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    JEWISH CASH FOR JEWISH POLICIES bob finch http:www.geocities.com/carbonomics/index.html Introduction. The jewish dominated british media constantly uses the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 9, 2007
      bob finch


      The jewish dominated british media constantly uses the
      phrase 'cash for honours' when discussing the year
      long police investigation into corruption in the
      british political system. However, it is not an
      accurate reflection of the political issue at stake.
      It's a euphemism to cover up the reality that
      wealthy jewish donors have been providing huge sums of
      money to enable the labour party to win general
      elections so that labour governments can implement
      policies favourable not merely to the jewish community
      in britain but, primarily, to the jews-only state in
      palestine (jos). In other words, a more accurate
      description of this political corruption is 'jewish
      cash for jewish policies'.

      Blair's slavish support for george bush's likudnik
      policies (e.g. the invasions of afghanistan and iraq),
      and his equally slavish acceptance of the jos's
      policies (e.g. military onslaughts against innocent
      palestinian and lebanese civilians), have been
      financed by jewish bribes. This is also the source of
      his support for the forthcoming invasion of iran
      rather than any consideration of the country's
      national interests. The british labour
      party/governments have basically been bought by
      wealthy jewish likudniks. If it wasn't for their
      donations the british labour party would be
      financially bankrupt. In america, the jewish lobby
      provides the democratic party with 60% of its funds
      (so that in return it supports extreme likudnik
      policies). The ratio for the labour party in britain
      could be even higher.

      Levy's Background.
      According to red star research, "He (levy) set up
      Magnet Records in 1972 with help from Maurice
      Oberstein, Head of CBS Records, and made millions from
      artists like Alvin Stardust, Chris Rea, Dollar, Darts
      and Bad Manners, at one point was selling 8% of all
      records in the UK. He sold Magnet to Warner Brothers
      in 1988 for £10 million and later set up another
      record company called M&G (named after himself and his
      wife Gilda), where he paid himself a salary of
      £308,657. He sold M&G in 1997. He runs a private
      company called Wireart, an investment company which
      was based in an oversea tax haven until 1997. Wireart
      paid him £160,000 (plus £50,000 expenses) for work
      as a management consultant in 1998-9 at the time he
      wasn't working. Since 1992 he has been Chairman of
      Jewish Care, one of the UK's biggest charities (he was
      asked to join by the Tory minister Lord Young),
      raising as much as £60 million." (Red Star Research

      Levy's time is spent between his homes in britain
      and the jos. According to john kampfner, levy "spends
      several months a year at his house in tel aviv ..."
      (John Kampfner New Statesman 15.4.2002 p.10-11). He
      has close relationships with politicians in both
      countries. "He also owns a villa in Herzliya Pituah,
      an exclusive suburb of Tel Aviv in Israel, which he
      bought after selling another villa nearby for #4
      million. He has acted as a fundraiser for Ehud Barak,
      the Israeli Prime Minister, and maintains a close
      relationship with him. His son Daniel worked for the
      Israeli Justice Minister Yossi Beilin, to whom Levy
      contributed campaign funds. Both his children live in
      Israel." (Red Star Research
      Levy's life and political influence in britain are
      almost duplicated by his life and influence in the
      jos. It is not known whether he is a dual passport

      Blair and Levy.
      "Lord Levy .. met Blair at a dinner party in 1994 held
      by Gideon Meir, a senior Israeli diplomat, and became
      his tennis partner. Levy was in charge of donations to
      the 'private trust' which funded Tony Blair's office
      before the 1997 election (which reached £7 million),
      and is now the chief fundraiser for the 'high value'
      donors account at the Labour Party, along with his
      deputy Amanda Delew (who worked with him at Jewish
      Care). He is reported to have raised £12 million for
      the 'high value' fund before the 1997 election,
      becoming known as 'Mr Cashpoint'. Straight after the
      election he was given a peerage. He used to work with
      Dr Henry Drucker, whose company Oxford Philanthropic
      was brought in by the Labour Party to advise on
      gaining large corporate donations, but they fell out
      over Drucker's description of Labour's 'blind trust'
      funds as 'evil' (the trusts have since all been closed
      down)." (Red Star Research

