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Israel Kidnaps Children at Midnight

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    Israeli forces take 12 year old and 14 year old brothers from their home for midnight interrogation by Ali Samoudi, PNN Monday, 01 January 2007 PNN
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2007
      Israeli forces take 12 year old and 14 year old brothers from their
      home for midnight interrogation

      by Ali Samoudi, PNN
      Monday, 01 January 2007

      For over four hours in the middle of the night Israeli forces
      interrogated two young boys in the northern West Bank town of
      Qabatiya. The intention was to investigate, interrogate, and pressure
      the boys into revealing the movements of "wanted" Palestinians in the
      Jenin District town, as reported to PNN by their family.

      Israeli forces besieged the southern Jenin home of Ahmed Mahmoud Saleh
      Al Shayeb. They detained the 13 member family in the rain and cold.
      Two children, 14 year old Nur and 12 year old Mahdi, were taken.

      Israeli forces put them in a military vehicle and drove them outside
      of Qabatiya. For four hours the family was detained and terrified
      wondering what was happening to the children.

      Upon return the child Mahdi explained that he and his brother were
      taken to a military camp and held in the rain sometimes and other
      times were taken inside. He said that several intelligence officers
      questioned them for telephone numbers and the the movements of the
      "wanted" in the town. The soldiers were angry and shouting, 12 year
      old Mahdi described. "They said we had sinned by giving assistance to
      the 'wanted.' They said that they had been watching each and every one
      of us. They said we would be in the Salem Military Camp and then spend
      a very hard life in prison."

      Fourteen year old Nur said, "My brother and I were in the rain for
      about three hours and inside for one, and being interrogated the whole
      time. The intelligence men used all sorts of pressure, terrorism
      against us, and hurt our hands. They were trying to pressure us at
      every moment and told us that this is part of the suffering that we
      will face unless we admit something. The punishment that followed was
      to be held in the rain and they said it would get much worse, that we
      would face much harsher penalties."

      The waiting family was also terrorized. Mahmoud Shayeb said, "The
      soldiers made us leave, all of us including the women with the
      children, and to stand in the rain. My father asked to be able to sit
      down and upon being rejected, he sat down on the ground anyway. The
      soldiers attacked him and threatened to continue beating him. They
      climbed atop our house and opened fire in the direction of my brother
      who is deaf and mute. He did not understand the words and instructions
      that the soldiers were screaming so they started to shoot over his
      head. If my brother Mohammad had not run in the middle to grab him, he
      would be dead."

      Mahmoud was already suffering. Israeli forces had shot him during an
      earlier incursion into Qabatiya and he was trying to hide his
      injuries. He had bullet wounds in his throat, chest and back. "These
      were some of the cruelest moments of my life, but I had no choice
      other than to exhibit stamina and patience until the end of the process."

      The Al Shayeb family reported that 30 Israeli soldiers raided the
      home, "wreaking havoc, tearing apart personal belongings and smashing
      what they could find. They tore up the furniture."

      Mahmoud said, "They accused the family of aiding the so-called wanted
      and said that our punishments would become much more severe than this."



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