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Constitutional Rights are Your Legal Tools

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    All Constitutional Rights are Your Legal Tools Nancy Levant http://muckrakerreport.com/id449.html July 3, 2007 -- Feeling frequently defeated by the designers
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 9, 2007
      All Constitutional Rights are Your Legal Tools
      Nancy Levant

      July 3, 2007 -- Feeling frequently defeated by the designers of the
      one-world government and their "emergency powers/martial law" system,
      today I feel like scrapping. I have the Constitution of the united
      States of America to back me up - so bring it on, you traitorous jerks.

      I am an American, and I run this government. No politician, no
      executive order, signing statement, act, hidden legislation, Federal
      Reserve Corporation, or "regional" council, or elite council or
      commission is above the Constitution or me. I hold all legal keys to
      this nation, and so do all American people. We are the legal barrier
      to tyranny, greed, and sedition. The buck, or Federal Reserve Note,
      if you prefer, stops here.

      We the people reclaim our rightful powers. No lying sack of sh**
      politicians or regional governors can manipulate the powers from the
      people. We are the legal recipients of all unalienable rights and
      each and every Constitutional right. The American people exist as
      does our Constitution. Therefore, we have every right to refuse
      illegal powers established by tyrannical designs, and it is way, way
      past time for our legal duties to take ACTION by the people of this
      nation. On that note, America needs to vocally, and in one voice,
      refuse to accept hybrid dictatorship in any form whatsoever. Remember
      that the one-world system is by incremental and tyrannical design.
      Therefore, all American attorneys, watchdogs, and citizen
      organizations must, step-by-step, list the illegalities implanted into
      this nation, which raised the impending police state, and sue the
      government for each and every Constitutional illegality, including the
      raising of a police state, and we must fire every participant in all
      Constitutional tampering.

      We must call for impeachments and open trials. Our Congress has
      failed as a check/balance. The judiciary has failed due to
      corruption, greed, and the abject failure of Congress. The Executive
      Branch has claimed a custom-made dictatorship beholding to no one –
      minus you and me. All the big boy secret societies and their
      foundations, created and led by corporate one-world aristocrats, must
      be closed down and all papers and funding mechanisms seized for public
      disclosure. All "regional" governing bodies must be dissolved and
      their "leadership" stripped of governing authority of any kind.

      All executive orders and signing statements must be dissolved as they
      are illegal having DESTROYED the Constitutional rights of every
      American citizen. The Federal Reserve Corporation must be dissolved
      and the gold standard reinstated. The entire taxation system must be
      dissolved and constitutionally reinstated.

      The entire stakeholding/partnershipping/NGO bureaucracy, implanted by
      decree of the United Nations, must be immediately dissolved, including
      the non-profit corporate control scam.

      The American military must immediately return to the United States to
      protect the United States, her Constitution, and the rights of her
      people. And on that note, our membership, financial backing, and
      control of the United Nations must cease and desist by public demand.

      All Biosphere Reserves, their conservation corridors and buffer zones
      in the United States, must be de-listed and those lands and watershed
      systems returned to the people of the United States. And all "land
      trust" organizations must be dissolved and their assets seized. And
      minus any remaining homeland American military bases, ALL government
      owned/confiscated land must also be returned to the American people.
      Eminent Domain, in all instances, must be eliminated and seized lands
      returned to all rightful, legal, and original owners. And the
      International Property Maintenance Code must be dissolved in the
      united States.

      We the people of the United States are not a "world community," nor
      did we request to be a world community, culture, or citizen. We are
      American people with every single constitutional right in tact. We
      NEVER asked, nor agreed to pay for Biosphere Reserves, nor were we
      aware of their existence; undeclared and non-stop global wars of
      aggression, NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, FTAA, the North American Union, the
      SPP, or the transnational highway systems must go as unconstitutional
      global and pre-planned nation conquering missions. We NEVER asked for
      our jobs to leave the homeland. We NEVER asked for a transnational
      border security perimeter or for the laws of our land to be bent and
      dissolved to allow non-American people to live at our EXPENSE.

      We the people of the United States NEVER asked for No Child Left
      Behind, Outcome-Based Education, the NEA or the AFT labor unions. We
      NEVER asked for the Patriot Act, the New Freedom Commission on Mental
      Health, for mental health advocates crawling all over our schools, or
      for our military bases to be closed and then rebuilt in foreign nations.

      We NEVER asked to be taken off the gold standard, for the incremental
      and planned bankrupting of this nation; for genetically modified food,
      for patents on animals and seed, for implantable chips for machines,
      animals, and human beings, nor did we ever ask for "managed" health
      care, insurance corporation control of health care and physicians, and
      legislated/forced medications upon and into our children and
      ourselves. We NEVER asked to be a drugged population so that
      politically connect pharmaceutical corporations could extort money
      from every American family.

      We the people of this nation NEVER asked for political intervention
      into our religious beliefs and control of our churches in the form of
      "faith-based/governmentally-funded and Homeland Security initiatives.
      Nor did we ask for our religious traditions to be legislatively

      We the people of this nation are as "multi-cultural" as multi-cultural
      can get, and we NEVER asked for "multi-culturalism to become a
      behavior modification tactic to forward the implementation ease of the
      North American Union.

      We the people NEVER asked for the part-time job/no benefits system of
      poverty-wage economics. We NEVER asked for elite control of decent
      wage jobs. And we NEVER, EVER asked for the COMPASS data basing of
      the American people. We NEVER asked for the banking/loan scams that
      continue to bankrupt and confiscate the private property of American

      It is time to claim the truth of OUR Constitutional powers and to
      remove traitorous and anti-American leadership. We cannot sit back
      and watch freedom being stripped away from mankind. It is time for
      elite control and abuse of mankind to permanently end. And it is way,
      way past time to demand that all "emergency powers," which have
      allowed tyrants to gain control over the powers of our Constitution,
      be eliminated. It is time for the people of this nation to reclaim
      their power over the legal government of this nation. It is time to
      disallow tyranny and to remove from power all tyrants in office.
      There are no other options minus the acceptance of human slavery.



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