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Iraqi Women Face Execution Tomorrow Mar 3

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    Dear friends, Below is disturbing information we received from Iraq. The execution of three Iraqi women: Wassan, Zainab and Liqa, without a fair trial, is
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2007
      Dear friends,

      Below is disturbing information we received from Iraq. The execution
      of three Iraqi women: Wassan, Zainab and Liqa, without a fair trial,
      is expected to take place on March 3.

      This is the signal of the opening of an era of "legal" executions in
      Iraq. It is a horrible proof that the illegal executions of Saddam
      Hussein and other Baath leaders were not "isolated" or "exceptional"
      incidents, but that they laid the groundwork for employment by the
      Iraqi ruling clique of "judicially sanctioned" executions as a
      legitimate "measure" against those who oppose their puppet regime and
      the illegal US occupation.

      We believe it is vitally important to protest and take action, to
      compel the Iraqi authorities to revoke this sentence. Do appeal to
      relevant institutions and ask them to intervene to stop this.

      Let us all raise our voices. NOW !!

      Abdul Ilah Al Bayaty, Member BRussells Tribunal advisory committee.

      Ayse Berktay, World Tribunal on Iraq organiser.

      Dirk Adriaensens, Member BRussells Tribunal executive committee.

      Hana Al Bayaty, Member BRussells Tribunal executive committee.

      The Supreme Iraqi Criminal Court sentenced the death by hanging of
      three women, on charges of complicity in the murder of Iraqi police
      loyal to the occupation in Baghdad and participation in what the Court
      considered Terrorism.

      News from a source in the Iraqi Lawyers Union :

      The three women are:

      - Wassan Talib (31 years old). The charge is killing five police
      officers through the participation with gunmen in an attack on police.

      - Zainab Fadhil (25 years). The charge is attacking a joint patrol of
      the Iraqi army and the the American army last September with her
      husband and Her cousin in Baghdad.

      - Liqa Omar Muhammad (26 years old). The charge is the participation
      with her husband and her brother in the killing of an official from
      the Green Zone.

      Walid Hayali, lawyer and member of The Iraqi Lawyers Union, said the
      Court issued a ruling against the three women under item 156, without
      allowing them to engage counsel from a lawyer.

      The lawyer asks the whole world to move to stop the execution of the
      three women and to Condemn the Court's ruling.

      He points out that Liqa Omar Muhammad gave birth to her daughter in
      prison a few months ago and is still nursing the child, and

      Wassan Talib has a three-year-old daughter. He explained that the
      three women are now in "Kazimiah prison" in the Kazimiyah region.

      The execution is scheduled for 3 March and the trial was not revised
      in appeal as there was no lawyer to ask for this.


      From: Ian Douglas

      We hope all endorse, distribute widely, organize and act. Please reply
      to hanaalbayaty @ gmail.com

      Hanging the womb of Iraq
      Stop the executions!
      14 February 2007
      Statement by Hana Albayaty, Ian Douglas, Abdul Ilah Albayaty, Iman
      Saadoon, Dirk Adriaensens and Ayse Berktay

      Wassan Talib, 31 years old, Zainab Fadhil, 25 years old, and 'Liqa
      Omar Muhammad, 26 years old, face imminent execution in Iraq, all
      charged with "offences against the public welfare" by a government
      that cannot even provide electricity but fills the streets with dead
      bodies. All are in Baghdad's Al-Kadhimiya Prison. Two have small
      children beside them. The 1-year-old daughter of Liqa was born in
      prison. All women deny the charges for which they face hanging.

      Paragraph 156 of the Iraqi Penal Code, under which they were judged,
      reads: "Any person who wilfully commits an act with intent to violate
      the 'independence of the country or its unity or the security of its
      territory and that act by its nature,' leads to such violation is
      punishable by death." Iraq's "puppet" government charges these women
      with its own crimes.

      None of the three women was permitted to see a lawyer. The trials to
      which they were subject are illegal under international law. All three
      are prisoners of war with protected rights under the Third Geneva
      Convention. Their execution would not only be illegal and summary, it
      would be utterly immoral. Civilization around the world reviles the
      death penalty while Iraq's feudal leaders make a public spectacle of

      In a country where it is evident there is no state or judicial system,
      the occupation and its puppet government use, as all repressive
      regimes in history, fake tribunals to exterminate those who oppose
      them. No legal judgement can be issued while there isn't the civilised
      conditions of due process, at least the presence and security of lawyers.

      Iraqi women are testament to the life of the nation of Iraq. By
      contrast, the US-installed government, in its backwardness, imposes
      only a culture of death. Whereas Iraq was the most progressive state
      in the region for women's rights, with the US invasion protective
      legislation was cancelled. The United States and its local
      conspirators, in creating hundreds of thousands of widows and reducing
      life in Iraq to a struggle for bare survival, have placed women in the
      crosshairs and now on the gallows.

      Women are always the first and last victims of war. We celebrate the
      numberless acts of resistance of Iraqi women, whether their resilience
      in the face of a culture of rape, torture and murder by US and Iraqi
      forces, their fortitude in continuing to give life amid
      state-sponsored genocide, their dignity as they try to maintain a
      semblance of normality for their children and families, their courage
      in burying their husbands, sons, daughters or brothers, or in direct
      action against an illegal and failed military occupation.

      We demand the release of Wassan, Zainab and Liqa and all political
      prisoners in Iraq. We call upon all persons, organisations,
      parliaments, workers, syndicates and states to withdraw recognition
      from this pro-occupation, sectarian Iraqi government. We call for
      immediate protest in front of every Iraqi embassy worldwide. There is
      no honour in murdering women. Occupation is the highest form of
      dictatorship. It is not these three women who should be prosecuted; it
      is this government and its foreign paymaster.

      Hana Albayaty
      Ian Douglas
      Abdul Ilah Albayaty
      Iman Saadoon
      Dirk Adriaensens
      Ayse Berktay


      Statement by Abdul Ilah Albayaty
      11 February 2007

      Wassan Talib, 31 years old, Zainab Fadhil, 25 years old, and Liqa Omar
      Mohammed, 26 years old, accused of belonging to and participating in
      the Iraqi resistance, summarily judged in a simulacra of a trial, in
      the absence of lawyers, will be executed 3 March 2007 in Baghdad.

      Lawyers, persuaded that your very presence is the guarantee of justice
      Syndicates and workers who celebrate the international feast of 1 May
      in memory of the American workers judged on false accusations

      Religious of all religions who carry in you the suffering of Christ,
      crucified after a false trial

      Marxists revolted by the false trials fabricated by powers like the
      one of Rosa Luxembourg

      Militants conscious that this could happen to you whatever is your cause

      Defenders of human rights, in particular the right to fair trial

      Women who give life and of whom the flesh shakes in front of the
      atrocity of such executions

      Arabs, proud and in solidarity with the sacrifices of the Iraqi people
      against the barbarity of the occupation and its puppet government

      Civilised beings, human beings who refuse the so-called "legal"
      murders perpetrated by states

      ALL, let's unite ourselves, raise our voices to scream our
      indignation, refuse the horrors and the regression of our
      civilisation, and prevent the assassinations of Wassan, Zainab and Liqa.

      Abdul Ilah Albayaty



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