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Israel Wants Iran Bombed Good Friday

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    Citing Russian media and AP, the Jerusalem Post is now reporting that the US will strike Iran on Good Friday between the hours of 4.00 am and 4.00 pm in a
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2007
      Citing Russian media and AP, the Jerusalem Post is now reporting that
      the US will strike Iran on Good Friday between the hours of 4.00 am
      and 4.00 pm in a coordinated series of air strikes and missile attacks
      aimed at selected strategic targets.

      Russian intelligence sources identify US forces assembled in the
      Persian Gulf armed with aircraft and missiles that could carry out the
      hard power attack. The US fleet in the Gulf includes two aircraft
      carriers: USS Eisenhower and USS Stennis with a third on the way, USS

      Russian sources describe Iran's nuclear facilities as well as the
      command and control architecture of its military as the primary
      targets of the US attack.

      Iran's detention of 15 British sailors has shifted the focus of the
      international community away from its nascent nuclear program.

      The JP article below has attracted numerous comments this morning,
      several of which came from US citizens who support Israel and are
      keenly enthusiastic about the Pentagon's plans to attack Iran.

      Due to its sympathies for the right-wing of the Israeli political
      spectrum, the Jerusalem Post is regarded as one of the most
      conservative journals published in Israel. The avowedly right-wing
      newspaper is owned by Hollinger, Inc. Due to their holdings in
      Hollinger, Conrad Black and his wife, Barbara Amiel, are frequently
      described as former owners of the Jerusalem Post, however, Black is
      now undergoing a trial in Chicago where he is accused of defrauding
      Hollinger of sixty million dollars. One ranking neoconservative with
      strong ties to the Bush White House and the Pentagon, Richard Perle,
      is a Co-Chairman of the board of Hollinger.


      'US ready to strike Iran on Good Friday'
      Apr. 1, 2007

      The United States will be ready to launch a missile attack on Iran's
      nuclear facilities as soon as early this month, perhaps "from 4 a.m.
      until 4 p.m. on April 6," according to reports in the Russian media on

      According to Russian intelligence sources, the reports said, the US
      has devised a plan to attack several targets in Iran, and an assault
      could be carried out by launching missiles from fighter jets and
      warships stationed in the Persian Gulf.

      Russian news agency RIA Novosti quoted a security official as saying,
      "Russian intelligence has information that the US Armed Forces
      stationed in the Persian Gulf have nearly completed preparations for a
      missile strike against Iranian territory."

      Iran fears strike by 'warmongers'

      The Russian Defense Ministry rejected the claims of an imminent attack
      as "myths." There was no immediate response from Washington.

      The reports come as the Iranian chief of staff, Hassan Fayrouz Abadi,
      was quoted on Saturday by Iran's Fars news agency warning leaders of
      Arab countries that Israel plans to open a "suicidal attack" on its
      neighbors this summer, to "prevent the withdrawal of the US troops
      from Iraq and the area."

      "I warn the dear leaders and Muslim brothers in the neighboring
      countries of the occupied territories that this suicidal attack of the
      Zionists is threatening them," he said.

      The countries in danger, he said, were "Lebanon and Syria, and later
      Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia."

      Also on Saturday, Russia urged Britain and Teheran to resolve the
      dispute over 15 British sailors and marines captured by Iran last
      week, a local news agency reported.

      Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Mikhail Kamynin urged the two sides
      to provide the United Nations with their own assessments as to what
      happened and where exactly the detention occurred so that the body
      could conduct an independent probe.

      "We hope these actions will provide a foundation for the soonest
      possible resolution of the crisis," Kamynin was quoted as saying by
      the Interfax news agency.

      Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad insisted that the captured
      British sailors and marines trespassed in Iranian waters and called
      world powers "arrogant" for failing to apologize, the country's
      official news agency reported.

      "The British occupier forces did trespass our waters. Our border
      guards detained them with skill and bravery. But arrogant powers,
      because of their arrogant and selfish spirit, are claiming otherwise,"
      IRNA quoted Ahmadinejad as saying during a speech in the southeastern
      city of Andinmeshk.

      The European Union grappled with a double bind over Iran Saturday -
      the country's nuclear program and its seizure of the British troops -
      and reported no progress on either issue.

      A debate about Iran's nuclear ambitions had been scheduled as a key
      agenda item but "was overshadowed to a certain extent by the issue of
      the sailors and marines," German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter
      Steinmeier said after hosting a two-day EU foreign ministers meeting
      in Bremen, Germany.

      The Foreign Ministry in Iran dismissed the EU's "biased and
      meddlesome" comments on the captured troops, saying the dispute solely
      involved the governments of Iran and Britain.