      Levy played a critical role in financing blair's
      campaign to become leader of the labour party and then
      blair's new labour campaigns to win national
      elections. "Levy was the man who made Tony Blair the
      Prime Minister of England. He found youthful Tony,
      managed his election campaign and brought him to
      power. (Levy learned a lot from Bronfman, who was
      instrumental in bringing Clinton to the White House)."

      Levy's connection with bronfman is interesting in
      that it raises the spectre of two jews who helped to
      elect three politicians in three countries -
      clinton, blair, and barak - all of whom have stoutly
      defended, and promoted, jewish racism.

      Blair's Suppression of Palestinian Sympathies within
      the Labour Party.

      So what did levy get in return for his efforts in
      grooming and financing blair to become leader of the
      labour party? There is, of course, no evidence of any
      quid pro quo but one of the first things blair did
      after he became leader was to make it transparent that
      if party members wanted a career within his party, and
      possibly in any future government, then they would
      have to suppress their sympathies for the palestinian
      cause. John kampfner provided an account of the way
      that blair, and other new labour leaders, made
      pro-semitic bigotry a critical component of new
      labour's agenda. "To define yourself as new labour,
      you had to prove your credentials as pro-business,
      anti-tax, and pro-israel," says one party official.
      "Palestinian sympathies were the preserve of the old
      left and we quite simply had to get rid of ours if we
      wanted to get on." At Blair's first party conference
      as leader, labour friends of israel assembled in a
      huge turnout for its main meeting of the week. Every
      aspiring young apparatchik felt the need to attend.
      They did then. They still do. The realignment of
      policy has infuriated older hands in the foreign
      office. It is not, the mandarins say, based on a
      detailed knowledge of the conflict, but is a hostage
      to the broader rebranding exercise that characterizes
      new labour."" (John Kampfner New Statesman 15.4.2002
      p.10-11). Almost at a stroke thousands, possibly tens
      of thousands, of politically active, idealistic young
      people looking for a career in the labour
      party/government, were compelled to suppress their
      compassion and concern for justice and become
      pro-semitic bigots in order to gain advancement in the
      party. These individuals could no longer afford to
      carefully weigh up the evidence about events in the
      middle east in order to reach an informed decision -
      they had to speak the mendacious language of jewish
      racist bigotry.

      Blair pays Homage to his Jewish Masters.
      After becoming leader of the labour party, blair won
      increasing public support for his attacks on
      corruption in the tory government. In the run up to
      the 1997 general election public opinion polls
      indicated that blair would win a landslide victory but
      blair persisted in trying to win more support, even
      from traditional labour enemies particularly rupert
      murdoch's sun newspaper, even though it was no
      longer electorally necessary. He embarked on a trip
      around the world to visit murdoch in an effort to win
      him over to the new labour cause. "However, an article
      in The Guardian on 1 July by Lance Price, former media
      advisor to the British prime minister, brought the
      topic back to mind. Price asserted that media tycoon
      Rupert Murdoch was arguably the most powerful man in
      the media world today. Murdoch, an Australian-born US
      citizen, literally owns a significant share in public
      opinion through his control of the world's largest
      media conglomerates. "I have never met Mr Murdoch, but
      at times when I worked at Downing Street he seemed
      like the 24th member of the cabinet. His voice was
      rarely heard [but, then, the same could have been said
      of many of the other 23] but his presence was always
      felt," Price wrote. Murdoch "attended many crisis
      meetings at the Home Office - the influence of the
      Murdoch press on immigration and asylum policy would
      make a fascinating PhD thesis," the author of the
      best-selling The Spin Doctor's Diary added. "There is
      no small irony in the fact that Tony Blair flew
      halfway round the world to address Mr Murdoch and his
      News International executives in the first year of his
      leadership of the Labour Party and that he's doing so
      again next month [July, 2006] in what may prove to be
      his last." Shocking as they may seem, the revelations
      of Price, a man once intimately involved in the
      workings of the British government, appear utterly
      consistent with the strengthening bond between the
      mainstream media and governments in Western
      democracies. Such a bond is equally, but especially
      visible in the United States. But the relationship
      between states and media become even the more
      dangerous when both team up - and not by accident - on
      the same ideological turf. Murdoch is a right-wing,
      pro-Israeli (widely known to be a personal friend of
      Ariel Sharon), pro-war ideologue. In 2003, every
      editorial page of his raft of 175 newspapers around
      the world touted the same pro-war mantras." (Ramzy
      Baroud "Murdoch Almighty"
      September 18, 2006).

