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Unrepentant Genocidaires & Armenians

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    Jews, the Armenian Genocide and the Nakba (Holoexaleipsis) by Joachim Martillo (ThorsProvoni @ aol.com) Philip Weiss writes the following in The Armenian
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 18, 2007
      Jews, the Armenian Genocide and the Nakba (Holoexaleipsis)
      by Joachim Martillo (ThorsProvoni @ aol.com)

      Philip Weiss writes the following in The Armenian Horror, Cte'd; Is
      Foxman Finished?

      The Globe reports that the ADL fired its regional director in New
      England over his statements calling for an acknowledgment of Armenian
      genocide. And Foxman states in his letter "explaining" the decision
      that the security of Israel is paramount.

      Ergo, we lie and cover up another people's suffering. What was I
      saying about free speech in the Jewish community? What was I saying
      about the demands the Jewish state has made on Jewish identity?

      Yet acknowledgement among Jews that the Ottoman Empire in its waning
      days committed genocide against Armenians is simply not enough! Many
      Jews already resist Turkish and Zionist attempts to suppress
      discussion of the Armenian genocide. Jews (especially ethnic
      Ashkenazim) must fully admit to themselves and to non-Jews

      that revolutionary communist Ashkenazim were up to their
      eyeballs in mass murder, ethnic cleansing and genocide from the
      October Revolution right through the 1940s,
      that Zionist Ashkenazim and German Jews planned the murder of
      Arab Palestine in the latter half of the 19th century,
      that murderous Ashkenazi and German Jewish invaders carried out
      80% of the Zionist genocide program in the middle of the 20th century and
      that Jews of all ethnicities are either carrying out genocide
      right before our eyes in Stolen and Occupied Palestine or are
      manipulating the US government into supporting ongoing Zionist crimes
      against humanity.*

      Below is an essay that I circulated April 20, 2006. It discusses
      Jewish involvement in a local Boston commemoration of the Armenian

      Many ethnic Ashkenazim and many Turks practice genocide denial, but
      the Turkish government executed the Ottoman officials that planned and
      executed the genocide of Armenians while Zionist genocidaires founded
      the State of Israel and still lead that state to this day.

      The reluctance of the Turkish government to call the mass murder of
      Armenians genocide is probably a result of the popular equation of the
      crime of genocide with the Hollywood Holocaust that has very little
      resemblance to the actual historical mass murders a Jews that took
      place during WW2. See Nakba education vs Holocaust disinformation for
      Americans to obtain more information about Zionist misrepresentations.

      (*) The loyal ethnic Persian Jewish population that has refused to
      leave its Iranian homeland and that has categorically condemned
      Zionism as evil and blasphemous is an exception that continues to
      embarrass American and Israeli Zionists with the truth.

      kNOw Genocide, Armenians and the Mass Murder of the Jews

      According to the announcement appended below April 21, 2006 will mark
      the public inception of "kNOw GENOCIDE, a new multi-ethnic,
      non-partisan coalition formed to combat the ongoing denial of known
      cases of genocide, such as the Darfur, Cambodian, Jewish, Rwandan,
      and the Armenian genocides." In point of fact, Holocaust denial is a
      thoroughly insignificant phenomenon in the USA and is exaggerated by
      the Ashkenazi American community as a way of deflecting criticism of
      the behavior of the State of Israel. The announcement claims to be
      "grounded in the understanding that denial of genocide is the final
      stage of that crime. For the sake of human rights as well as the
      historical truth it will counter and expose attempts at genocide denial."

      The claim is nonsense. Denial of genocide is not the final stage of
      crimes like the mass murder of Jews during WW2. The final stage of
      such crimes comes when the victims of mass murder use their past
      sufferings to justify their depredations against innocent
      third-parties. Holocaust denial is partially a reaction to such
      misuse of the history of the mass murder of Jews during WW2.
      Holocaust denial is not genocide denial. Holocaust denial exists
      because there are serious problems with the standard historiography of
      the mass murder of Jews during WW2. Holocaust revisionists generally
      have their own agenda and often do not have the necessary skills to
      present a more accurate analysis of the destruction of European Jewish
      communities, but in their willingness to challenge the standard
      Holocaust mythology they do in fact do a service.

      Real genocide denial is the cover up of the historical and ongoing
      genocide against the native Palestinian population. Racist Eastern
      European Ashkenazim and German Jews planned the physical destruction
      of the native Palestinian population since the end of the 19th century
      and have been carrying out this program since 1947. The murder of
      Arab Palestine planned in the 19th century, carried out mostly in the
      20th century and still ongoing in the 21st century is without doubt
      the defining crime of genocide of three centuries.

      Here is article 2 from the Convention on Genocide

      Article 2

      In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following
      acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a
      national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

      (a) Killing members of the group;
      (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
      (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life
      calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
      (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
      (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

      Note that items a, b, and c clearly have applied to Palestine since
      racist Eastern European Ashkenazim began to invade Palestine for the
      purpose of stealing it from the native population at the end of the
      19th century. The Zionist colonizer population is comprised of
      murderous genocidal thieves and interlopers under the international
      definition of genocide and under the original Lemkin formulation of
      the definition of genocide.