      Speaking to reporters in Bremen, British Foreign Secretary Margaret
      Beckett urged Iran to resolve the crisis over the military personnel
      peacefully, saying London remains open to dialogue.

      "We encourage Iran to peacefully resolve this issue," she said.

      "We continue to express our willingness to engage in dialogue and
      discussions with Iran," she added. "That is very much in the best
      interest of our people and that is our foremost concern."

      "I think everyone regrets that this position has arisen," she said.
      "What we want is a way out of it."


      Iran Revisited
      Samm Simpson

      February 21, 2007 -- "The Color of Paradise" is a masterpiece made in
      1999 by Iranian director Majid Majidi, who takes us on a journey
      through Iran's towering mountain ranges and flowering fields through
      the eyes of young Mohammed, a blind eight-year old boy whose wisdom,
      passion and natural sensitivity far surpass the vacant emotional
      sensibilities of his father, who languishes in shame of his son.

      Revisiting this profound film, entranced by the extraordinary beauty
      of the country and it's people, I, too, languished in shame as I
      pondered those majestic countrysides potentially destroyed by a U.S.
      President determined to continue his administrations' imperialistic
      mayhem against Iran.

      The choice of Navy Admiral William Fallon as head of Central Command,
      the positioning of two naval battle groups, extra Patriot missiles and
      minesweepers now awaiting orders in the Straits of Hormuz, the
      ratcheting up of U.S. attacks, both verbally and deadly, highlighting
      so-called "evidence" of Iran supplied weapons and so much more, the
      unthinkable seems to be taking shape. Ahmed al-Jar Allah, the Kuwait
      based Arab Times' Editor-in-chief suggests that the air strike on Iran
      may take place before April 2007. Ewan Macaskill, writing in The
      Guardian, concurs.

      On October 7, 2002, President Bush gave a speech in Cincinnati about
      Iraq entitled "Iraq - Denial and Deception." Six months before "Shock
      and Awe", President Bush said the following:

      "First, some ask why Iraq is different from other countries or regimes
      that also have terrible weapons. While there are many dangers in the
      world, the threat from Iraq stands alone -- because it gathers the
      most serious dangers of our age in one place . . . " Note: What he
      didn't mention were the two real reasons: geopolitical positioning and
      Texas crude.

      "The evidence indicates that Iraq is reconstituting its nuclear
      weapons program. Saddam Hussein has held numerous meetings with Iraqi
      nuclear scientists, a group he calls his "nuclear mujahideen" -- his
      nuclear holy warriors. Satellite photographs reveal that Iraq is
      rebuilding facilities at sites that have been part of its nuclear
      program in the past. Iraq has attempted to purchase high-strength
      aluminum tubes and other equipment needed for gas centrifuges, which
      are used to enrich uranium for nuclear weapons."

      "Knowing these realities, America must not ignore the threat gathering
      against us. Facing clear evidence of peril, we cannot wait for the
      final proof -- the smoking gun -- that could come in the form of a
      mushroom cloud."

      Lies then. Lies now.

      I pray an attack upon Iran does not happen, no matter how long the
      neo-conservatives have been salivating or the Likud party has been
      posturing or the Christian Right has been waiting.

      Tim Rinne of Nebraskans for Peace has written an article that
      describes U.S Strategic Air Command -or StratCom - near Omaha, as
      having prepared for an Iranian offensive since November of 2003.

      And targets have been revealed.

      But it hasn't happened . . . yet. Let's do everything within our might
      to stop it. Mobilize your friends and family. Ask them to demand their
      Congressperson to support H.R. 770 a bill that will "prohibit the use
      of funds to carry out any covert action for the purpose of causing
      regime change in Iran or to carry out any military action against Iran
      in the absence of an imminent threat, in accordance with international
      law and constitutional and statutory requirements for congressional
      authorization." Join the protest in Washington on March 17th, or form
      your own - tomorrow.

      In 2005, a National Intelligence Estimate reported that Iran was ten
      years away from having a nuclear weapon. The Washington Post article
      by Dafna Linzer states;

      "The new estimate extends the timeline, judging that Iran will be
      unlikely to produce a sufficient quantity of highly enriched uranium,
      the key ingredient for an atomic weapon, before "early to mid-next
      decade," according to four sources familiar with that finding. The
      sources said the shift, based on a better understanding of Iran's
      technical limitations, puts the timeline closer to 2015 and in line
      with recently revised British and Israeli figures."

      Today's U.S. nuclear arsenal consists of at least 10,000 nuclear
      weapons. Iraq had none. Iran has none.

      This is not a war on terror. It is a tragedy of errors. And it must
      stop - for our children's sake, and for the children of Iran - like
      precious Mohammad and his sisters in The Color of Paradise.



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