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Survey on Quran Translations

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    Please participate in this academic Survey on Quran Translations From: Dalia Sabry Salam I am a new member in this group. I am a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2007
      Please participate in this academic Survey on Quran Translations

      From: "Dalia Sabry" <dsabry_2000 @ yahoo.com>


      I am a new member in this group. I am a lecturer of English and I am
      doing my Ph.D. on issues related to Qur'an translation.

      My basic concern is that a lot of the available Qur'an translations
      are not accurate, and they do not satisfy the needs of Muslims who do
      not know Arabic. Many of these translations have been also approached
      recently by a great number of non-Muslims to know about Islam while
      many of them are inadequate.

      Some translations are too literal to the extent of being
      incomprehensible or conveying inaccurate meanings. Others in
      departing from the Arabic idiom, imagery or structure to avoid
      incomprehensibility, deprive the non-Arabic readers of the chance of
      "eavesdropping" on the original.

      I am doing a survey study to investigate the preferences, needs, and
      problems of non-Arabic speaking Muslims and non-Muslims in reading
      Qur'an translations, and how translations should be like to get the
      message through. I am seeking respondents for my questionnaire
      (Muslims and non-Muslims.

      The questionnaire does not test information based on knowledge of the
      Qur'an . Respondents NEED NOT be well-versed in the Qur'an or
      its translations to be eligible for answering the questionnaire. It
      simply investigates their personal preferences as to the method of
      translation required.

      However, they should have a good command of English to be able to
      understand and answer the questions and should be depending on English
      Qur'an translations. They should be above 16, and can be students,
      scholars or laypersons.

      Respondents too should have great interest in and concern about the
      topic because the questionnaire is not a superficial one. It needs
      time and thinking, yet it involves some benefits as testified by many
      respondents. It is a good opportunity to voice your concerns and
      express your problems with current translations as well as your
      expectations as to future translaations in shaa Allah.

      On the basis of the results, some recommendations as to how
      translations should be done in order to achieve, as much as human
      capacity can bear it, fidelity and "fluency" will be passed to people
      working on new Qur'an translation projects.

      If any person is interested in participation in the survey, please
      email me at dsabry2005 @ gmail.com

      Jazakum Allahu khairan.

      Please reply to "Dalia Sabry" <dsabry_2000 @ yahoo.com>



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