      No one can take seriously any group that claims to be anti-genocide
      unless that group takes a clear and forthright stand

      1. against the criminal Zionist colonizer population,
      2. against racist ethnic Ashkenazi Americans that have manipulated
      the USA into supporting the criminal genocidal state of Israel and
      3. against the murderous US Middle Eastern policy that supports
      Zionism and the state of Israel.

      We have to start talking rationally about the mass murders of European
      Jews during WW2.

      German Nazism was a reaction to Soviet Bolshevism, which had already
      systematically wiped out 7-12 million Soviet citizens by the time of
      the German invasion of the Soviet Union. Now that we can look act
      Soviet archives we find that the accusations of the Central and
      European right wings during the 20s and 30s of Judeo-Bolshevik
      terrorism were completely true. As we examine higher levels of the
      Soviet hierarchy, we find that the leading party members belong ever
      more frequently to the Eastern European Ashkenazi ethnic group and
      that the murderous policies of the Soviet Union (e.g.,
      collectivization, dekulakization, alienization, mass starvation, etc.)
      were for the most part formulated, developed and carried out by ethnic
      Ashkenazim. Moreover, when we look at the early history of the Soviet

      1. the quick consolidation of the Soviet Union because of the
      efforts of ethnic Ashkenazim within and without the Soviet Union
      2. the military threat to Poland from the ethnic Ashkenazi-led Red
      Army defeated by Pilsudski in the Miracle of Warsaw and
      3. the Communist coup in Bavaria (9 of the 12 leaders were German
      Jews and ethnic Ashkenazim)

      gave Central and Eastern European populations more than enough reason
      to hate and fear ethnic Ashkenazim of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.

      Until the invasion of the Soviet Union, the German Nazi policy with
      regard to German Jews and ethnic Ashkenazi was ethnic cleansing and
      relatively speaking this policy was a good deal less brutal than
      current Zionist policy with regard to the native population of
      Palestine. In Soviet territory, the German army tended not to
      distinguish between Bolsheviks and ethnic Ashkenazim. From what we
      know now, this policy was not unreasonable to the first approximation,
      but mass murders in Soviet territories start not with German Nazi
      policy but with the collective revenge of liberated Soviet
      nationalities against ethnic Ashkenazim, who constituted the one
      ethnic group almost totally identified with the Soviet government.

      Note that there is some dispute among non-Revisionist historians about
      the number of European Jews killed in the mass murders that start with
      the German invasion of the Soviet Union. Raul Hilberg gives a figure
      of 5.1 million while Wiesel essentially pulls the figure of 6 million
      out of his hat. Because new data availabe since the fall of the
      Soviet Union suggests that more Jews in Eastern European probably
      vanished among the non-Jewish population than previously believed even
      Raul Hilberg's figure may be high. In general the depiction of the
      mass murders in terms of deportations of Western European Jews (like
      Anne Frank) to death camps is misleading. Relatively speaking very
      few Jews lived in Western Europe. Zionist historians and racist
      Ethnic Ashkenazi writers of the pogrom and persecution school of
      Jewish history focus on the Western European mass murders

      1. in part because access to Eastern European and Soviet data has
      generally been restricted, but
      2. mostly because serious study of the Eastern European mass
      murders would invariably lead to discussion of the involvement of
      large segments of the Eastern European ethnic Ashkenazi population in
      heinous crimes against humanity because of their role in Eastern
      European radical activities.

      Contextualizing Eastern European ethnic Ashkenazi political activities
      makes it much harder to portray European Jews as pure victims, who
      were specifically targeted by the German Nazis and who needed to
      receive Palestine as compensation. In fact, it is not even improbable
      that more than half of the Jews subjected to mass murders during WW2
      were killed not under any sort of program created by the German Nazis,
      but were the victim of collective revenge killings by "liberated"
      Soviet nationalities or by non-Soviet Eastern European populations,
      who understandably viewed local ethnic Ashkenazi populations as
      culpable in Soviet atrocities and mass murder.

      As the German Nazis war effort went sour and as the German army had to
      retreat, the German government began systematically to deport and to
      kill the non-Soviet Eastern European ethnic Ashkenazi populations to
      the death camps, but this policy was not an irrational exercise in the
      hatred of Jews. Soviet ethnic Ashkenazim were the quintessential
      Soviet class. Ethnic Ashkenazim outside of the Soviet Union were the
      most loyal allies of the Soviet Union (they had aided the
      consolidation of the Soviet Union during the 20s and constituted the
      vast majority of pro-Soviet subversives in the West, including the
      USA, throughout the 20s, 30s and 40s). Eastern European Ashkenazim
      managed large retail and distribution networks. As the German army
      withdrew, the German government wanted to make sure that Eastern
      European ethnic Ashkenazi expertise was not used by the Soviet Union
      against Germany. Killing the Eastern European ethnic Ashkenazi
      population was for Nazi Germany simply an extension of scorched Earth
      policies. In Poland the Germany Nazis also mass murdered non-Jews
      that had similar logistic expertise and for the most part wiped out
      the Polish Tatar population because of its leading role in the
      military and in resistance to Germany. The German government expected
      to hold the Soviet Union at the Eastern border to Germany and wanted
      to make sure that Soviet conquered territories in Eastern Europe were
      a tactical liability and not a tactical asset to the Soviet army.