      Jewish Cash for Levy's Ennoblement.
      After blair won the 1997 general election he started
      repaying his debts to his jewish funders. He rewarded
      levy, his chief fundraiser, by ennobling him into the
      lords. This could be seen as an example of cash for
      honours - although blair would obviously argue that
      levy deserved to be appointed to the lords because of
      his political skills and experience (sic).

      But this was far from being the end of the rewards
      that blair bestowed upon levy. If all that blair did
      was to ennoble his chief fundraiser then this form of
      political corruption could legitimately be called
      'cash for honours'. But blair also appointed levy as
      his own personal envoy in foreign affairs. "His role
      as unofficial envoy for the Middle East took him to 8
      different countries in 1999, staying in British
      Embassies, including Syria, Jordan, Oman, Qatar,
      Israel, Egypt and Lebanon (where he was accused by the
      Lebanese Government of bringing them the Israeli
      position and the British Ambassador had to issue a
      statement to try and calm the situation down). He was
      also provided with cars, drivers and staff support.
      The Embassy in Amman, Jordan, arranged a lunch for him
      to meet Jordanian politicians." (Red Star Research

      When he became prime minister, blair appointed robin
      cook as foreign secretary. Cook endeavoured to
      formulate an ethical foreign policy based around human
      rights but this immediately put him on a collision
      course with levy. Cook refused to give levy a room
      within the foreign and commonwealth office which would
      have opened up direct and immediate access to civil
      servants and the policy formulation process. He was
      able to limit levy's influence over the labour
      government's foreign policies. But, equally,
      blair's and levy's pro-semitic bigotry placed
      limits on the universal applicability of cook's
      human rights policy. "Blair made Levy is special envoy
      to the Middle East, but the Foreign Secretary, Robin
      Cook, blocked Levy's attempts to re-Zionize British
      policy. He even refused to give the freshly knighted
      Michael Levy a room with a secretary in the Foreign
      Office. It was short-sighted of Cook, who had annoyed
      Israelis on previous occasions as well. After Blair's
      re-election, Cook got the boot, and Levy was
      elevated." (foppe37

      It is arguable that blair appointed levy as his
      personal envoy because he wanted to conduct his own
      foreign policies in the middle east fearing the damage
      that could be caused by his foreign secretary and the
      bureaucrats in the fco. Basically all he was doing was
      using a trusted friend, albeit an unelected official,
      to curb the power of a political rival he did not
      trust and whose views he did not support. But it is
      also equally true that, in effect, blair was allowing
      his chief fundraiser the chance to influence the
      country's foreign policies at the expense of the
      foreign secretary who had played his democratic part
      in labour's election victory. This form of political
      corruption goes far beyond the relatively
      insignificant issue of "cash for honours". Giving
      a jewish donor the chance to influence the country's
      foreign policy is plainly an example of "jewish cash
      for jewish policies". "The role of this new labour
      fundraiser in chief, well paid consultant to retail
      chains and the prime minister's tennis partner, who
      spends several months a year at his house in tel aviv,
      is crucial in understanding tony blair's beneficent
      approach to israel." (John Kampfner New Statesman
      15.4.2002 p.10-11). In other words, even if it is true
      that blair ennobled levy because of the cash he
      funneled into the labour party, this is a minor
      political misdemeanour in comparison to giving
      financial donors political positions to influence of
      the policies of a democratically elected government.
      The seriousness of this form of political corruption,
      "jewish cash for jewish policies" can be
      appreciated by the disasters that have resulted from
      blair's pursuit of likudnik foreign policies - the
      carnage in afghanistan, palestine, iraq, and possibly
      even iran.

