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Nicholas von Hoffman: To "Win" the War

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    To Win the War, Tax America s Rich Nicholas von Hoffman 2/5/2007
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2007
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      To "Win" the War, Tax America's Rich
      Nicholas von Hoffman

      In Iraq and in America, frustration turns to anger and despair.

      In America, the frustration grows even among those least engaged in
      what is going on. The years pass and nothing changes but the numbers
      of the dead and wounded. They may not know that they are still being
      lied to, but they see George Bush doing the Trudge and recognize it
      for what it is.

      The Trudge is the trip abroad where our officials meet the same
      officials in the same rooms and walk out of them to make the same
      statements they made the last time and the time before the last and
      the time before that. The Trudge to China, the Trudge to Israel, the
      Trudge to Egypt, to Iraq, to Afghanistan—all to no avail. One Trudge
      merges into the next. In her most recent Trudge, Condi Rice announced
      to a less-than-breathlessly-awaiting world that "I came here to
      Ramallah, as I am going around the Middle East, to say to everyone
      that the United States is deeply committed to finding ways to
      accelerate progress on the road map. The road map, after all, is the
      internationally recognized guide to the establishment of a two-state
      solution, and we should fulfill all of its terms.

      "I am also here to talk about how we can build on the momentum that is
      currently in Palestinian-Israeli relations, to look at the political
      horizon and to begin to show to the Palestinian people how we might
      move toward the establishment of a Palestinian state …. "

      These words came a few days after the United States let it be known
      that it is shipping $88 million worth of guns and ammunition to Fatah,
      the moderate (or obedient) Palestinian political party, to be used to
      fight Hamas, the extremist (or disobedient) Palestinian political
      party, which was unruly enough to win the last election in that sad
      half-prison/half-Bantustan containing some 3.5 million people.

      Fatah was the party of Yasir Arafat, who, while he lived, was
      denounced as too corrupt and too dictatorial to be a negotiating
      partner. Hamas, now denounced as a collection of Islamo-fascist
      fanatics, was once the recipient of money from the Israelis, who built
      it up to cancel out Fatah. What Mr. Bush and Ms. Rice are doing in
      Palestine is the equal of an Iraqi government hanging. Ponder it: Here
      are these millions of Palestinians, literally walled in and trapped on
      what little land has yet to be stolen from them, with the United
      States government shipping in guns so they can kill each other while
      withholding, via the agency of Israel, everything from food to
      schoolbooks. And all because the cursed Palestinians voted the Fatah
      crooks out of office in favor of overly pious Hamas.

      The line of Trudgers arriving in Iraq is a long one. The place is so
      dangerous that most Trudgers' arrivals must be kept secret until they
      have been safely stored in the Green Zone, that palace of
      foreign-policy pipe dreams. Outside the Green Zone, the blood flows.
      The United Nations guesses that 34,000 Iraqis died in the non-civil
      war last year. Each body contained about a gallon and a half of blood.
      When spilled, does that cumulatively constitute a trickle, a stream or
      a river?

      However fast it runs, there is nothing we can do to staunch it. The
      President says that keeping up the flow on Blood River is the way to
      win. The commentators say he's doing it for his legacy. We say goddamn
      his legacy, but the blood continues to flow as the Trudgers keep on

      Talk is heard of trying to apply a tourniquet by impeaching Bush. If
      it proved to be impossible to successfully impeach and remove a
      President from office for having out-of-wedlock sex, what chance is
      there of doing it for spilling blood?



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