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Iraq: Indefinite Exit

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    Exit Amendment Would Leave Troops in Iraq Indefinitely What Harry Reid Doesn t Know About His Own Bill By TINA RICHARDS
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2007
      "Exit" Amendment Would Leave Troops in Iraq Indefinitely
      What Harry Reid Doesn't Know About His Own Bill

      I attended the MoveOn.org rally on Tuesday night where Speaker Pelosi
      and Leader Reid discussed how they were going to "end the war" and
      "bring our troops home" with the Levin-Reed Amendment. When I asked if
      they meant all the troops, I was quickly told to, "shut up" and
      muscled aside by security. A fellow Marine Mom was treated in much the
      same manner and we couldn't get over how much like the Republicans the
      "Anti-Escalation" folks were acting. (Video link below.)

      I thought maybe I missed something in the Amendment and should reread
      it to ensure I did not miss anything. Yet an in-depth analysis of the
      Amendment is not needed in order to find the contradictions. A quick
      glance paired with recent statements made by Senator Reid prove that
      it holds no ambitions of easing the minds of military families and
      moms who want to know, "how do you choose which of our sons and
      daughters to abandon in Iraq?"

      The Amendment provides for our troops to come home, except for the
      following three reasons:

      (1) Protect United States and Coalition personnel and infrastructure,

      (2) Provide logistical support for Iraqi security forces and to

      (3) Engage in counter-terrorism operations against international
      terrorism groups and their local affiliates.

      I had an opportunity to ask Leader Reid about how many troops will be
      abandoned in Iraq. He bluntly stated, "we haven't spoken to the
      military yet, at that this stage we don't know."

      We don't know? They have pushed and prodded for this Amendment and
      they don't know?

      If Members of Congress do not have any idea how large of a future
      force this amendment calls for, then how can we as military families
      possibly support it? Senator Reid has admitted that this proposed
      "pull-out plan" does nothing yet leave the decision up to the military
      leadership, who take their direction from President Bush.

      It must be made clear to the public that the Levin-Reed Amendment does
      not call for a specific withdrawal from Iraq nor does it seek to
      revamp the American mission in the region. Representatives such as
      Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi who proudly boast of being men and
      women of peace; disgrace not only their own selves, yet also the
      millions of true warriors of peace in this country, when they back a
      plan that will leave America's future in Iraq to military generals.
      The Levin-Reed Amendment is nothing more than a political stunt that
      calls for, at best, a smaller war, not an end to the occupation which
      the American public and the world yearns to see.

      Under the Amendment, our sons and daughters will be abandoned with no
      way home. Maybe if it wasn't our sons and daughters being abandoned we
      could join in with MoveOn and American's Against Escalation and be
      thankful the Democrats want some of them home. Next time you say,
      "support the troops," try to include all the troops.

      Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi and all of the other Democratic
      leadership; we plead you to push forward legislation that will bring
      "all" our sons and daughters home from this occupation. We cannot
      support an amendment that provides for leaving stranded an "unknown"
      amount of our troops. Until that time, the peace movement will
      continue to speak out against these cruel promises of withdrawing our
      troops. We will also continue to struggle against MoveOn.org and other
      such groups that blindly fall in line with the Democratic Party and
      their anti-escalation, not-anti-war, agenda.

      Tina Richards is the director of Grassroots America and the mother of
      Marine Cloy Richards.



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