      Blair replaces Cook with Straw.
      After blair won his second general election he
      replaced cook as foreign secretary with jack straw. By
      this time levy's influence over britain's foreign
      policies, especially those towards the middle east,
      was substantial enough to entitle him to his own room
      and secretary in the foreign office. "Lord levy has a
      room at the foreign and commonwealth office. It is
      down the corridor from the head of the middle east and
      north africa command. The location is no coincidence.
      He has been put there as a counterweight to what some
      in downing street regard as the "arabist tendency"
      in the fco." (John Kampfner New Statesman 15.4.2002
      p.10-11). "Enter lord levy .. the one time pop
      impresario who turned alvin stardust into a household
      name. A man without ministerial rank, answerable to
      neither house of parliament, levy is now according to
      officials, given access to high level intelligence
      information about the middle east. He has been sent on
      six "official" missions on behalf of blair to israel
      and the palestinian authority." (John Kampfner New
      Statesman 15.4.2002 p.10-11).

      As it turned out, jack straw increasingly played
      second fiddle to levy. This was especially so after
      his disastrous peace mission to the middle east which
      required blair to come to his rescue after ariel
      sharon refused to meet him.

      Blair's response to the P*ny Bombings.
      After the september 2001 pentagon and new york
      bombings, blair attached himself like a limpet to
      bush's foreign policies. "This was an attack on the
      free and democratic world and this is the
      responsibility of the free and democratic world have
      got to shoulder with america. It is important
      americans know their allies stand shoulder to shoulder
      with them." (Tony Blair Mirror September 14, 2001
      p.20-21). In the run up to the bombing of afghanistan,
      blair played an important role in recognizing that the
      allies were losing the propaganda war in the moslem
      world and that to reverse this more needed to be done
      to solve the conflict in palestine. He went on
      diplomatic tours of the middle east to win over
      support for america's foreign policies. Levy
      organized blair's second tour of the middle east.
      This led one mp to ask about levy's role in the
      blair government. "Norman baker mp has been asking the
      prime minister to explain why the unaccountable lord
      levy acts as his middle east mr fixit. Tony blair has
      now responded, saying that since june, lord levy has
      made several trips "as my personal envoy" to israel,
      palestine, egypt and jordan, where he met a range of
      senior figures". Blair adds, "The purpose of those
      visits was to carry messages on my behalf to other
      leaders. Lord levy received no remuneration and
      travels at his own expense." (Mirror 26.10.2001 p.24).

      Blair's Even Handedness over Palestine.
      Blair's jewish funders reaped some considerable
      political rewards as far as his policies toward
      palestine were concerned. In the middle of april 2002,
      after the zionists had spent nearly a fortnight
      reducing large parts of palestine to rubble, jack
      straw was interviewed on television where he tried to
      cover up ariel sharon's murderous spree, "Both sides
      are showing intransigence." (Jack Straw Breakfast News
      BBC1 11.4.2002). This even-handedness between one side
      which has f16s, helicopter gunships, tanks, and a vast
      array of weaponry and, the other side which has sticks
      and stones, calls for a revision of the second world
      war. According to straw's logic when the nazis were
      slaughtering jews it would be right to say that, "Both
      sides are showing intransigence".

