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Mark Green: Zionist Skullduggery

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    Zionist Skullduggery - Nation-Building And Resource Manipulation By Mark Green 2-19-7 http://www.rense.com/general75/zzion.htm A 60 MINUTES segment which aired
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2007
      Zionist Skullduggery - Nation-Building And Resource Manipulation
      By Mark Green

      A 60 MINUTES segment which aired Sunday (2/18/07) revealed that Iraq
      is indeed disintegrating as a nation. But according to host Bob
      Simon, this isn't altogether unreasonable or, for that matter, even
      unfortunate. Indeed, despite stated claims by the Bush Administration
      that a "unified Iraq" remains America's objective, events there are
      serving up unexpected developments with unforeseen consequences.
      This latest political surprise however doesn't involve the
      once-powerful Sunnis, various insurgents, or even the now-ascendant
      Shiites. In this instance, even US forces are safely "not targeted".
      So what's so important if no one's even getting killed?

      With little fanfare, Kurdish separatists are successfully establishing
      a state of their own within Iraq. And US forces are doing little to
      stop them. But why?

      Though Arabs comprise the vast majority of that county's
      population--and nearly all of its war causalities--the small and
      relatively isolated (non-Arab) Kurdish population in Northern Iraq is
      initiating bold political changes which may prove irreversible.

      The Kurds of Iraq, explained Simon, are the world's "largest nation
      without a country". Simon lends subtle support to the idea that an
      irredentist "ethic minority" (Kurds) deserve their own separate nation
      which, like Israel, is poised to spring suddenly into being out of a
      battered nation of extremist Arabs. Significantly, the new nation of
      'Kurdistan' would not only be oil-rich but they would be strongly
      aligned with the Jewish state--from whom they already receive
      significant covert aid. The declaration of an independent 'Kurdistan'
      might not only exacerbate Iraq's civil war but, in the long run,
      advance Israeli hegemony. Both scenarios however pose substantial
      challenges to attaining regional stability.

      But there's more to this story than even the possibility of a
      pro-Zionist entity emerging from the ashes of what was formerly a
      unified, Arab-ruled country. Though 'Kurdistan' is by no means a
      recognized political fact, they are taking bold steps to become one,
      and they may plan to follow the Israeli strategy in achieving
      statehood. The tactics include: 1) affirm an existential urgency for
      ethnic self-determination and nationhood, 2) grab the land, build
      walls, and ethnically cleanse (as needed), 3) with the help of
      organized Jewry, employ highly-placed operatives in NY-LA-Washington
      to sway the ruling elites, 4) declare this select act of ethnic-based
      nation-building a vital mission to the advancement of political
      freedom and basic human rights, and 5) soak American taxpayers for
      financial aid, military assistance, and diplomatic cover.

      Does this seem far-fetched? Perhaps. But it worked for Israel.
      Indeed, a major part of the 'Kurdistan' story which was basically
      ignored by '60 MINUTES' is how the Jewish State will benefit
      enormously by the creation of a brand new, ardently pro-Zionist, and
      oil-rich ally operating right inside of what's now Northern Iraq.

      Also ignored by '60 MINUTES' was any reference to the clever
      machinations of Jewish globalists whose devious ingenuity is allowing
      this political transformation to mature, even as the rest of Iraq
      falls into ruins.

      Indeed, while Baghdad burns, there's an economic boom, observes Simon
      on '60 MINUTES', going on right now inside Iraq's Kurdish region. But
      where is all the money coming from? And why is America allowing the
      de facto establishment of an illegal ethno-state to grow in Iraq as
      our military campaign throughout that nation fails? '60 MINUTES'
      never says.

      But if 'Kurdistan' does come into being, the clear winner (aside from
      Kurdish nationalists) will surely be Israel. Could such a feat be
      pulled off? With savvy assistance from enormously wealthy and
      uniquely well-connected individuals and institutions in New York, Tel
      Aviv and Washington, political miracles do happen, even unsavory ones.
      It should be remembered however that before the US invasion of Iraq,
      the Kurdish region there was famously poor and relatively
      underdeveloped. Now, 'Kurdistan' is a boom-town. Curiously, though
      the Kurds are Muslim, they and the Jews of Israel are like two peas in
      ethnically-pure pods. With unnoticed irony, the Kurds, like their
      mentors the Israelis, are determined to align themselves with the
      multi-ethnic and multi-religious United States in hopes of reaping a
      political windfall. The exclusivist ethnic underpinnings of these two
      national entities however inadvertently mock America's commitment to
      racial and religious neutrality.

      Kirkuk-to-Haifa Pipeline: Reason For War?

      The provocative movement behind 'Kurdistan' independence, and the
      mysterious Israeli factor within it, have forced some to re-examine a
      theory I once dismissed as "nutty", namely, that the US invasion of
      Iraq was done in part so that Israel could reopen a long-ago severed
      pipeline from Kurdish Iraq to the Jewish State. Could this be another
      piece in the puzzle of why the US was brought needlessly into a second
      Iraq War? It's possible.

      Certainly this Iraq War is devoted in no small way to advancing
      Israeli interests, even if oil concerns remain a factor behind the
      American invasion. Whenever there's Israeli involvement however, the
      'oil motive' becomes more complex than popularly imagined. Bush's
      Iraq War may be less about securing oil for American corporations than
      for the politically-connected, but resource-poor, Israelis.

      Indeed, though the US war on Iraq has been a disaster for nearly
      everyone, the Israelis have benefited in three distinct ways: 1)
      Iraq's threat to Israel was ended by America's toppling of Saddam
      Hussein and our destruction of his country's military capabilities, 2)
      America's invasion diverted world attention from Israel's subjugation
      of Palestine and its assault on their democratically-elected
      government, and 3) Establishing a pro-Israel country in Iraq could
      serve as a vital bulwark against regional Anti-Zionism and provide
      Israel with much-needed oil.

      According to the story below, Israel will surely gain if the dormant
      pipeline between Kirkuk (Iraq) and Haifa (Israel) is re-opened. For
      more on the explosive 'oil to Israel' story, see:




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