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Joachim Martillo: Revisiting "Anti-Semitism"

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    Revisiting Anti-Semitism Joachim Martillo - thorsprovoni @ aol.com Because Zionists and their supporters accuse anyone critical of Israel or Zionism as
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 8, 2007
      Revisiting "Anti-Semitism"
      Joachim Martillo - thorsprovoni @ aol.com

      Because Zionists and their supporters accuse anyone critical of
      Israel or Zionism as anti-Semitic, revisiting the meaning of the
      terms "anti-Semitism" and "Jew" is worthwhile.

      Who are the Jews?

      Arabic uses Yahudi in the Quranic sense of a certain religious
      community that follows the Tawrat (Torat) Musa (Moshe). Ethnic
      Ashkenazim historically have used the words Jew, Yid (Yiddish) or
      Yehudi (Hebrew) to mean ethnic Ashkenazi. Zionists use Yehudi to
      refer to a mythic pan-Judaic ethnonational Volk that has a blood and
      soil right to Palestine.

      In point of fact, ethnic Ashkenazim constitute an indigenous Eastern
      European ethnic group most of whose recent ancestors at one time
      practiced modern Rabbinic Judaism. They have precisely the same
      mythological scriptural Biblical connection to Palestine that ethnic
      Poles have. Ethnic Ashkenazim have no ancestral connection
      whatsoever to the ancient Roman-period Judeans or Galileans of
      Palestine. Those ancient populations practiced a very different
      religion, spoke a very different language -- Modern Israeli Hebrew
      is very unlike Roman period Palestinian Aramaic -- and had a very
      different culture.

      Modern Palestinians are descendants of ancient Judeans and Galileans
      while Ethnic Ashkenazim are the descendants of various Eastern
      European, Balkan and Southern Russian populations that began to
      practice various forms of Judean religion since the Hellenistic
      period. Most Palestinians practice Islam, which is a slightly
      evolved version of ancient Christian-Judaism, a hybrid religion that
      was common in Palestine throughout the 2nd-7th century and that was
      probably predominant in the area during the 3rd century. Modern
      Rabbinic Judaism developed much later for the most part outside of
      Palestine and has very little resemblance to the religion that Jesus

      In other words, ethnic Ashkenazim have no legitimate claim to
      Palestine whatsoever even though the name of their ancestral
      religion has an etymological connection to the geographical term
      Judea. Likewise, Irish are for the most part Roman Catholics, but
      they have no legitimate claims to Rome. If Irish seized Rome and
      treated the native Roman population as Eastern European ethnic
      Ashkenazim treated (and treat) the native population of Palestine,
      we would call such Irish invaders murderous genocidal thieves and

      Religious Ashkenazim have the same sort of relationship to Arab Jews
      that religious Poles (Roman Catholics) have to religious Sicilians
      (also Roman Catholics).

      In short, Zionism is a complete scam that justifies theft and
      murder. Zionist colonizers and racist Ashkenazi Americans are
      conning patriotic Americans into supporting Zionist crimes.

      What is Anti-Semitism?

      Despite the claims of the ethnic Ashkenazi anti-Gentile and anti-
      Catholic pogrom and persecution polemic, there is no uniform
      phenomena of Judeophobia over the last two millennia. Racist
      Ashkenazim have fabricated the idea of universal anti-Semitism to
      justify contempt and abusive practices both against non-Jews in
      Central and Eastern Europe and also against the native population in
      Palestine, the whole Levant, the entire Middle East and the whole
      Islamic world.

      Instances of various forms of Judeophobia are completely explicable
      in the larger historical context. For instance, racist Ashkenazim
      like to rant about the mistreatment of German Jews during the wars
      of the Reformation. Pseudoscholars that express this sort of
      nonsense invariably neglect to mention that at this time period
      German Catholics and German Protestants were slaughtering one
      another mercilessly. In this context the situation of German Jews
      was good by comparison. In fact, German Jews as unbelievers were
      trading with both sides. In war time such an activity was
      inherently suspicious especially because some German Jewish
      merchants were trading in intelligence.