      During the early days of the zionists' april 2002
      reoccupation of palestine, blair kept carefully in
      line with bush's views. He did not condemn the
      invasion - as if it was quite normal for the jewish
      army to invade other countries. He didn't even say
      anything when bush, obviously under the influence of
      the likudnik world view, claimed the invasion was the
      second phase of the "war against terrorism". A few
      days later when bush demanded the jewish withdrawal
      from jenin, blair duly followed the new line. Sharon
      duly dismissed his jewish funded, piddling little

      Blair's support for a Palestinian State.
      In the autumn of 2001, blair made a major change to
      britain's foreign policy principles when he set
      aside ideas of power sharing in palestine and
      announced his support for the establishment of a
      palestinian state. This announcement was made during
      his meeting with yasser arafat. "A viable Palestinian
      state, as part of a negotiated and agreed settlement,
      which guarantees peace and security for Israel is the
      objective." (Tony Blair quoted in Derek Brown
      "Palestine is not just a state of mind" Guardian
      16.10.2001. "The end we desire is a just peace in
      which the israelis and palestinians live side by side,
      each in their own state, secure and able to prosper
      and develop." (Tony Blair quoted in the Mirror

      John pilger was not convinced about blair's
      commitment to a palestinian state. "The meeting with
      arafat was no more than a public relations exercise
      designed to placate the arab world. It served to
      disguise blair's support for the zionist project and
      his role as ariel sharon's closest ally in europe."
      (John Pilger New Statesman January 14, 2002 p.17). At
      the time this criticism seemed overly harsh but, as it
      turns out, he was right. When sharon launched his
      policy of persuading the world community to ostracize
      arafat in order to prevent any further efforts being
      made towards a peace settlement in palestine, blair
      offered no resistance and simply followed sharon’s
      orders. Pilger could see the direction in which
      blair's policies were heading from the fact that
      blair was arming the likudniks to slaughter
      palestinians. "Shortly after his election in 1997,
      blair shamelessly appointed a friend, michael levy, a
      wealthy jewish businessman who had fundraised for new
      labour, as his "special envoy" in the middle east,
      having first made him lord levy. Under blair, british
      support for israeli repression has accelerated. Last
      year alone, the government approved 91 arms export
      licenses to israel .. " (John Pilger New Statesman
      January 14, 2002 p.17).

      David triesman, general secretary of the labour party
      and a british jew, complained about a number of points
      made in pilger's article. He was particularly
      annoyed that pilger suspected lord levy's commitment
      to peace in the middle east, "Saeb erakat, the
      palestinian chief negotiator, said recently: "Lord
      levy is a friend of mine and his heart is very much in
      the peace process .. He is in favour of the
      establishment of a state of Palestine, on a negotiated
      basis, giving full security to the state of Israel." I
      never thought I would come to regard it (New
      Statesman) as anti-semitic. But i do today." (David
      Triesman New Statesman January 21, 2002 p.36). It was
      easy for blair and levy to say they supported the
      creation of a palestinian state to win support amongst
      arab governments and arab peoples but when they
      refused to condemn sharon's preposterous criticisms
      of arafat, which he made solely to sabotage peace
      efforts, their commitment was shown to be
      inconsequential. John kampfner summarized blair's
      bigotry in the following way. He .. "remained
      convinced, throughout the bloodshed of the past 18
      months, of two things: that arafat could stop
      palestinian violence if he wanted to, and that, even
      under sharon, palestinians could achieve an equitable
      solution." (John Kampfner New Statesman April 15, 2002

      Whilst touring the middle east allegedly to contribute
      towards peace in the region, blair had more or less
      committed himself to supporting bush's invasion of
      iraq which would lead not merely to the collapse of
      any peace efforts in palestine but to the prospects of
      a regional war.

