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Robert Leverant: Numbers

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    Numbers What Is Going To Happen To The Palestinians? Robert Leverant Today (4/20/03) I received an e-mail from Gush Shalom: Subject: [GushShalom] Surrealistic
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2003
      What Is Going To Happen To The Palestinians?
      Robert Leverant

      Today (4/20/03) I received an e-mail from Gush Shalom:

      "Subject: [GushShalom] Surrealistic but all too real - Avnery on
      price of war

      [Uri Avnery analyses the eroded sensitivity of the Israeli state
      system noticeable even inside Israel proper. He could have added
      another surrealistic but all too real example. In Ha'aretz, April 18,
      appeared a short item: 'Firms win tender to fly out illegal aliens.
      Three tour companies won the tender issued by the Immigration Police
      for arranging flights to deport illegal aliens - Eshet Tours, Graber
      Tours and Ophir Tours. The main destinations will be Romania, Turkey,
      China, India, Ukraine, Thailand, and Nigeria. The number of aliens
      being expelled per year is estimated at 15,000-20,000. (Zohar

      "More information on this in itself hair-raising subject in today's
      Ha'aretz Hebrew (Click Here)]"

      Surrealistic? ... "hair-raising"

      The Ha'aretz article is a cornucopia of the surreal.
      Which "surrealistic"?

      The neutral valence of the squib? Whose brevity and matter-of-fact
      tone, are similar to Nazi staff memos that describe government
      contracts to businesses like I.G. Farben and IBM.

      Or is the "surrealistic" the normalcy of having a Jewish government
      in a symbiotic relationship with private businesses that profit from
      and participate in crimes against humanity? ... which, as in Nazi
      Germany, are apparently legal in Israel ... but not legal under
      international law.

      Or the use of the word "alien"? (Palestinians from outer space?) ...
      a further dehumanization in the vocabulary used to describe the
      indigenous and cultured Palestinian peoples. (The numeric system that
      Israel uses is Arabic!)

      Over the last three years, as reported in Ha'aretz, other denigrating
      names have been used in public and political discourse: "squatters"
      (infers "illegal"), "terrorists", "lice", "cancer", and "vermin". The
      last three were used by the German Nazis to describe the Jews.

      Or does "surrealistic" refer to the unspoken key? that this is the
      much-discussed (in Israel) last stage of the peace process.[1] Or
      that the numbers don't add up to sufficiently solve "The Problem"?

      10 (yrs to 2013) x 20,000/yr) = (only) 200,000 ("illegal squatters"
      a.k.a Israeli Arabs, legal citizens deported)

      Already 20% of Israelis are Arabs. By 2010, 2015 the percentage will
      be 30-40%. And this doesn't take into account the 1.5 million plus in
      the West Bank and Gaza. In 20 years Palestinian Arabs will form a
      majority in Israel and it will be like the situation in South Africa
      in the 1980's, where a small white minority ruled a large black

      This alone will force the situation to change. It can be done for few
      years or so but not more than 10. And, according to Boutros Boutros-
      Ghali, former head of the U.N., whose arithmetic this is, the
      Israelis will have to end their Apartheid and cede power.[2]

      In the mid-Eighties Meir Kahane, the racist Rabbi now seen by many
      Orthodox Jews in Israel as a Tzadak (a righteous man), said the same
      about the numbers but proposed a different solution. "They are a
      disease and going to overpopulate us and we need to get rid of them --
      surgically remove them -- once and for all."[3]

      Isn't this what Hitler proclaimed? It was for everyone's good that he
      was wiping out foreign and impure peoples.[4]

      Or is it "surrealistic" in a déjà vu with a twist of lemon way.

      Hitler first tried expulsion. Unsuccessful, he and his Neocons came
      up with the next solution, the second solution: the Final Solution.

      Do you get it? The "hair-raising": the announcement may be a signal
      to the Israeli public, that this is the beginning of the end for the
      Palestinians. ... the beginning of their Final Solution.

      Is this too "surrealistic"? a word that bypasses the paranoid turn
      off, because it is reality based.

      In the last two years in the Israeli press this extraordinarily
      disturbing term from The Holocaust -- The Final Solution -- has often
      been used in conjunction with the term "the expulsion" of the

      By means of this repeated association, linkage is created
      between "expulsion" and "Final Solution" in the minds of both
      Israelis and Palestinians.

      This linkage is an induction in the collective consciousness in which
      genocide is normalized in Israel and made acceptable, as it was in
      Nazi Germany.

      Upping the ante in racism, terror, and violence towards indigenous
      peoples, whose land and resources are being stolen, is the historical
      pattern of an occupying power.[5]

      The last stage of this incremental progression is genocide, where the
      unthinkable becomes thinkable; becomes a logical hence rational move,
      rather than seen as psychotic and hence ruled out, by the oppressors.

      Three keynotes of a policy of genocide are: it is accompanied by a
      colonial government that has swung to the extreme right; the
      government, civilian or not, is ruled by the military with little
      public input or influence;[6] government policies are influenced by
      the demands of religious fundamentalists with whom the rulers have a
      symbiotic alliance.

      These three keynotes describe the current structure of the Israeli
      government (whose elected leader is a known war criminal).