      Real anti-Semitism is a very specific phenomenon of the late 19th
      century and early twentieth century. It attempts to justify hatred
      of Jews as Jews on the basis of pseudoscientific biological
      determinist, social Darwinist, economic Darwinist or religious
      Darwinist principles. This type of hatred was mostly confined to
      Central and Eastern Europe and simply does not exist today to any
      meaningful extent.

      The Legitimacy of Hating Racist Ashkenazi Americans and Zionist

      In 1947-8 racist Eastern European Zionist colonizers stole and
      ethnically cleansed Palestine in an orgy of genocidal aggressive
      violence. Since 1948 racist Zionist colonizers have maintained
      their control of stolen Palestine (the territory of the State of
      Israel) through aggressive genocidal violence and have extended
      their murderous control beyond the lands seized in 1947-8 to occupy
      the rest of Palestine and to further oppress and abuse the native
      population. Racist ethnic Ashkenazim throughout the world (and
      especially ethnic Ashkenazim in the USA at 90% levels according to
      AJC statistics) identify with Zionist colonizers. Racist ethnic
      Ashkenazi Americans use their influence to support Zionist crimes
      and to thwart attempts to sanction the criminal Zionist state that
      controls both stolen and occupied Palestine.

      Naturally, all Arabs, Muslims and any human being committed to
      justice and decency hate and despise the racist Zionist colonizers
      in Palestine as well as their racist ethnic Ashkenazi American
      supporters in the USA. Such hatred is not anti-Semitism because the
      hatred is the natural response to the murder and mayhem that
      Zionists or racist Ashkenazi Americans either commit or support.
      Decent people hate Zionist colonizers and racist Ashkenazi Americans
      not because of what they are but because of what they do. Hating
      Zionist colonizers and racist Ashkenazi Americans today is exactly
      comparable to hating Nazi Germans for abusing Jews and dissenters
      within Germany during the 1930s and for invading and colonizing
      Eastern Europe in 1939. (Of course, all decent and patriotic
      Americans should esteem and honor all Ashkenazi Americans that as
      true loyal Americans reject and condemn Zionism categorically and
      without reservation.)

      The Apologetics of Zionism

      Apologists for Zionism and the State of Israel typically make two
      arguments that should disgust all patriotic Americans.

      They argue that Americans should ignore the crimes of Israeli
      Zionists because there are many evils in the world, and some of them
      might be more serious than the crimes that Zionists commit. Slobodan
      Milosevic, Saddam Hussein, Joseph Stalin, and Adolf Hitler would not
      have faulted such logic.

      This specious and hypocritical contention was common in the 1850s
      public debate over American slavery, and revisiting the politics of
      the Abolitionist movement is relevant to any discussion of the State
      of Israel.

      Zionism is a form of violent state sponsored racism that is exactly
      analogous to American slavery. Slavers stole Africans by means of
      terrorism, aggression and force. Slavers maintained slavery by
      means of terrorism, aggression and force. Racist Eastern European
      Zionists stole Palestine from the native population by means of
      terrorism, aggression and force. Racist Israeli Zionists hold
      stolen Palestine by means of terrorism, aggression and force.

      Southern slavers might have asked why abolitionists in Maine,
      Vermont and New Hampshire worried about slavery in the South when
      serfdom existed in imperial Russia. Antislavery Northerners could
      reply as anti-Zionist Americans can today that American policy and
      law have made them complicit in slavery then and in Zionism today.
      When the State of Israel commits mass murder, ethnic cleansing and
      genocide (according to the definition of Rafael Lemkin), the
      alliance between the USA and Israel renders every American a co-
      conspirator just as The Fugitive Slave Act and the Dred Scott
      Supreme Court decision forced every single American to support
      slavery. Just as every American before the Civil War was
      contaminated with the evil of slavery, every American today has been
      contaminated with the evil of Zionism. All patriotic Americans have
      a categorical ethical imperative to oppose, denounce and combat
      Zionism in every way possible.

