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It’s Spring!

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    It s Spring! By Israel Shamir www.israelshamir.net Spring has come to our Northern retreat: The snow has melted and uncovered meadows that somehow managed to
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      It's Spring!
      By Israel Shamir

      Spring has come to our Northern retreat: The snow has melted and
      uncovered meadows that somehow managed to stay pale-green; thick ice
      on the lake has broken up and crawled up on the shore like so many
      white crocodiles; now a warm wind blows and the sun shines as if it
      means business. The Spring has come to conclude the gorgeous winter:
      our soul needs darkness as well as light, and here at latitude 60°N, a
      snowball-throw from the Arctic Circle, where I am spending a few
      months far away from the relentless Mediterranean sunshine, darkness
      has been provided in heaps as generous as the mounds of ice cream in a
      child's dream. God knows, I have longed for darkness and seclusion --
      for cold, dark low skies, with plenty of prickly stars -- for
      snow-bound fields and snow-embroidered pines -- for low-lying sun, for
      the laze of late mornings, for short days and long evenings, for live
      fire in the fireplace, for skates on the ice and skis on the slope --
      and it has been given in full. And now radiance pours into our world,
      promising the resurrection of Light from Light, Lumen de Lumine, Φώς
      εκ φωτός.

      This is the time for good news. In London, Palestinian Solidarity
      dismissed a motion by Jewish activists to ban Deir Yassin Remembered,
      the most dynamic and non-apologetic of Palestinophile bodies, because
      of (among other sins) their association with me. On Saturday March
      10th at the Palestine Solidarity Campaign Annual General Meeting, two
      motions were proposed by Tony Greenstein and Roland Rance, both
      extremely long and explicit, demanding from friends of Palestine that
      they make the "fight against antisemitism and Holocaust denial" their
      main agenda. Chutzpah is an understatement for such impudence. These
      guys are so dishonest that I was not at all astonished when Greenstein
      was outed as a credit card fraudster. Greenstein had besmirched DYR,
      DYR Chairman Prof Dan McGowan, the British Director of DYR, Paul
      Eisen and our friend Gilad Atzmon in the Guardian in a piece called
      The seamy side of solidarity, and had attacked me in a long text
      called Anti-Semitism is no response to Zionism. They tried to stop
      DYR, though DYR provides scholarships to Palestinian children, brings
      awareness to masses and commemorates Palestinian struggle and
      suffering. They were answered by Paul Eisen, Ramzy Baroud and Gilad.

      Both motions were voted down by an astounding absolute majority - 95%,
      reported Mary Rizzo's blog. The British friends of Palestine decided
      in favor of freedom of thought and in favor of pluralism, and rejected
      the Procrustean bed of narrow social analysis forced by the Jewish
      activists. If accepted, the motion would have delegitimized not only
      Gilad or Paul Eisen or myself, but Michael Neumann and Jimmy Carter
      and Walt and Mearsheimer as well. Anybody referring to the Israel
      Lobby would have been deemed an antisemite and banned. It would have
      made obligatory belief in the Jewish antizionist myth of creation:
      only Imperialism is guilty, while Jewish Lobby is an invention of
      antisemites, a view beautifully deconstructed by M. Ahmad.
      Preoccupation with holocaust would have become a duty for any friend
      of Palestine. But those who wish Palestine to be free, want to be free
      themselves: free to read, write and say whatever is their wont. And so
      to protect this sweet freedom they rejected the Jewish diktat.

      This is a small thing compared to the wonders of nature, or even
      compared with some major fights people have elsewhere; but do not
      pooh-pooh it -- this was an important battle and a great victory,
      albeit on our turf. As Churchill once said, it is not the beginning
      of the end, but it is the end of beginning. For many long years,
      they've gotten whatever they wanted. Right-wing Jews attacked Ken
      Livingstone and Jimmy Carter for their "antisemitism," while
      left-wing Jews attacked my friends and me for the same reason and with
      the same viciousness. One could not mouth the word "Jew" without
      worshipful admiration and still retain one's place in society.

      Scared by this onslaught, timid allies would opt out, partake in the
      ostracism themselves, stop answering letters, join in condemnation.
      Websites, let alone printed media, wouldn't publish my essays,
      conference organizers would disinvite. Like the leather-coated
      Commissars of the dreaded Cheka, Jewish activists would barge into any
      discussion enforcing their one and only true discourse, and folks
      would stand at attention. Only the strongest in spirit, the most
      determined and the most freedom-loving withstood their swarm assault.
      Is the London vote a harbinger of change? Could it be that the long
      winter of our discontent is finally over?

      It is possible, for this is the prevailing wind from the East. Despite
      its own wonderful civilization and creature comforts, the West has
      always taken its better and more profound ideas from the East, be it
      Christianity from Palestine or Socialism from Russia. And now Russia
      offers Volya, unlimited and untranslatable Russian freedom, as its
      antidote to the war on liberties otherwise known as the "war on
      terror." Russia is unbelievably free, or rather full of volya: one may
      smoke in a restaurant or in a pub, one does not have to brace a
      seatbelt, even parking is free if available. More importantly, one may
      say and write and publish practically anything at all. Beside all the
      freedoms available in the West, Russians may be gays or sneer at gays,
      bewail the holocaust or regret it was over too soon, be feminists or
      bait them, love Israel or call for its speedy dissolution. Yes, every
      liberal and Jewish-owned newspaper in the West bemoans the lack of
      freedom in Russia under the `bloody KGB dictator Putin' (or in
      Venezuela under the bloody dictator Chavez, or in Cuba under the
      bloody dictator Castro – whoever they do not like is always a bloody
      dictator, isn't he?), but Russians are free from political
      correctness and Jew-worship, that annoying features of the post-war West.