      The world perception of Israel is that it is a secular and democratic
      state. In reality Israel is undemocratic[7] and racist.[8]

      It could be no other way than this, because the purpose and
      foundation of the state of Israel is ordained by a divine
      commandment: to reclaim the original lands of Judea and restore the
      ancient kingdom to its original boundaries of some 7500 years ago.[9]

      This divine commandment requires that the settlements continue[10]
      and be given the top priority in government policies and funding
      because of the notion of return.

      Thus this divine commandment ipso facto rules out a peaceful solution
      ( a one or two-state solution) short of the elimination of all Arabs,
      whether of Christian, Muslim or secular persuasion.

      So, dear reader, how will the rest of the Palestinians and Arabs be
      eliminated from Israel?

      Did anyone believe the Ovens were true... until afterwards?

      Can you believe this?

      For several years Israel has been doing medical experiments on
      tortured Palestinian prisoners to discover a virus to genetically
      attack and kill Palestinians, yet not kill Jews who share a the same
      genetic profile.[15]

      Is it too "surrealistic", meaning incredulous to the point of being
      ridiculous, to think that Jews, after what they went through in the
      Nazi Holocaust -- including medical experiments on Jews by the Nazis -
      - would actually do this to another race?

      Why is the Israeli government undertaking these experiments then?

      For a science fair project?

      Is it "surrealistic" because many Jews (some survivors and those
      whose parents and relatives were in and sometimes died in the Camps)
      know that genocide is what is in store for the Palestinians.

      And that some may secretly and not secretly want a replay where the
      Jews get to be on the top, the dominant partner, in the
      sadomasochistic relationship called colonialism ... that ends in
      murder and genocide?

      Or does "surrealistic" refer to the fact that after the Holocaust the
      Jews asked the international community for laws to protect human
      beings from state and individual terrorism. And an international
      court to punish any government and any and all individuals who
      regularly and intentionally commit crimes against humanity.

      I am writing this article, because, on the bottom line, the numbers
      don't add up.

      The numbers don't add up.

      What is going to happen to the Palestinians?

      It was said of the German Nazis that with one hand they executed and
      with the other they wrote poetry. With one face they daily
      slaughtered, starved, beat, murdered, and tortured innocent women,
      men, and children. And with the other face they came home to their
      nice houses where they loved their wives and children and saw
      themselves as "good" fathers and people.

      The same is true of the Israeli Nazis called the IDF who are and have
      been murdering, raping, repressing, torturing, stealing, destroying,
      bombing, starving, assassinating, collectively punishing, bulldozing,
      and terrorizing Palestinians on a daily basis for fifty-five years
      now. And many of their forebears the same before the founding of the

      And all the while raising children, going about their lives, and
      seeing themselves and presenting themselves to the world as good and
      ethical people.

      In psychology this process is called "splitting".[12]

      The origin of splitting is understood as originating in personal and
      collective trauma. Trauma so severe and so repeated that, in order to
      survive, the psyche completely disassociates from being present in
      awareness to the emotional life during the traumatic experience(s).

      Later the trauma, e.g. the Holocaust, may end but the process of
      splitting does not end. It has its own periodicity and is easily
      triggered by a stressor, an event, which stimulates the original
      trauma and the attendant emotions of the trauma.

      For instance, when a suicide bomber strikes and blows up a bus or a
      cafe, an Israeli is thrown back in the terror of The Holocaust where
      anything can happen and one is not safe. This is PTSD -- Post
      Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

      And each time this happens the trust in Never Again, one of the
      promises of living in Israel in safety from Other, is damaged and
      threatened at one's core.

      Under these circumstances there can be, in the absence of awareness,
      an acting out of one's core trauma on the Palestinians and Arabs; as
      the result of amnesia, depersonalization and identity confusion which
      are three keynotes of severe disassociation called "splitting".

      This process is illustrated in an event that happened in mid-April of
      2002 when Yaffa Yarkoni, the venerable "Singer of The Wars" sees,
      i.e., becomes aware, of what happened to Palestinian males during a
      sweep by the IDF of Palestinian towns.

      "Instead of offering her traditional encouragement to the troops,"
      she bitterly criticized the troops, the government and Prime Minister
      Ariel Sharon in an anguished tirade that shocked her interviewer and
      enraged many Israelis.

      "When I saw the Palestinians with their hands tied behind their
      backs, young men, I said, 'It is like what they did to us in the
      Holocaust'," Yarkoni said. "We are a people who have been through the
      Holocaust. How are we capable of doing these things?"

      "Her words were deemed so offensive that the union representing the
      nation's performing artists called off a planned tribute to Yarkoni
      that had been in the works for two years. The head of the union said
      it was forced to make the move after members of the public flooded
      its offices with complaints and returned tickets purchased for the
      event, and after sponsors canceled their financial support.

      "Government ministers denounced Yarkoni. The town of Kfar Yona
      canceled her performance at a Memorial Day event to honor Israeli
      soldiers who have fallen in battle. Youth movements declared a
      boycott of her music. The septuagenarian received so many hate calls,
      her daughter said, that she is now too frightened to appear in

      The surrealistic pillow that contemporary Jews rest their psyches on
      is The Holocaust. Its strange music causes moral amnesia in the
      hearts and minds of Jews in Israel and the world over.[16]


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