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SaddamHussein: martyr for peace

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    Saddam played the pivotal role in Middle East peace efforts – and this must come to light. Hussein martyred for peace activism Dave Kersting
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2007
      Saddam played the pivotal role in Middle East peace efforts – and this
      must come to light.

      Hussein martyred for peace activism
      Dave Kersting

      For eight decades, Israel and its international Jewish constituency
      steadfastly murdered all opposition to an officially
      Jewish-Supremacist definition for Israel-Palestine – starting even
      before the `47-'48 ethnic-cleansing and advancing through countless
      massacres and several wars of aggression against all Israel's
      neighboring states. The flaming racism of the campaign was sweetly
      denied by all who gain from Jewish advantage in Palestine, but the
      subjugation of the bordering states finally allowed the root of the
      conflict – the openly racist ethnic-cleansing and perpetuation of
      ethnic-cleansing – the denial of non-Jewish Palestinian return – to
      clearly emerge from the false "complexities of the Arab-Israeli
      Conflict, with its inevitable Arab-refugee problems."

      Genuine peace activists (we very few who have, for decades, spoken out
      against our tax-support for Israel's open racism) knew all along that
      the core issue of forcing a Jewish state into a multi-ethnic region
      would ultimately come to light and the entire conflict would show
      itself as the simple violent-state-racism it is – with all its
      inevitable spin-off smashing of regional opposition to racist
      invasion. So we held a high hope that the "anti-war" and "progressive"
      world would eventually be forced to take a clear position against
      racism and for peace. This moment came with the First Intifada: the
      first time the Conflict was seen to boil down to its basic element –
      between the vast Zionist military and the innocent Palestinian
      civilian victims of past, ongoing, and future Jewish supremacy.

      Yet, for us, the First Intifada was mainly a discovery of just how
      morally comatose the "peace movement" and "progressives" really are,
      because no one seemed to notice, even as Israel's then-surprising
      policy of live ammunition against stone-throwing children was reported
      in mainstream media, along with films of Israeli soldiers breaking
      children's arms. Still, the revolting nature of Zionism did reach
      global media, and just when attention was at a peak, Saddam Hussein
      made his move on Kuwait.

      Perhaps the most significant and downplayed bit of history in recent
      decades is the fact that Hussein repeatedly offered to leave Kuwait in
      peace, his only condition being international peace-talks about
      Palestine. This point absolutely must be understood, if one is to
      comprehend the current situation, the role of Zionism in regional
      conflict, and the grotesque festival-minded failures of the "peace
      movement" – failures which could be corrected if recognized. The point
      is, the First Gulf War was a war, not to liberate Kuwait and certainly
      not to steal some oil, but a war to punish Iraq for forcing the Jewish
      State into peace talks about Palestine.

      The "Coalition" depended on the support of defeated Arab nations and
      puppet Arab governments, but the populations of those countries
      naturally would not tolerate any support for a war to prevent peace
      talks about Zionist ethnic invasion; they were so adamant about this
      as to seriously threaten the stability of any government that ignored
      them. So all the Arab members of "the Coalition" had to agree to
      demand peace talks about Palestine directly after Iraq was decimated
      for the crime of instigating them.

      Those paying a bit of attention to this sequence were therefore
      disgusted to see hundreds of thousands of "peace activists" suddenly
      rising from their long comas and pouring out of the woodwork, all
      excited about the promised "anti-war" festivals, and officiously
      shouting the brutal "No Blood for Oil" slogan. Right. They had never
      given a hoot about financing the slaughter of Arabs, but now that
      Israel's enemy was not a bordering state, US troops would be required,
      and God forbid that our innocent working-class "Blood" should be shed
      for the "Oil" profits of the capitalists! It was like a prom with
      nostalgic 1930s-socialist décor. Israel was mentioned only when
      speakers praised the crowds for refraining from "Israel-bashing."

      The real peace effort, instigated by Saddam Hussein – for which Iraq
      would be subjected to an extreme Holocaust for the next ten years –
      was actively ignored and erased by the Zionist US "peace movement."
      Yet peace talks did stumble along, utterly hopeless of course, since
      no Iraqi voice would be tolerated – first in Madrid and then on to
      Oslo and oblivion. The futility of that effort was assured by the
      total disregard of progressives and peaceniks worldwide – who all went
      back to the sit-coms as soon as "our boys" started coming home.

