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Our Leaders, the Enemy

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    Our Leaders, the Enemy Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich Forty years ago, when Israeli air and naval forces attacked and bombed the U.S. Navy intelligence ship Liberty,
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 2, 2007
      Our Leaders, the Enemy
      Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

      Forty years ago, when Israeli air and naval forces attacked and bombed
      the U.S. Navy intelligence ship Liberty, the thirty-four Americans who
      died while patriotically serving their country were buried in the cold
      graveyard of treachery dug by their leaders. The 172 injured
      survivors lived to mourn not only their loss, but to forever be
      shackled by the weight of a reality not shared by other Americans -
      Ward Boston Jr. who served as chief counsel to the Navy's Court of
      Inquiry into the attack on the U.S. Navy intelligence ship Liberty
      stated: "The evidence was clear. We [Adm. Isaac C. Kidd] both believed
      with certainty that this attack was a deliberate effort to sink an
      American ship and murder its entire crew." President Lyndon Johnson
      and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara ordered a cover-up of the
      incident sending a clear signal that American lives would be
      sacrificed to inconspicuous agendas[i].

      The bodies have been buried under a rubble of lies; the deception that
      buried them, an uncontrollable weed, has claimed the bodies of so many
      more soldiers since. Who knows of the untold number of innocent
      `others' in parts unknown or unreported since? It would seem that the
      weeds entangling our leaders have their roots in such think tanks as
      the Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies (IASPS).
      Their `mission statement' in part is:

      "It is the integrity of Western societies, in effect the struggle
      within Western societies to resist, and to turn back, the Redirection
      of Western purposes by Western Elites." "Western societies are poised
      today to converge with Islam. Judeo-Christian, West European America
      is the enemy and target of these Elites. Particularly have White
      people become the target as these Elites, like Islam itself, have
      roused the huge and disaffected Black populations of the Americas,
      making them the instrument for Elite aims. After a half century of
      nurturing institutional destruction of Western societies, the Elites
      have now converged with terrorist Islam to herd the peoples of these
      societies, literally into killing fields. In this effort none are more
      helpful than the Judeo-Christian, Western and Caucasian populations
      themselves. The mission of the Institute and its programs is to
      reverse and restore what is now marked for destruction." [1]

      Noteworthy among IASPS strategists, for the purpose of this article,
      are names such as Elie Krakowsky, David Wurmser, and Richard Perle.
      They would seem to have a gift of prophecy for the focus of their
      research is countries that have been or since become involved in
      destabilization, genocide, and war.

      Afghanistan - Krakowsky's distinction is owed to a strategy paper
      called "The Afghan Vortex" (May 2000). The main thrust of the paper
      is the importance of Afghanistan ( "crossroads between what Halford
      MacKinder called the world's Heartland and the Indian sub continent.
      It owes its importance to its location at the confluence of major
      routes. A boundary between land power and sea power, it is the
      meeting point between opposing forces larger than itself"; and the
      opportunities it presents for the West which can be arrived at only
      with `external intervention'. The paper also argues that the
      `interested states' that have a stake in Afghanistan must see that
      active participation in stabilizing it is the only solution. " Only
      the United States has this capability", according to Krakowshy[ii].

      Then September 11 happened.

      `Interested states', including Russia, China, Pakistan, and even Iran,
      cooperated with the United States. Two months after the tragedy of
      9/11, a confident Krakowsky appeared on CNN informing the listeners
      that if the United States took a forceful role, the people would unite
      and calm would ensue, especially if the king were more than just
      symbolic.[iii] Krakowsky had assurances from the Afghan people after
      having spoken to them in undisclosed circumstances. One has to wonder
      when this conversation took place - during the pounding of Afghan
      villages or before.

      Iraq, Syria & Palestine - Richard Perle authored "A Clean Break: A New
      Strategy for Securing the Realm". Among his recommendations was
      "Israel can shape its strategic environment, in cooperation with
      Turkey and Jordan, by weakening, containing, and even rolling back
      Syria. This effort can focus on removing Saddam Hussein from power in

      In this strategy paper, Perle also recommended "First and foremost,
      Israel's efforts to secure its streets may require hot pursuit into
      Palestinian-controlled areas, a justifiable practice with which
      Americans can sympathize." The Americans did indeed sympathize by
      starving the Palestinians for electing a government of their choice;
      an event that the world would otherwise recognize as `free elections',
      a necessary step towards democracy. However, Israel and the United
      States had other plans and they are overtly and shamelessly cementing
      the scaffolding of a coup against Hamas.

