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Israeli shells Palestinian fishing boats

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    Dr. Barghouthi: Israel adamant on impoverishing the Palestinians From: To: Date: Wed, 30 May 2007 Ramallah: The
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      Dr. Barghouthi: Israel adamant on impoverishing the Palestinians
      From: <pressoffice@...> To: <minfo@...> Date:
      Wed, 30 May 2007

      Ramallah: The Minister of Information and Government Spokesperson Dr.
      Mustafa Barghouthi condemned Israeli occupation forces shelling to
      Palestinian fishing boats in Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip.

      Dr. Barghouthi said that the Israeli navy continues targeting the
      Palestinian life and economy with the aim of impoverishing the
      Palestinians, adding that Israeli restrictions on fishing industry
      harm more than 40.000 people depending on fishing as their source of

      The Minister of Information reminded that these restrictions are
      tightened at the beginning of the start of the annual high season when
      fish migrate across the Mediterranean, with Israel limiting fishing
      space to only up to six nautical miles off the Gaza coast in a
      violation to the Oslo accords in 1993 that allowed for a space up to
      20 miles and another agreement in 2002 between the UN and Israel
      allowing for fishing up to 12 miles off the coast.

      Dr. Barghouthi condemned the Israeli restrictions on fishing as
      arbitrary collective punishment, adding that the only systematic thing
      is the targeting of this important economic sector during the annual
      seasons; citing the fact that Israel prevents fishing in some
      locations and allows in others and prevent in some days and allows in
      other days.

      The Minister of Information called for mounting more pressure on
      Israel to stop harassment to the Palestinian fishermen and to pressure
      Israel to respect its responsibilities as an occupying power in order
      to avert further deterioration to the Palestinian economy as concluded
      by the annual report published by the International Labor Organization
      that reveals exacerbation of the plight of Palestinian workers
      suffering the Israeli occupation.

      Dr. Barghouthi added that the families of Palestinian fishermen suffer
      directly from the Israeli restrictions that force them to buy fish
      imported from Israel at a much higher price that makes this food
      unaffordable to them and further makes them more dependent on
      international aid instead of being active and major contributors to
      national economy.



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