      The "social justice" social-clubs burbled along for the next ten years
      with their quiet opposition to the murderous sanctions against Iraq,
      still avoiding the one argument that could convince the greatest
      number of ordinary Americans – the sanctions' "linkage" with
      openly-declared Israeli racism in Palestine. In this case, ordinary
      opposition to racism would be too "radical" a position because it
      would "divide the movement." That is, it would divide out the
      controlling Zionists and allow the birth of a genuine anti-war movement.

      So Oslo finally breathed its last in Summer 2000, and on September 28
      International Zionism sent "the Butcher" to the Al-Aqsa Mosque to kick
      off the long-awaited final takeover of Palestine and regional
      elimination of all remaining anti-Zionist voices: the neo-con plan.
      For the next three-and-a-half months, Israel's international
      supporters murdered a total of 84 Palestinian children, in their own
      neighborhoods and schoolyards, before the first suicide-bombing and
      killing of an Israeli child by a Palestinian renegade – virtually all
      reported in mainstream headlines – and all financed by Americans. Yet
      the regular social justice club meetings continued to offer speeches
      against the Iraq sanctions, without any mention of the racist
      juggernaut sweeping through the West Bank and Gaza Strip, despite
      daily headlines about it.

      Amid this silent approval, the next phase was inevitable, starting a
      full year later with 9/11 and renewed talk of sending US troops to
      take the Zionist slaughter beyond Israel's immediate reach – first to
      Afghanistan. The peace movement dutifully pretended that "the war" had
      not been going on all along in Palestine but was only about to begin.
      And why Afghanistan? Because that's were Osama bin Laden was. And what
      did Osama bin Laden say? He said it was all about Palestine. Again a
      "peace movement" came pouring out of nowhere. Did it mention
      Palestine? Of course not. That was still ignorantly dismissed as a
      "difficult issue" which would "divide the movement."

      If Palestine came up, the sequence of thinking ran like this: a
      "two-state solution" is the only "realistic" peace option, because it
      would please the many long-standing "activists" who "can't let go of
      the idea of a Jewish state." And since "two-state" is a patently
      racist solution, we are supposed to keep quiet about racism, rather
      than take a "radical" and "divisive" position. The fact that a clear
      anti-racist argument would appeal best to ordinary Americans could not
      be allowed because it would "disrupt" the meetings by inciting some of
      the Jewish leaders and members to shout obscenities. A viable anti-war
      position was prevented, as protests asked ordinary people, not to
      oppose racism, but to hate politicians and corporations. The anti-war
      argument, neutered to avoid disturbing the racist juggernaut in
      Palestine, obviously could not offer serious opposition to the rest of
      the Zionist program: the wars against the insubordinate anti-Zionist
      populations of Afghanistan and Iraq. Indeed, preventing serious
      opposition to expanded Middle East conflict was the real purpose of
      the Zionist neutering of the anti-war argument.

      Whatever crimes Saddam Hussein committed – as probably required for
      his and Iraq's survival against Zionism – he certainly was not
      murdered for those reasons. He was martyred for his role as a foremost
      proponent of peace and human equality in the Middle East and the world.


      The Spectacle of the Noose
      Gilad Atzmon
      Sunday, December 31, 2006

      Indeed we live in a global village, in a sealed monolithic ghetto in
      which medieval pornographic images of barbarism travel around the
      world at the speed of light for our consumption. Looped images of
      executed Saddam have been looping for a day or so on every news
      network. We are supposed to be cheered by the victory of `justice'
      nevertheless we all know that whatever has been performed in front of
      our eyes is nothing but banal retribution. We are well aware that it
      has nothing to do with Justice. Not only was the trial a farce, if
      there are persons who should be locked behind bars, they should be the
      perpetrators of the war. We are now learning as well that we had
      better admit that we had been deluded and misled by the notion of
      liberal democracy; a modern Western political precept that originally
      portrayed itself as a great promise. We have been clearly dragged into
      some very dark era that will be remembered as a global manifestation,
      a unique form of evil far beyond banality.

