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Lessons from Recent History

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  • ummyakoub
    Lessons from Recent History Whilst conspiracy theories often are in the realms of fantasy, there is a malignancy in anything that America and the Western
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2003
      Lessons from Recent History

      Whilst conspiracy theories often are in the realms of fantasy, there
      is a malignancy in anything that America and the Western nations
      touches. Below we discuss Western culpability in Bosnia, Kosovo and
      Iraq. It should be American and Western leaders who should be in the
      Dock alongside their dispensable protégés like Sadam and Milosevic.

      The greatest feat of the US and its cronies was the defeat of the
      Soviets. This was done not with cloak and dagger work but through
      playing to the vanities, ambitions and delusions of leaders at the
      Kremlin. First, Gorbachev was relentlessly pursued and his weaknesses
      exploited. He was toasted and feted and it was his vanity that
      brought the Soviet system crashing. Wounded in Afghanistan, the
      Russian bear was licking its wounds when Uncle Sam pounced.

      Together with Margaret Thatcher Gorbachev was out manoeuvred as the
      Western Media hyped him up to the extent that even Mikhail believed
      in the Media campaign. Thatcher declared, Gorbachev was a man her
      government could do business with. That is a kiss of death to anyone
      conferred this status!

      To complete Russian humiliation, the alcoholic taciturn Yeltsin gave
      the coup de grace to the Russian bear shot right between the eyes.
      Today Putin is given the role of the errand boy playing 'Cow boys n'
      Indians' in his backyard in Chechnya and doing all asked of him by
      Uncle Sam. The rest is history.

      So, having outsmarted the cold war warrior, like the Uthmanian
      Khaliphate before it, it was left to carve up the Soviets ready to be
      apportioned and devoured at the victorious capitalist West's dinner
      table. One thorn was the matter of Yugoslavia, the sole remaining if
      nominal Socialist state.

      During the heyday of the Communist era Tito did a balancing act
      between the West and Russian dominated Soviet by polar power game.
      With the collapse of the Soviet system under Gorbachev and its
      carving up under Yeltsin, the planning began to remove this thorny
      remnant the rump of socialist Yugoslavia that could give focus to the
      socialist cause.

      In Slobodan Milosevic they had the perfect target. During the 1960's
      and 1970's the West had established contact with discontent in
      Yugoslavia in the anti communist Muslims of the Yugoslav Federation
      and Ali Izetbeg was groomed by the US through the House of Saud to
      rally the Muslims under his leadership. Just as Lech Walesa was made
      the focus of the Solidarity Movement in Poland, knowing the
      bitterness in relations of Yugoslav Muslims and the Christian
      Catholic Croats and Orthodox Serbs, Izetbeg was centre stage in the
      strategy to foment cession of Bosnia from the Yugoslav state.

      Ali Izetbeg was given aid and help and his book between East and West
      was published outside Yugoslavia by Saudi funding in the process to
      wind up this remaining socialist state. Predictably, the Yugoslavs
      responded as expected by clamping down on the Muslim dissidents in
      the only way they knew how which was repression.

      Under Milosevic they had a 'gift' of a man who war ruthless and after
      the annexation of Kosovo the West meddled in Yugoslavia using Muslims
      as the lever for its destruction. Like Saddam, who was given the
      green light to invade Kuwait, Ali Izetbeg was given the impression of
      Western backing for an independent Muslim majority Bosnian State. He
      was offered promises of economic aid and political backing in bad
      faith unlike that given to other states in the regions of the former
      Soviets like Estonia Latvia during the same period.

      Izetbeg was so convinced that he set in motion the collapse of the
      Yugoslavia Federation and the genocide that followed from this.
      Looking back, Uncle Sam was ecstatic in the strategy in which the
      former was a mere marionette in America's games.

      Izetbeg declared that he was confident that Bosnia would gain
      independence and that his Bosnian Serb and Croat brothers would
      accept and work to build a future Muslim majority nation. Whilst
      Izetbeg was fed on a diet of lies, false promises and deceit, the
      Croats and Serbs within Bosnia were also given hopes of their own
      statehood. Knowing full well the historic animosities of all the
      Yugoslav ethnic groupings it was a deliberate recipe for disaster.