      Because the first Zionist argument is so weak and so morally
      repugnant, defenders of Zionism attempt to distract readers from its
      flaws by combining it with the second proposition that identifying
      Zionism as a form of Nazism is simply an illegitimate political
      tactic and an expression of anti-Semitism.

      Nazism is a fairly well defined ideology that combines extremist
      organic nationalism, ethnic fundamentalism, blood-and-soil
      nationalism, scientific racism, economic racism, primordialism,
      biological determinism, social Darwinism, collectivism, anti-
      individualism, populism and contempt for the bourgeoisie with
      undemocratic politics that may be cloaked by formal democratic
      procedures. Most Central and Eastern European ethnic groups
      developed their own forms of Nazism during the late 19th or early
      20th century.

      Even though determining whether Zionism is a form of Nazism should
      be a straightforward matter of scholarship, Zionists and their
      supporters want patriotic Americans to reject a priore the
      possibility that Zionism is an ethnic Ashkenazi form of Nazism. In
      other words, of all Eastern European ethnic groups, Ashkenazim are
      somehow incapable of being Nazis. Ethnic Ashkenazi chauvinists
      believe that Jews are somehow ethically superior to all non-Jews.
      This idea belongs to the traditional Ashkenazi anti-gentile polemic.
      While this bigoted belief predates Zionism by several hundred years,
      it is in fact very similar to the German Nazi idea that Aryans are
      superior to all non-Aryans.

      It is a short step from the racist Ashkenazi belief in Jewish
      ethical superiority to the racist assertion that Jewish historical,
      ethnic, or national rights to Palestine are superior to the human
      rights of Palestinians.

      Zionist writers like Herzl, Nordau, Jabotinsky, Borochov, Ben Tzvi,
      Smolenskin, Pinsker, Ben-Gurion, Arlosoroff, Gordon, Buber et. al.
      extended such racist Ashkenazi thinking into a complete political
      ideology. By 1914, Zionists developed a complete system of Nazi
      thought that anticipated every idea found in Hitler's Mein Kampf
      with the obvious ethnic substitutions. Any genuine and honest
      political scientist that has studied and compared German Nazism and
      Zionism must conclude that Zionism is Ashkenazi Nazism.

      In its purest form German Nazism is the assertion that Aryans have
      the right to plunder and kill non-Aryans. In its purest form
      Ashkenazi Nazism or Zionism is the assertion that Jews have the
      right to plunder and kill non-Jews. There is no genuine difference
      between German Nazi and Zionist thinking.

      No patriotic American committed to fundamental American principles
      of democracy, antiracism and human rights can support the alliance
      between the USA and Zionist Israel. Any American that sympathizes
      with Zionism or the State of Israel betrays fundamental American
      ideals and is a traitor to the USA in thought if not indeed.

      Zionists and their supporters often babble rather incoherently that
      the State of Israel received legitimacy in 1948 because of the
      Holocaust. Not only does the idea that the Holocaust confers
      legitimacy to Zionism violate causality because Ashkenazi Nazism
      originated about 50 years before the German Nazi mass murder of
      Jews, but most seven year olds understand that two wrongs do not
      make a right.

      When Zionists claim that world conferred legitimacy in 1948, they
      are usually referring to the 1947 UN partition proposal. The
      General Assembly passed it

      because Truman had no problem with sacrificing the human rights of
      Palestinians to his quest for the votes of ethnic Ashkenazi
      Americans in the 1948 presidential election and
      because the UN was dominated by Western powers that had not yet
      renounced colonialist racism.
      Political expediency and plain racism do not legitimize injustice.
      The UN partition proposal was completely illegitimate. It violated
      UN principles and was simply wrong like Dred Scott.

