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National Green parties fight North American Union

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    See photos and video of the newly minted coins of the North American Union - the Amero. Scroll down for video reports on the progress of the unification of
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2007
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      See photos and video of the newly minted coins of the North American
      Union - the Amero.

      Scroll down for video reports on the "progress" of the unification of
      Canada, the US and Mexico.

      Of course this is not just about an economic union. The SPP and NAU
      would push "harmonization" of every area of government - including
      foreign affairs and policy on Palestine / Israel.

      Click here - http://www.halturne rshow.com/ AmeroCoinArrives .html


      very interesting documentary which discusses the Amero, worth watching
      Zeitgest the movie - full length


      National Green parties join forces to fight North American Union
      Canadian and US Greens campaign against SPP.

      WASHINGTON, DC/OTTAWA, ON - Green Party leaders in Canada and the US
      are alerting their respective parties and the public about the
      'Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America' (SPP), a
      secretive deal between President Bush (US), Prime Minister Harper
      (Canada), and President Calderón (Mexico).

      Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May stated, "The SPP is
      integrating the military, security, trade, economic, regulatory, and
      foreign polices of Canada, the US, and Mexico without public input or
      Parliamentary or Congressional scrutiny. The threat of widespread
      surveillance of citizens, greenhouse gas emissions from tar sands
      development and 'super-corridors,' increased fossil fuel dependence,
      privatization of water, erosion of food safety and environmental
      regulations, and expanded corporate power at the expense of economic
      stability for working people -- these are some of the reasons we
      oppose the SPP."

      North American Green Parties are calling for transnational
      opposition, beginning with a 'Counter Summit' teach-in and strategy
      session August 20 in Ottawa to coincide with a meeting of the leaders
      of Canada, the US, and Mexico at the third annual summit in Montebello
      in nearby Quebec. The Green Party of the United States has endorsed
      the Counter Summit and will send representatives. Greens will also
      participate in civil society opposition to the Montebello Summit, with
      two days of activites planned for August 19 and 20.

      Dr. Janet M. Eaton, International Trade Critic with the Green Party
      of Canada, who spoke about the SPP at the annual meeting of the Green
      Party of the United States in Reading, Pennsylvania, in July, said:

      "The SPP, also called 'NAFTA-Plus' within a 'security trumps all'
      framework, is the next big step in moving from a free trade agreement
      to a customs union and some suggest common market and eventually a
      union like the European Union."

      "But we should heed the words of the Secretary General of the
      European Greens, Juan Behrand, who said that the process for North
      American integration does not resemble the democratic and consultative
      European Union model."

      Eaton said that the so-called North American Partnership is fraught
      with profound implications for sovereignty and Constitutional and
      Charter rights.

      "The Bush, Harper, and Calderón administrations are taking their
      countries down a dark road to a future where decisions are made in
      virtual secrecy by undemocratic supranational organizations such as
      the North American Competitiveness Council. This group of powerful
      corporate leaders represents the large transnational companies that
      stand to profit from the SPP's globalist economy, an economic model
      which has been largely recognized as a failure when it comes to
      protecting working people and the environment," said Dr. Julia
      Willebrand, co-chair of the US Green Party's International Committee
      and co-president of the Federation of Green Parties of the Americas.

      Greens dispute claims by NAFTA proponents that NAFTA has proved
      successful and that the SPP is the logical and necessary next step.
      Green Parties have called for withdrawal from and renegotiation of
      NAFTA, and for enactment of 'fair trade' policies where economic,
      social and ecological justice take precedence over corporate profit
      and privilege and the short term economic demands of investors.

      "Security and Prosperity are attractive goals. The use of these
      words disguises that the Harper-Bush agenda undermines true security
      by imperiling global eco-systems, revving climate change into
      over-drive, and ignoring the needs to protect true peace and
      prosperity through flourishing, open democratic process. The 'Security
      and Prosperity Partnership' scheme deserves widespread public exposure
      and opposition," said Elizabeth May.

      Greens warn of numerous dangers if SPP remains unchallenged, including:

      Super-corridors lined with oil, gas, and water pipelines, which will
      carve up arable land, damage biodiversity across North America, and
      increase fossil fuel consumption and emission of greenhouse gases.

      Military and security integration of the US, Canada, and Mexico, with
      an expansion of surveillance over private citizens and forced forced
      subordination of Canada and Mexico to imperial US military goals.

      Privatization and unconstrained exploitation of natural resources for
      the benefit of US-based corporations, e.g., Mexico's state-owned oil
      industry and Canadian watersheds.

      Erosion of food safety standards.

      Empowerment of the North American Competitiveness Council (NACC),
      which gives corporate leaders access to government information and
      resources while denying the latter to civil society leaders.

      Green Party of Canada - http://www.greenparty.ca
      Green Party of the United States - http://www.gp.org
      202-319-7191, 866-41GREEN
      Fax 202-319-7193

      Green Party News Center http://www.gp.org/newscenter.shtml
      Green Party Speakers Bureau http://www.gp.org/speakers
      2007 national Green Party meeting in Reading, Pa.: video footage,
      blog and media coverage http://www.gp.org/meeting2007
      Green Party to Host SPP Counter-Summit
      http://www.greenparty.ca/en/node/2467 [Counter-Summit agenda included]
      The Security and Prosperity Partnership: Why We Need to Take a
      Closer Look at Continental Integration [displaying a map of North
      American Super-corridors]
      Security and Prosperity Partnership Q&A
      "Green Party of Canada Takes on the SPP Alerting US Greens and
      Planning Cross Border Summit!!" by Dr. Janet Eaton, International
      Trade Critic, Green Party Shadow Cabinet.
      "Threats to Our Water: NAFTA, SPP, Super-Corridors, Atlantica" by
      Dr. Janet Eaton, PhD. Power Point with images and photos.



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