      The German government's calculation failed, but the mass murder of the
      ethnic Ashkenazi managerial population, which would have been the most
      pro-Soviet population within the Iron Curtain countries, guaranteed
      that the Soviet Union received little benefit from the Soviet
      dominated territories of the Eastern block. Without the Nazi mass
      murder of the Jewish population of Eastern Europe and "liberated"
      Soviet territories, the Soviet Union would have been much stronger
      during the 40s-80s and would probably be threatening the 21st century
      with complete Soviet domination.

      In short, we have to stop talking about the mass murder of Jews or
      ethnic Ashkenazim during WW2 as the most heinous crime in the history
      of humanity. We need to recognize that because of historical
      processes since the collapse of the Polish Republic after 1648, ethnic
      Ashkenazim became a toxic minority hated for completely understandable
      reasons throughout Eastern Europe and Russian territories. Because
      ethnic Ashkenazim have tended to have more financial resources and
      education, they have managed to do a tremendous amount of damage

      1. in Eastern Europe (including the overthrow of the Czarist Empire
      and the consolidation of the Soviet Union with concomitant mass murders)
      2. in Palestine (including the murder of Arab Palestine and
      depredations on surrounding Arab populations)
      3. in the UK by subverting the British Empire to Zionist goals in
      Palestine -- an action which contributed immensely to the demise of
      the British empire and
      4. in the USA by subverting the USA during to 20s, 30s and 40s to
      the direct benefit of the Soviet Union and to the indirect benefit to
      ethnic Ashkenazi racist tribalism and then during 70s, 80s, 90s and
      00s in subverting the US government to support the State of Israel to
      the direct benefit of ethnic Ashkenazi racist tribalism and to the
      obvious detriment of US interests.

      Anti-Genocide coalitions like kNOw GENOCIDE are part of the strategy
      that racist Ashkenazi Americans use to enmesh non-Ashkenazim in
      service to Zionist/ethnic Ashkenazi racist tribalism and subversion.
      Patriotic Americans need to discuss how the Holocaust cult and the
      Zionist dominated discourse over genocide in the USA is harming
      America. Any commemoration of genocide that does not include a strict

      1. of Zionism-inspired genocidal US Middle policy,
      2. of subversive racist ethnic Ashkenazi tribalism and
      3. of the murderous Zionist State

      is both completely hypocritical and fundamentally anti-American
      because it supports the program of racist ethnic Ashkenazi Americans
      to sacrifice American lives and wealth to maintain the domination of
      Palestine by a murderous criminal genocidal population of racist
      Zionist thieves and interlopers. No one genuinely concerned about
      genocide can have any legitimate connection to ethnic Ashkenazim that
      do not reject and condemn Zionism and the State of Israel categorically.


      April 13, 2006

      Rep. Rachel Kaprielian


      BOSTON, MA This year the commemoration of the Armenian Genocide in the
      Commonwealth of Massachusetts has taken an extraordinary turn given
      the genocide lawsuit in our state. April 21, 2006 will mark two
      important events at the Massachusetts State House. The first is the
      State House Armenian Genocide Commemoration Ceremony organized by
      Representatives Rachel Kaprielian and Peter Koutoujian and Senator
      Steven Tolman. It will take place at 11:00 am in the Chamber of the
      House of Representatives and will be followed by an informal reception
      in the Great Hall of the State House.

      The second event will take place outside the State House on Beacon
      Street at 12:45 pm immediately following the Commemoration Ceremony.
      It will mark the public inception of KNOW GENOCIDE, a new
      multi-ethnic, non-partisan coalition formed to combat the ongoing
      denial of known cases of genocide, such as the Darfur, Cambodian,
      Jewish, Rwandan, and the Armenian genocides. The coalition is
      grounded in the understanding that denial of genocide is the final
      stage of that crime. For the sake of human rights as well as the
      historical truth it will counter and expose attempts at genocide denial.

      Both events at the State House will be marked with the participation
      of Dr. Taner Akcam, the first Turkish scholar to publicly acknowledge
      and discuss the Armenian Genocide. Despite facing great challenges,
      Dr. Akcam has worked for many years in creating a positive and
      successful dialogue between Armenians and Turks. His work regarding
      the Armenian Genocide is hopefully a beginning for eventual acceptance
      by Turkey of this great crime against humanity.

      It is our sincere hope that this event receives a good turnout of
      Armenians united against denial. Please join us at this historic
      juncture in our history, as we join with this leading Turkish scholar
      to acknowledge the truth and remember our martyrs.



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