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Boston Jews Advocate Mass Murder

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    Just in case you were wondering what pro-Israel advocates mean when they say peace - they mean the silence of the graves. Rest assured, they will not stop
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2007
      Just in case you were wondering what pro-Israel advocates mean when
      they say "peace" - they mean the silence of the graves. Rest assured,
      they will not stop with Hamas. There is no greater risk to American
      national security than the Zionist Fifth Column. What would happen if
      we voted in a political party that supported the end of US funding for
      Israel's existence? Tom Mountain has the solution: Murder us all.-WVNS

      Fighting those opposed to peace
      By Tom Mountain
      Tuesday July 3 2007

      Today the Gaza Hamas terrorists are armed with more and better weapons
      than they were in 1970, when the PLO ran the territory. And they're a
      lot more fanatical. The only positive side to battling the PLO was
      that they actually knew when they were defeated, and tended to
      surrender rather than be gunned down by the IDF. But Hamas is like the
      Japanese kamikaze, fanatical to the point where they'll kill
      themselves and any Jew, soldier or civilian that they can get their
      hands on.

      If Israel is serious about defeating Hamas, it will have to kill
      Hamas. Every last one of them. This sounds draconian, but it's the
      only way. Unless, of course, by some miraculous change of heart, Hamas
      decides to stop killing Jews. And this will never happen.

      This means that the IDF will have to re-conquer Gaza, street by
      street, house by house, until every last Hamas terrorist is either
      killed or captured. They'll have to duplicate what the Americans did
      on Iwo Jima – hunt them down and snuff them out. No matter how long it
      takes or how many IDF casualties happen as a result. Hundreds, if not
      thousands, of Hamas terrorists must be killed. If they are not killed
      they will continue to kill Jews.

      The Hamas war against the Jews, temporarily sidelined while they
      tighten their grip on Gaza, will continue after they've defeated their
      political rivals. And just as in 1934 when the SS eliminated the SA,
      thus enabling the Nazis to consolidate their power, Hamas will resume
      its war against the Jewish State after they've liquidated the PLO.

      Hamas will continue to attack Israel until every last Jew is either
      killed or driven into exile. This is an integral part of their
      religion. Their brand of Islam dictates that it is noble to kill Jews,
      and ideally, to kill themselves in the process. Hamas terrorists
      believe that the ultimate goal in life is to die a martyr, which means
      to die murdering as many Jews as possible. This brand of martyrdom is
      the very purpose of their existence.

      Hamas will not negotiate with Israel. Hamas will never surrender to
      Israel. They are sworn to the destruction of Israel and the death of
      every Jew within Israel. They would rather die than make peace with
      the Jewish State. Their fight with Israel is a fight to the death.
      They will kill every Jew "from the river to the sea (Palestine will be
      free)," or die trying.

      So they need to die …at the hands of the Jewish State. For Israel,
      it's simply a matter of kill, or be killed.

      There really is no other choice. Sometime after they've wiped out the
      PLO in Gaza and consolidated their power, Israel must destroy Hamas.
      This means that all of the Hamas terrorists need to be killed, or at
      least captured. When this happens, when Israel finally chooses to
      admit that a state of total war exists with Hamas, then and only then
      will the process of eliminating Hamas begin.

      In World War II few Americans would have thought that Japan was
      redeemable, that peace between the two people would ever be possible,
      but the American political and military leaders at the time were
      determined to capture or kill the Japanese leadership and force their
      armies to surrender or die. This is how wars with a fanatical enemy
      are won.

      Only after the Japanese people witnessed the destruction of their
      country, the disastrous leadership of their political and military
      elite, and the folly of their sacred kamikaze culture, did they learn
      to change. And only after they were nearly wiped off the map, did the
      Japanese start to rebuild their country.

      And only when the majority of Hamas terrorists are killed, will the
      rest of Gaza be able to at least begin the path to civilization. When
      the Hamas terrorists are dead, their children, like the Japanese
      children of World War II, may no longer see killing themselves and
      others as their main purpose in life. A generation of children
      committed to something other than a cult of death could rise as a result.

      But this can only happen if Israel has the national will to defeat
      Hamas, once and for all. And that means killing Hamas, once and for all.

      What remains is for a strong and decisive Israeli leader, like Moshe
      Dayan in 1971, to order his generals, "You can start."

      Tom Mountain, a Newton resident, is also a columnist for the Newton TAB.



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