      If Zionists believe that Zionism and the State of Israel are so
      clearly based in right and justice, they should support an open
      discussion and national plebiscite in the USA to address whether it
      makes any sense on ideological, ethical, or pragmatic grounds for
      the USA to support Zionism and the State of Israel. When racist
      ethnic Ashkenazim rant incoherently about anti-Semitism to squelch
      debate, there is reason to suspect that their commitment to racist
      ethnic Ashkenazi tribalism transcends their loyalty to American
      principles of free discourse.

      The issue of Palestine is simply an ethical nobrainer

      Zionism is racist because it presupposes that the ethnic, national
      or historical rights of Jews to Palestine are superior to the human
      rights of the native population. That is racism plain and simple.
      Racist Eastern European colonists stole the country from the native
      Their crime spans 3 centuries.
      Zionists have not changed their song and dance since the 1890s when
      Herzl was arguing that the Jewish settlement could serve as a
      colonial surrogate population for the British Empire. Israeli
      spokesman, American Zionists and Neocons argue that the State of
      Israel should serve the same role in an American Imperium today.

      I am not going to banter with trivialities. Palestinians are the
      native population of Palestine.

      Racist Eastern Europeans colonized Palestine and stole it.

      All the textual, historical, archeological, and linguistic data
      indicates that Ashkenazim are an indigenous Eastern European
      population with practically no ancestral connection to Palestine
      (just like other Eastern Europeans) while Palestinians are the
      descendants of the Greco-Roman Judean population of Palestine.
      Zionists merely justify their crimes in the way that German Racists
      and Nazis justified their crimes by mythological primordialist
      nonsense. But suppose Ashkenazim were descended from Greco-Roman
      Judeans of some sort (at least 3/4s of Greco-Roman Judeans lived
      outside Palestine). So what? Vienna was founded 2000 years ago by
      Celts. Do the modern Irish have a legitimate claim to the modern

      Zionism in the 21st century is the ethical equivalent of Slavery in
      the 19th century.

      Racist Eastern Europeans stole Palestine by means of force,
      terrorism, aggression, murder and violence. Slavers stole Africans
      out of the homes by means of force, terrorism, aggression, murder
      and violence.

      Racist Zionist colonizers hold onto the country that they stole by
      means of force, terrorism, aggression, murder and violence. Slavery
      was maintained by means of force, terrorism, aggression, murder and

      Categorical opposition to Zionism is the defining issue of peace and
      justice in the 21st century. 300 million Arabs, 1.2 billion Muslims,
      most of Europe, the Far East and Latin American cannot take any
      American seriously when he asserts a commitment to peace and justice
      unless he demands the eradication of Zionism in the ME just as
      Abolitionists demanded the categorical and unequivocal eradication
      of slavery.

      Anyone that supports or is willing to tolerate Zionism is a racist.
      Racist American Zionists, Neocons, and Apocalyptic Evangelical
      Fundamentalists have formed an alliance against peace and justice on
      the basis of commitment to the maintenance of a racist Zionist
      colony in Palestine. When I watch how this alliance is driving the
      USA to betray fundamental American principles, I consider this
      alliance and Zionist/Neocon subversion a menace to me as an

      The house is divided between two irreconcilable ideologies. One
      ideology is committed to American ideals, peace, justice, democracy
      and human rights; the other supports racist, genocidal,
      undemocratic, colonialism in ME and will destroy the fundamental
      principles of the USA to maintain the Zionist colony. A house so
      divided cannot stand.

      Within 30 years we Americans will fight a civil war on this issue.

      By American standards terrorism against Israelis is completely
      justified, for Israelis are the ethical equivalent of antebellum
      Southerners and Slavers. Just think Nat Turner or John Brown. Any
      Zionist colonizer that does not actively fight against Zionism is
      complicit and shares guilt by American standards.



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