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Cash cow just keeps on giving

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    When are the Germans going to stop being such an easy mark for the Zionist con artists? The Holstein cash cow just keeps on giving Roger Tucker One State.net
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2007
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      When are the Germans going to stop being such an easy mark for the
      Zionist con artists?

      The Holstein cash cow just keeps on giving
      Roger Tucker
      One State.net
      May 5, 2007

      Lawsuit: Recognize 2nd generation as Shoah victims.

      This article from Yedioth onllne, a major purveyor of Zionist hasbara*
      from Israel, really takes the cake. Even my Jewish grandmother
      would've had to hand it to 'em. Talk about chutzpah! Jewish mothers
      seem to have passed on this art of Oy Veying their way to getting
      whatever they want, most of all attention and control, to the
      Holocaust Industry. It has been a stock item of Jewish humor at least
      since the days of Vaudeville. But there is a very dark side to it.
      Zionists have perfected this schtick to the point where they're still
      guilt-tripping half the world into subsidizing their genocide of the
      Palestinians and their wars of intimidation and expansion on their
      neighbors, not to mention putting the entire world at peril of a
      nuclear war.

      One might think that at some point the Israelis would've squeezed dry
      the very last drop of milk and honey out of the Holocaust, but she
      just keeps on giving. (And if you think the actual Holocaust survivors
      get the bulk of this money, I'll gladly sell you the Brooklyn bridge.)
      When the well finally runs dry, as it must - after all, you can't keep
      guilt-tripping anyone, let alone half the world, generation after
      generation, for something that happened more than 60 years ago - it
      will be obvious to all that the Emperor has no clothes. That is why
      the Holocaust (or the Holocult, as it is sometimes called) is the
      central myth of Zionist ideology, and extraordinary efforts are made
      to shore up the sanctity of the "official" version. Indeed, there is a
      latter day, 21st Century Inquisition that fiercely enforces every last
      dot and tittle of it. And the writ of this fundamentalist creed has
      been encoded into legislation in half of the "free" world.

      At the cost of their livelihoods, marriages, even their freedom, a
      small but courageous group of "historical revisionists" have risked
      everything to research the truth about the Holocaust. There are
      several of them languishing in various European prisons for their
      efforts. The Canadians and the Americans even colluded in sending an
      American citizen to a German dungeon for something that isn't even a
      crime in their own countries. Oddly enough, some of the most respected
      revisionist historians are Israelis, but they are left alone by their
      government. (Perhaps this is because the bulk of the Israeli
      population has been so successfully manipulated into fearing and
      hating the "other" that the Zionists who run that country just don't
      feel the need to repress them.) Not only that, but the Israeli press
      is one of the freest in the Western world. (I like to say something
      nice about Israel every chance I get, otherwise people might accuse me
      of being "antisemitic," or, horror of horrors, a "self-hating Jew."
      Except, perhaps, in Israel itself; see this article.)

      It's not that the Shoah didn't happen, that millions of Jews didn't
      die at the hands of the Nazis, directly or indirectly. That's not the
      point. It's the existence of a Zionist fundamentalist version of
      history, every word of which must be accepted literally, based on
      blind faith, that I'm talking about. Of course, it's recent history,
      so not surprisingly, various facts come into question and are
      re-examined, and it is the revisionists who unearth these facts. More
      than once the "official" historians have had to concede that parts of
      the narrative were false, and then the "official" story is revised.
      But, in the meantime, the unofficial researchers risk being hauled
      into court for publishing their findings on the charge of being
      "Holocaust Deniers," a "crime" that many consider worse than homicide.
      (See this article.)

      The German taxpayers are the easiest marks of the swindle, having been
      guilt-tripped to death for several generations, but as we all know, it
      is American money, power and influence that keeps that otherwise tiny
      and insignificant ship of fools known as Israel afloat. But it is not
      guilt that drives this support; it's a far more insidious confluence
      of motives, agendas and strategies that accounts for that, backed by
      lavish expenditures of campaign contributions and arm twisting from
      the Israel Lobby, in league with "Christian" Zionism - another, and
      perhaps even more sinister flavor of fundamentalism, the one that
      tipped the scales for George Dubya Bush and his pack of malicious
      lunatics, all glory bound to their deliverance at the time of the
      "Rapture." (Just imagine the surprise that's in store for them! Kind
      of like the Muslim fundamentalist "martyrs" who haven't yet gotten the
      word that "virgins" was a mistranslation of "grapes.")

      A friend of mine, who alerted me to the article on Ynet, wrote,

      Why aren't the other victims of World War II doing the same?

      Children of the starving Italians who had to live in caves, WWII?

      Children of those murdered in Dresden by the Allies

      Children of nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki

      Children of the internment camps for the Japanese in WWII? Their
      parents lost homes & businesses, ..... but, I forgot, only one group
      suffered. Let's not forget the children of the Holocaust!!!!!!! [Not
      to mention the millions of victims of the Japanese in that war, the
      Chinese of Nanking and all the others. And she might have noted that
      upwards of 40 million people died as a result of WWII, not just 3-4
      millions Jews, but the muse of History seems to suffer from selective
      memory loss. See this article for where the mythical number of 6
      million probably came from, back in 1919.]

      And I wrote back,

      And what about the 3 million or so Russian internees, facing
      certain death, sent back to the Soviet Union by the Americans, not to
      mention the nearly 1 million European Jews that both the Brits and
      Americans wanted to give sanctuary to back in the late 30's, the plan
      that was nixed by American Zionists who said, "They emigrate to Israel
      or they can go to hell," so the vast majority wound up in Auschwitz.

      Last but not least, she wrote


      How about the children of the children of the several generations
      suffering in Palestine and in exile at the loss of land, the loss of
      lives, the loss of olive groves, the loss of homes, of all the loss of
      liberty under occupation????

      When are they going into our US courts and do the same? [Whoa,
      that could start a panic - see this article.]

      Which brings us to what is perhaps the greatest irony of all, which is
      that there is precious little "Jewish" about political Zionism, as the
      Orthodox Israeli Jews called Neturei Karta have been saying from the
      beginning. From the point of view of Judaism, at least in terms of its
      spiritual content, political Zionism is an abomination before God. See
      "A Threat from Within: A Century of Jewish Opposition to Zionism", by
      Yakov M. Rabkin, for background. And see the articles on this page to
      see what the great secular Jewish thinkers and writers of the 20th
      century thought about it - people such as Albert Einstein, Sigmund
      Freud, Martin Buber, Hannah Arendt, et al - who considered the very
      idea of a "Jewish State" an abomination against reason, justice, and
      simple human decency, not to mention common sense. These people, and
      most Jews and many others at the time, entertained the notion of a
      cultural or spiritual Zionism that would "be a light unto the world."
      Such utopian notions died a sudden and total death in 1948, at the
      time of the Nakba, the Palestinian Holocaust. In the 21st Century, at
      least from my point of view, "a Jewish Zionist" is an oxymoron.

      * hasbara: Hebrew; spin, propaganda



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