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Nuclear Weapons Lab Backs Down

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    San Francisco - Nuclear Weapons Lab Backs Down by Bob Nichols Project Censored Award Winner http://www.rense.com/general75/lvermore.htm
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2007
      San Francisco - Nuclear Weapons Lab Backs Down
      by Bob Nichols
      Project Censored Award Winner

      Bob Sarvey: We have achieved ... a major victory.

      (San Francisco) March 6, 2007 - Bob Sarvey, a Tracy, California
      citizen/activist looked at the plan of the Lawrence Livermore Nuclear
      Weapons Lab and said that it was wrong. Today the giant nuclear
      weapons lab waited until the last minute and withdrew the
      controversial nuclear radiation spreading proposal.

      Bob Sarvey said in a prepared statement late Tuesday afternoon, March
      6, 2007 "I just received a call from the head man at the San Joaquin
      Valley Air Pollution Control district, Seyed Saderin. He has decided
      under intense pressure from the Lab to cancel the Site 300 permit and
      the hearing is off. WE have achieved a major but temporary victory. I
      am sure that the lab will try again and the DU explosions continue
      throughout the country and the world. But tonight let us savor one
      small victory."

      The controversial and secretive Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab
      detonates in the open air about 200 radioactive "dirty bombs" a year
      creating deadly and radioactive uranium gas in the heavily populated
      San Francisco Bay and Monterey Bay Areas of California. About 10
      million people live and work within the large metropolitan areas.

      The University of California "managed" Weapons Lab had requested to go
      from detonating 1000 pounds of radioactive uranium and tritium bombs a
      year to 8000 pounds a year on November 12, 2006. The request was
      approved by the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control Board in
      nearby Modesto, California.

      Bob Sarvey objected and filed an appeal. So did a large housing
      development near the radioactive bomb site in Tracy, California. The
      developer also withdrew from the case today, March 6, 2007.

      Manhattan Project and Nuclear Weapons Lab retired staff scientist
      Marion Fulk said today about the withdrawal by the Nuclear Weapons Lab
      "Now they can put those deadly radioactive explosions that release
      uranium and tritium into the atmosphere underground."

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      nuclear warfare and radiation warfare.



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