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Pakistan: Massacre at Women's College, Mosque Bombed

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    Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid Defy General Musharraf s 10,000 Pakistani Troops Loud Explosions: Pak Mortars Hits Mosque at Close Range: Numerous Casualties July
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2007
      Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid Defy General Musharraf's 10,000 Pakistani

      Loud Explosions: Pak Mortars Hits Mosque at Close Range:
      Numerous Casualties

      July 5, 6 and 7, 2007: Day 3, 4 and 5 of the siege:

      [July 8 in USA] Pakistan army's artillery scored a direct hit on the
      fuel storage of Lal Masjid just as this report was being prepared. The
      explosion could be heard for miles in the terrorized city.

      Pakistan's history is changing even as we write this. For the first
      time in Pakistan's history, an Islamic women's university and a mosque
      are under attack, in the country's capital, by the Pakistani army,
      funded and armed by the U.S.

      Numerous times, in these three days, Pakistani troops edged closer to
      the Islamic complex only to be repelled by vigilant young Muslims
      guarding the perimeter. The entire area, the size of a small town,
      around the Islamic university and mosque has been cordoned off by the
      army. Water and electricity to the entire area were cut off by
      Musharraf's police and support forces. Now the services, though
      meager, are being restored to some areas of the city. The population
      was punished for supporting Jamia Hafsa.

      The government media tried very hard to discredit Maulana Abdul Aziz,
      the khateeb of Lal Masjid, who was arrested by police as he stepped
      out to say farewell to departing students. Pakistani intelligence
      turned out to be good at disinformation. They staged an entire
      "interview" on government controlled TV [PTV] in which a look alike of
      Maulana Abdul Aziz was shown wearing a burqa which he then took off,
      on camera, to the amusement of the audience. Many were fooled,
      including the MMA buffoon Maulana Fazlur Rahman and the Dawn columnist
      Ayaz Mir.

      However, one Pakistani group published a comparison of the photos of
      Maulana Abdul Aziz with those of the man in the interview. The
      difference is quite distinct. Here is the link:


      ABDUR RASHID GHAZI and UMM HASAN used modern technology [cell phones]
      to contact a private TV station, Geo, to contradict Musharraf's
      propaganda. The government then got into the action to try
      psychological propaganda against the two using the same channel, Geo,
      while the interviews were going on. All kinds of "offers" were made if
      only the two were to surrender.

      It appears that the young women inside the Islamic school do not want
      to leave though they are free to go. In one instance, the parents of a
      girl came to fetch her. She said that she would be willing to go for a
      short while with the parents if they pledged to bring her back. When
      she was told, she won't be able to return, she refused.

      Abdur Rashid Ghazi's daughter, mother, sister and sister-in-law are
      with him in the besieged mosque urging him to continue in Allah's way.
      Umm Hasan's interview with Geo was so fiery [July 6] that the TV
      station refused to air it and gave only an outline.

      In Islamic history, we have an original of this tragic situation.
      Abdullah ibn Zubair, r.a., was attacked by the Ummayad king's powerful
      army even when he took refuge in the Ka'aba. His mother Asma, r.a.,
      [daughter of Abu Bakr, r.a.] told him to keep fighting regardless of
      the odds if he was fighting in Allah's way. Today another satanic
      king, America's bootlicker, the scum of Pakistani military is trying
      to kill Abdur Rashid Ghazi even in the sanctuary of the mosque. [A red
      mosque, very symbolic in Islam, the color of Ayesha Siddiqa's [r.a.]
      outer garment.]


      Preliminary List of Young Islamic Women Martyrs in Jamia Hafsa killed
      by General Musharraf's Forces: Incomplete, as published in Pakistan's
      Urdu Media

      1. Shagufta

      2. Sadaf

      3, 4. [Sisters] Umbereen and Perveen

      5. Razia

      6. Hidayat Bibi

      7. Afia

      8. Tahira

      9. Rukhsana

      10. Rabia'

      11. Ghazala

      12. Juwairia

      13. Mumtaz

      14. Rozina

      15. Saadia

      16. Fatima

      17. Jamila

      18. Shazia Kauthar

      19. Zahida

      20. Rizwana Maqsud

      21, 22. Umm Bilal [teacher] and her infant daughter

      23. Umm Samia [teacher]




      Transliteration of TEXT of URDU original:

      Dukhtarane Rahe Ayesha-o- Asma - o- Umm Ammara: Tum ko Salam

      Islam ki yeh baytian: khun main Lat put purri huin, bay gor-o-kafan

      Shahadat kay rutbay pai faiz: Masoom-o-pak-o-shareef

      Amerikkka kay mulazim, musharraf, nain dhaia yay zulum: La'nat ho tum
      pur, bawardi darinday!

      Musalamanan-Pakistan bolo ub kia hay tumhara Faraz:

      Lathian uthay, ba haya baytian, sar-ta-pa paykar-e- Ismat-e-Islam.

      Musharraf ki topon ki shikar, zubardast bambari main bhi rahin
      misl-e-Sumayya muntazar


      Pakistanio! Kaya Choorian pahnay huway ho! Laiken yeh kahtay huway bhi
      ahsas hota hay
      Choorian pahnen walian to mardon say kahin ziyada niklin pur azam!


      "Utho mairi dunian kay gharibon ko jaga do"
      Kakh e Umra kay dar o Diwar hilla do"




      O Daughters of the Way of 'Ayesha and Asma and Umm Ammara: I salute you!

      These daughters of Islam, covered with blood from head to foot, left
      unburied without coffins

      Exalted in martyrdom, innocent, pure and noble!

      America's servant Musharraf wrought this barbarity: Curses be on you,
      uniformed animal!

      O Muslims of Pakistan! What is now your duty?

      Carrying sticks and staves, shy daughters, clothed in the purity of
      Islam from head to foot!
      Targets of Musharraf's artillery, they waited in the worst shelling
      like Sumayya [for martyrdom]

      Revenge! Revenge! Revenge!

      Pakistanis! Are you wearing bangles!
      But even as I say this, I realize,
      Those who wear bangles turned out to be more perseverant and
      courageous than men!


      "Arise and awaken the poor masses of my world!
      Let the palaces of the rulers and the mansions of the rich tremble!"



      The final two lines are probably in quotation marks because they are
      from a famous poem by Allama Iqbal, the Poet of the East.



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