      Given that on February 27, 1994, Rabbi Yaacov Perrin said "One million
      Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail", like `brothers in a cage,
      the Arabs are being pitted against each other, Palestinian against
      Palestinian. Mr. Bush, at the behest of Israel, having led the
      starvation efforts of the Palestinians to the point where he would be
      certain they would turn on each other, and having armed the Fatah
      party[v], is watching them kill each other. Likewise, having armed
      militias in Lebanon and inside refugee camps to oppose Hezbollah, the
      neo-cons are now content that Lebanon is once again sliding towards a
      civil war with Lebanese killing each other.[vi] In Iraq, having first
      armed the Shiites, the neo-cons arm the Sunni insurgents to fight
      `al-Qaeda'[vii], and the world is witnessing in horror as the civil
      war is delivering more dead Iraqis. However, with Prussian
      methodology, nothing will be left to chance. If the neo-cons cannot
      bring the long-suffering population of the Middle East to their knees
      or be rid of them, they will `zap' or `fry' them with a state of the
      art microwave like machine developed by Raytheon, with invisible beams
      which penetrate just a 64th of inch beneath the skin, deep enough to
      heat up the water inside a person – enough to cause excruciating pain
      if nothing else[viii] .

      That done, Dick Cheney with David Wurmser at his side can freely
      implement their long simmering plans for Iran. Perhaps if Rumsfeld
      had shook hands on this instead of chemical weapons and conventional
      arms, Saddam would not have felt obliged to kill his opponents by the
      thousands – he would have used the same torture mechanism the
      Americans are using today.

      Iran - U.S. and Israeli officials opened talks March 1 on a new
      multi-year plan for U.S. aid to the Jewish state, which could seek
      additional funds to "meet evolving threats from Iran, Syria and
      Islamic militants." Under the 1998 plan which expires in 2008,
      military aid to Israel rose from $1.8 billion to $2.4 billion per
      year. Under the new plan, the U.S. is considering new Navy warships
      based on the U.S. Navy's Littoral Combat Ship, up to 100 F-35 Joint
      Strike Fighters, primary aircraft trainers, troop transports and the
      Patriot Advanced Capability-3 missile defense system.[ix] According to
      the same source, the additional funds for Tel Aviv being considered by
      the Bush White House and Congress is for the "development and
      procurement of systems needed to defend against the growing terror
      threat and the specter of an Iranian nuclear attack". One has to
      wonder if this arsenal will be used to defend against a non-existent
      bomb or used to attack Iran and any other country that dares to demand
      self rule given that the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter has the following

      - Four times more effective than legacy fighters in
      air-to-air engagements

      - Eight times more effective than legacy fighters in
      prosecuting missions against fixed and mobile targets

      - Three times more effective than legacy fighters in
      non-traditional Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR) and
      Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses and Destruction of Enemy Air
      Defenses (SEAD/DEAD) missions

      - About the same in procurement cost as legacy fighters, but
      requires significantly less tanker/transport and less infrastructure
      with a smaller basing footprint

      The offenders, in preparing evil for a nation, first damage its
      reputation. In line with Adolf Hitler, the neo-cons are delivering
      bigger lies for a more violent conflict. They are accusing Iran of a
      nuclear threat in spite of the IAEA inspections to the contrary,
      further destabilizing Iraq by arming and feeding the frenzy on all
      sides, and stoking the flames by such incendiary accusations as: Iran
      is now arming the Taliban too. The denial of such charges by
      Afghanistan's minister and the Afghan President were drowned by the
      wails of the Iraqis mourning over dead bodies; their place of worship
      turned into an inferno at the hands of the devils that killed and
      smoked out the devout. Mosques burning everywhere, Moslem worshipers
      turned away from their God, and in their anger and frustration turned
      on each other instead. More foreign troops were requested by the
      Iraqi leaders.

      Born equal under law, humanity wanes as it gives way to greed,
      deception, and bigotry. With hearts turned to stone, we decline
      compassion on our soil and witness life extinguish in our own
      hospitals, undisturbed lest it come with a price – be it on our
      consciousness or our pockets. Our society is afflicted. Is it
      without cure? Will there be compassion left in us when more dead and
      dismembered bodies are forever buried under the heavy weight of
      treachery, or are we the monsters that by feigning ignorance, and
      remaining deaf to the wailing of the mourners, bury honor and thus
      create the Hitlers of this world?


      [1] The Institute's Mission http://www.iasps.org/mission.php


      [i] Ward Boston Jr. `Time for the Truth About the Liberty', San Diego
      Union-Tribune, June 8, 2007

      [ii] http://www.iasps.org/strategic9/strat9.htm

      [iii] http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0111/20/lt.01.html

      [iv] http://www.iasps.org/strat1.htm

      [v] http://www.counterpunch.org/brauchli01252007.html

      [vi] http://www.guardian.co.uk/israel/Story/0,,2054274,00.html


      [viii] http://www.defensetech.org/archives/002035.html


      [ix] http://www.ntimc.org:80/newswire.php?story_id=5493&print_page=true




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