      Blair appoints more Zionist Advisors on the Middle

      Blair's jewish funders received even greater
      political influence over britain's foreign policies
      when blair hired more zionist advisors to boost the
      implementation of his likudnik foreign policies. One
      of blair's personal envoys was robert cooper - a
      prime advocate of condoning jewish racism. "The
      orthodox casuistry among factotums, columnists and
      courtiers of the Washington regime is symbolised by
      Prime Minister Tony Blair's personal assistant for
      foreign affairs, ex-diplomat Robert Cooper, who writes
      openly: "We need to get used to the idea of double
      standards." (Tariq Ali - Getting used to the idea of
      double standards - The Independent, 15.9.2001).

      Another of blair's personal envoys was charles
      powell aka lord powell of bayswater, a former foreign
      policy adviser to margaret thatcher. "Blair greeted
      Powell warmly as he entered his "den" at No 10.
      "Charles, I hear you have good relations with the
      Syrians," Blair said. "I'd very much like you to go to
      Damascus and talk to President [Bashar] Assad for us."
      Others lay the blame (for the failure of the second
      middle east tour) on Powell, a surprise choice as an
      advance emissary, not least given the fact that Blair
      already has one "special envoy" to the Middle East in
      Lord Levy. Cabinet sources say the reason Levy was
      overlooked was simple - he is "too associated with
      Israel". (David Cracknell "The week it all went
      wobbly for the West" Sunday Times 4.11.2001).

      Adding weight to the jewish domination of blair's
      foreign policies was ariel sharon's former advisor,
      daniel bethlehem. "The British Foreign Office has
      appointed a controversial Israeli government adviser
      to one of its most sensitive posts as head of the
      legal department. Advice from Daniel Bethlehem QC in
      2002 to the then Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon,
      led Israel to block a UN inquiry into the battle of
      Jenin. The Israeli refusal to cooperate was widely
      condemned at the time by various human rights
      organisations. Mr Bethlehem, who was Israel's external
      legal adviser, also took the lead for the Israeli
      government at the International court of justice in
      The Hague in 2004 to defend the barrier being built
      along the West Bank. Israel lost the case." (Ewen
      MacAskill "Israel adviser switches to top FO job"
      March 7, 2006).

      Labour's Zionist Supporters.
      It needs to be emphasized that jewish donations alone
      would not have been enough in themselves to buy
      changes in blair's foreign policies. They needed
      external political support to enable them to produce
      jewish policies. They needed a jewish owned media to
      keep quiet about the corruption entailed by the
      "jewish cash for jewish policies". Just imagine
      how the jewish dominated media would have gone
      ballistic about corruption in the labour government if
      a wealthy palestinian had given blair £30 million to
      promote palestinians' human rights. Jewish donations
      also needed jewish activists within the labour party
      to help popularize likudnik ideas within the labour
      party. "Labour Friends of Israel seeks to promote a
      strong bilateral relationship between Britain and
      Israel. We work with the Government, Parliamentarians,
      advisers, and activists throughout the Labour
      movement. LFI also strengthens the bond between the
      British and Israeli Labour parties, organising
      meetings in both countries between senior figures,
      officials and the grassroots. We are fundamentally
      sympathetic to Israel's position as a liberal
      democracy facing constant security dilemmas and
      existential threats. But we are not uncritical.
      Positive engagement with all sections of the Israeli
      political spectrum is important, as is an effective
      working relationship with Palestinian representatives.
      We are friends of both an Israel, secure and at peace
      with her neighbours, and of a viable and democratic
      Palestine. (http://www.lfi.org.uk) ("See, There Is
      No Israel Lobby"
      http://www.mpacuk.org/content/view/2727/34/ September
      23 2006). Without these activists, it would have been
      much more difficult for blair to have promoted
      likudnik policies. And, finally, jewish money would
      not have been able to buy jewish policies if it
      wasn't for the fact that britain's radicals have
      refused to protest about this form of corruption. In
      turn, this silence allows the jewish dominated media
      to remain silent about this issue. It allows jewish
      activists within the labour party to continue
      promoting jewish racism. One of the main reasons for
      radicals' silence is that many of them are jews who,
      despite their radicalism, are loyal to Israel no
      matter how awful its racism and barbaric warmongering.
      The political corruption of "Jewish cash for jewish
      policies' is possible only in a society which has
      been indoctrinated into opposing all forms of racism
      whilst consenting to what is, at present, the most
      extreme and virulent form of racism around the world,
      jewish racism.