      As the blood letting began, the US far from assisting the Bosnian
      Muslim Majority, it incited the Serbs and roused them to
      nationalistic fervour. In this, Milosevic was a useful tool. From a
      hard left Communist, Slobodan turned with the wind and became the
      convert to Serb nationalism. All the while the US was whispering
      sweet nothings in the Muslim leadership in Bosnia, they were fanning
      the flames. Slobodan took the bait of a freehand against the Muslims
      in both Bosnia and Kosovo. Like Saddam in his ambitions to annex
      Kuwait, Slobodan was allowed to do his worst, and was expected to pay
      the American 'Devil' his due with interest. He is now on trial!

      The West turned a blind eye to the excesses of the Croats and Serbs,
      and, Tudjman of the Croats and Slobodan began a process of Genocide
      against the Muslims. Both ardent Nationalists worked out a scheme of
      absorbing Bosnia into the respective Serbia and Croatian states. All
      the while the Muslims were run rings around them through diplomats
      like David Own who had no sympathy with the Muslim cause and actually
      worked behind the scenes with the Tudjman/Milosevic project.

      At its worst, the West imposed an arms embargo, ostensibly on both
      sides when in reality the Serb dominated Yugoslav army was supplying
      the Bosnian Serbs led by Karadzic. The Croats were also receiving
      arms secretly from Europe. Thus effectively, the West allowed,
      sanctioned and even initiated the Genocide as recent revelations
      prove. The Muslims were left and even asked to lay down to have
      their throats cut by both Serbs and Croats at the behest of the West.

      Srebrenica only happened when the UN openly allowed the slaughter of
      some 20,000 Muslims and the small UN contingent was asked to carry
      the can. What was the reason for all this?

      The Muslims were used to initiate a process of the dissolution of
      Yugoslavia and once the process was set in motion, the West allowed
      the Serbs and Croats their way in the slaughter of the innocents. The
      last thing the West wanted was a Muslim majority state, let alone
      allow a potential of an Islamic state within Europe. It suited the
      West to cobble a tripartite state that was finally allowed to emerge
      in Bosnia with a decimated Muslim community. Towards the end of the
      debacle the West was worried at the successes on the battle field in
      which the Muslim Mujahideen took part. Fearing this, the West imposed
      the condition on the Bosnians of the repatriation of these Mujahideen
      who may have posed a threat and the emergence of an Islamic state in
      Europe in Bosnia.

      As the recent Iraq occupation proves if proof was needed that the
      West and the US in particular are adept at long term planning. Let us
      not forget, like Milosevic, Saddam was given the WMD, allowed to use
      such weapons against Iran and the Kurds and was encouraged to be
      ruthless with opposition to his regime. Yet, now Saddam and his
      henchmen will have to pay for American hand in supplying, promoting
      and giving Saddam all the assets to use and to commit genocide. The
      blood is on Western and American hands yet they portray themselves as
      squeaky clean in both Bosnia and Iraq. So we get breast beating by
      the West as mass graves are uncovered in Iraq and in Bosnia and
      Kosovo and elsewhere. There atrocities were known to the West,
      encouraged and allowed to occur by them yet its pathetic agents and
      instruments of Western Machiavellian policy who are made as the

      Like the old fashion Colonialism of Britain, America is the paramount
      Imperialist in Iraq. We will see another Shah of Iraq just as we have
      seen the Shah in Iran and Afghanistan to name a few Muslim nation
      states (Not forgetting Shahs of the House of Saud whose throne is a
      bit shaky as the Americans are looking for a replacement. The Saudis
      are getting cocky like Saddam, and they don't take kindly to that.
      There are already some applicants for the upcoming vacancy on the
      Saudi throne, but beware it comes with the noose as the job can be

      Having seen this strategy applied from Panama to the Philippines, one
      wonders how Muslims have not yet cottoned on to the mischief
      perpetrated against Muslims and other societies around the world. The
      Europeans perfected this strategy before America took up the
      Imperialist baton from them.

      The West does not take kindly to failure to serve their interests by
      a protégé. The penalty is death or disgrace. Even the Afghans have
      learnt this bitter truth whether the Mujahideen or the Taliban, and
      now Hamid Karzai the much touted Shah of Afghanistan.

      S. M.

      CDLR (The Committee for the Defence of Legitimate Rights)

      B M Box: CDLR, London, WC1N 3XX, United Kingdom




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