      Recently a group of Russian writers visited Israel and met there with
      their readers: there are more than a million Russian-speaking
      Israelis. The readers did not beat around the bush and demanded from
      the authors that they swear allegiance to the ruling ideology:
      condemn Iran, glorify Israel, this fortress of democracy in the Middle
      East, denounce the Russian supply of weapons to Arabs, and slam
      Russian antisemitism. Jews usually feel like creditors, and easily
      come up with demands.

      A Western visitor would deliver the goods, though he would probably
      complain to his spouse afterwards. Denial of omnipresent and eternal
      antisemitism is not better than denial of the holocaust. But Russia is
      free, and when readers asked the Russian writer Maria Arbatova to tell
      them how she suffers from antisemitism and how dreadful life in Russia
      is under Putin's dictatorship, she demurred.

      Forget it, she said. Moscow today is like the Paris of the 1960s: we
      have more events in a day than you have in a month. Today, glorious
      Moscow is a world center. As for you, we are tired of you, and the
      Arabs are tired of you and of your demands. This failed Western
      project has outlived its usefulness. If my children were to even think
      of moving to Israel, I'd tell them: over my dead body! Russia never
      had antisemitism. I never experienced it in the whole of my fifty
      years of life. You say Jews could not find a job? It happened once to
      my Jewish mother that she was rejected, but she immediately found
      another, better job by using her family connections.

      This was the answer a prominent Russian liberal writer gave to the
      Israeli readers. Far from being a Russian nationalist, the leading
      feminist writer Maria Arbatova's grandfather was an important Jewish
      leader, and her great-grandfather was a founder of the Zionist
      movement in Tsarist Russia. But her reply was universal and
      paradigmatic. In the West, Tony Jutt and Harold Pinter could say that
      -- maybe Philip Weiss. Others are still scared. But the words that the
      German bishops mouthed and then repented can be easily said in free
      Russia, by descendents of Jews, or by anybody. The mystic charm of
      Jews has worn off in Russia, where Political Correctness is unheard
      of, and where the churches are full and people bless each other with
      "Christ is Risen". Instead of scaring and offending Jews, as
      American multicultural theory would have it, so many of my Moscow
      friends consider themselves `just Russians' despite having a Jewish
      parent or two, and with an intermarriage rate of about 80% Russian
      Jewry is a thing of the past. Many of them had been misled by Zionist
      propaganda, but they had enough time to recognise it and regret their

      Israel did much to disabuse them: Even very wealthy Russian Jews found
      themselves less than welcome in their "historical homeland": The
      oligarch Gusinsky is under police investigation, and whenever he comes
      from his Spanish home he is taken straight to police HQ; one of the
      richest Russian Jews, Gaidamak, had his bank account sequestered.
      Less prominent Russians were mistreated and exploited by established
      Israeli old-timers and their progeny, just as exiles from Morocco were
      mistreated and exploited some forty years ago. Hardly any of them
      carved out a career worth mentioning. The eternal war proposed and
      advanced by Israeli leaders has little appeal for them; Hizbullah
      missiles taught them that Israel is not immune and invulnerable
      anymore, and a forthcoming Israeli offensive against Syria or Iran may
      cause many casualties among Israeli civilians. Corrupt even by Middle
      Eastern standards, prejudiced to the point of jaundice, Israel is
      probably the least attractive place for the upward-mobile and dynamic.

      As the result, tens of thousands of Russian Israelis trek back to
      Russia and find their real country and their real home there in their
      native land. The Zionist idea had romantic appeal, but such things do
      not last. In the 1970s, I met in Tanzania with some American Blacks
      who moved to Africa on a wave of romantic search for their roots. The
      experience rarely lasted more than five years tops. During that time,
      they came to recognise that they are Americans for better or for
      worse, while Africans are organized into many nations and tribes, none
      of which they could fit into. You can't "come back" after two
      hundred, let alone two thousand, years.

      Russian scientist Dan Axelrod from St Petersburg told me of his
      Israeli relatives who would dearly love to return to that city and buy
      back the apartments they sold some ten years ago, in Yeltsin's days.
      The only thing that stops them is the sad fact that these apartments'
      value has increased tenfold since then. Axelrod has no worries of
      this sort: this son of Jewish parents is a regular church-goer,
      observes strict Orthodox Lent, is married to a Russian woman, baptised
      their children and loves his country Russia. It seems Russia has found
      an answer to the Jewish Question: neither by German fury nor American
      submission, but through assimilation in Christian love. This Russian
      model is the only one that can work, and it will eventually work in
      Palestine, too.

      This is an additional reason why Putin's Russia is much hated and much
      denigrated in the official zionist-controlled Western mainstream, and
      this is why she is loved by friends of Palestine. A Swedish friend of
      mine and of Palestine, Stefan L., wrote to me: "You're absolutely
      right about Putin. That he is a hostage of the oligarchs is one thing,
      but when he for one reason or another speaks the truth - we love him,
      the little rat-faced spy with a Kalashnikov accent. And every time we
      are reminded of Yeltsin's existence we swear him eternal loyalty."



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