      The Quantities of Jewish Cash propping up the Labour
      Party. Over the last decade or so, wealthy jews have provided
      the labour party with huge sums of money. A number of
      figures have been quoted.

      The labour government has received £12million in
      donations from david sainsbury, another £2million in
      loans from sainsbury. Lord levy raised £32 m in loans
      to enable the labour party to fight the 1997, 2001,
      and 2005, general elections. Lord sainsbury decided to
      step down from his position within the labour
      government after the controversy erupted. "Lord
      Sainsbury resigns (November 10 2006) as science
      minister but says that his decision is for personal
      reasons and has nothing to do with the inquiry."
      ("Cash-for-honours' timeline"
      February 1, 2007).

      "Lord Levy is one of the most important fundraisers
      for the Labour Party and Tony Blair's unofficial envoy
      to the Middle East. Levy was in charge of donations
      to the 'private trust' which funded Tony Blair's
      office before the 1997 election (which reached £7
      million), and is now the chief fundraiser for the
      'high value' donors account at the Labour Party, along
      with his deputy Amanda Delew (who worked with him at
      Jewish Care). He is reported to have raised £12
      million for the 'high value' fund before the 1997
      election, becoming known as 'Mr Cashpoint'. Straight
      after the election he was given a peerage." (Red Star

      Lord Levy, the prime minister's chief personal
      fundraiser who helped arrange many of the £14m of
      loans from a dozen businessmen, is among three people
      arrested and bailed during the inquiry." (Christopher
      Adams "Police close to quizzing Blair in
      cash-for-peerages probe"
      November 9 2006).

      Blair uses Moslems as a Smokescreen to cover up the
      arrest of his Jewish Funder.
      Blair is such a cynical, devious, and unscrupulous
      politician that the day after lord levy was arrested
      for a second time, tuesday january 31, 2007, blair
      pushed the police into mounting a massive raid to
      arrest a number of moslems alleged to have been
      involved in yet another terror plot. The intention was
      clearly to try and provide a public smokescreen for
      levy's latest arrest. Blair didn't want his likudnik
      financier to be splashed all over the front pages
      because this might make the british public suspect
      that jewish donors were financing the labour
      government's likudnik foreign policies. "One of the
      nine men arrested last week in connection with an
      alleged terrorism plot in Britain has claimed the
      operation was designed to distract attention from the
      cash-for-honours inquiry. Abu Bakr and another of the
      suspects were both released yesterday, while police
      have until tomorrow to question the other seven
      detainees. However, the two men released yesterday say
      the police never mentioned any such plot during seven
      days of interrogation." ("Arrests 'designed to
      distract attention from Blair probe'"
      February 08, 2007).

      What comes Round.
      One of blair's strongest cards in the run up to
      labour's first general election success was his
      criticisms of the sleaze afflicting the tory party.
      How ironic then that blair is leaving office with this
      sleaze hanging around his neck.

      Blair's refusal to leave office is making the labour
      party more and more unpopular. It suffered heavy
      electoral losses the local elections of 2006 and even
      bigger losses are predicted for those to be held this
      year. And yet blair refuses to leave office to save
      the popularity of his party. He seems to believe that
      since he made labour popular enough to become elected
      in 1997 then he's entitled to pursue his likudnik
      agenda even if it means destroying his party's
      popularity and his country's popularity around the
      rest of the world.

      Carbonomics is a global Carbon audit of the Earth's Carbon spiral
      which can be used to determine countries' Carbon status. It can also
      be used to formulate a global Carbon budget to stabilize the Earth's
      climate. The Earth's Carbon spiral is used to develop a geocentric
      philosophy and politics - thus putting the Earth First!



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