      operator were able to enter the Caterpillar offices in Concord,
      California to interrupt the meeting and issue the arrest warrants.
      Some Executives sat dumbfounded while others reacted with hostility
      as they were read aloud their numerous crimes against the
      Palestinian people in front of their co-workers. They were
      presented with photographic evidence and human rights reports
      clearly illustrating their complicity in what Amnesty International
      has documented as "war crimes." The executives were then urged to
      turn themselves into authorities immediately.

      While they were inside carrying out the arrest, SUSTAIN activists
      and their supporters on the outside roped off the building and did a
      street theater performance of a mock demolition, reenacting how the
      Caterpillar bulldozers are used to destroy Palestinian homes and

      This is the latest in a series of escalating actions since August
      2002 when SUSTAIN, together with other activist and human rights
      groups, launched a national campaign calling on Caterpillar to halt
      sales to the Israeli military. Since August, Caterpillar business
      operations have been disrupted all over the country--from
      Washington, DC, to Houston, to Seattle. The campaign has also taken
      on an international dimension as well, as there have been actions
      against Caterpillar facilities in Italy, the UK, and elsewhere.

      The Israeli Defense Forces have destroyed more than 7,000
      Palestinian homes since 1967, leaving thousands of people homeless.
      Most home demolitions target civilians who have not been charged
      with any crime. They are conducted as collective punishment and as a
      means of clearing the way for illegal Israeli settlement expansion
      on Palestinian land. The Fourth Geneva Convention prohibits both
      collective punishment and the destruction of personal property in
      occupied lands.

      The activists demand that Caterpillar uphold its own code of conduct
      by halting sales to the Israeli Defense Forces until civilian home
      demolitions cease. The Code of Conduct states: As a global company
      we can use our strength and resources to improve, and in some cases
      rebuild, the lives of our neighbors around the world.

      Watch a Video of the Caterpillar action in Concord on 11/21/02 as
      well as the San Francisco Press conference on 08/07/02 at

      SUSTAIN Bay Area
      Stop U.S. Aid to Israel Now!
      (415) 364-1831 voice mail
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