      While Saddam is on the verge of becoming a martyr, his executors, Bush
      and Blair, have already secured their place in the premiere league of
      war criminals. It resembles very much the case of the Inquisition, it
      is once again the executer who is there to be stained in the eyes of
      future generations. Blair and Bush, the men who lied to their people,
      the men who started an illegal war, the men who are, according to the
      Geneva Conventions, liable for a genocide in Iraq on a grandiose
      scale, have eventually decided to bin the notion of justice as well.
      Considering their other crimes, taking into account: 650,000 dead
      Iraqis, the total support of Israeli destruction in Lebanon, assisting
      the Zionist crimes in Palestine, killing justice is indeed just
      another minor sin.

      But Bush and Blair are not alone. Like the medieval crowd who
      assembled in town centres to stare at the angel of death, like the
      Jerusalemite who gathered along Via Dolorosa to spit on Jesus on his
      final march, we all gather together around our TV screens. We were
      sitting to watch how `liberated Iraq' performs Anglo-American
      `justice'. Seemingly, when it comes to the issue of the human
      condition, two thousand years are no doubt a very short time. Humans
      are still rather enthusiastic about the consumption of bloody images
      of vengeance.

      The question that is left open is, how did it happen to us? Not that
      long ago we all foolishly wanted to believe that humanity may have
      learned its lesson and was transformed into something else, that evil
      belongs to our past. How did we let these messengers of retribution
      take over?

      Recently I have come across the words of Leo Strauss, the ideological
      founder of the Neoconservative school of thought. The intellectual
      mentor for those who claim to know what America's new century should
      look like:

      I was myself… a political Zionist in my youth, and was a member of a
      Zionist organisation. In this capacity, I occasionally met Jabotinsky,
      the leader of the revisionists. "He asked me what are you doing?" I
      said "Well, we read the Bible, we study Jewish history, Zionist
      theory, and, of course, we keep abreast of developments, and so on" He
      (Jabotinsky) replied "and Rifle practise?" and I had to say "No." (Leo

      It didn't take Strauss long to grow out of his relatively non-violent
      beliefs. It was the reading of Carl Schmitt, the post WWI right wing
      German political scientist who made Strauss into an overt opponent of
      liberal cosmopolitan ideology. For Schmitt, "the political meant,
      above all, that peoples are pitted against one another in a condition
      of war or readiness for a war [1]" Very much like Jabotinsky, Schmitt
      and Hitler, for Strauss the essence of political life comes into play
      within a conflict rather than within a liberal pacifist environment in
      which `art' and `entertainment' are flourishing.

      While the academic debate of whether Jabotinsky's ideology took ground
      in Israeli politics is still raging, it is rather apparent that
      Zionist right wing ultra militant philosophy that is not different
      from German romantic, anti-enlightenment confrontational worldview,
      has deeply taken root, not to say invaded, the current American
      administration and its surrounding lobbies.

      While Strauss was merely an academic, though a proponent of some
      hardcore hawkish Zionist ideologies, his followers happen to be those
      who design American foreign policy. It is slightly embarrassing to
      admit that: `cultural clash', the emerging hatred towards Islam and
      the Anglo-American current phase of expansionism are all ideologically
      rooted in German right wing nationalist ideology that was carried to
      America by the overt militant Zionist Leo Strauss.

      Indeed, we live in a global village, in a sealed monolithic ghetto in
      which medieval pornographic images of barbarism travel around the
      world at the speed of light. The only way out of this vicious loop of
      zeal is to de-Zionise our universe, to disengage from global Zionism
      and we better do just that with no delay.

      [1] Reading Leo Strauss, Steven B Smith, Chicago Pg, 61


      The Black Bull Died Today
      Mirza Yawar Baig - yawarbaig @ gmail.com
      http://tinyurl. com/ygfsau

      So I was wrong. They did it. They gave this Ummah a sacrifice on the
      day of Eid ul Adha. What an unforgettable Eid!! A human sacrifice. Not
      a sheep or goat. What a message!! Wow!! What a powerful message that I
      am sure has shaken all the thrones of the puppets who are watching the
      events. Poor puppets!!

      Saddam Hussain, they say, is dead. Hanged today about 40 minutes ago.
      The news reporting below is one good example of the pimp press in full
      swing. I have copied one line from there to show you why I call it the
      pimp press.

      If anyone who is not suffering from amnesia can recall, 'Weapons of
      Mass Destruction' was a phrase coined by American foreign policy
      experts to lie to their own nation and the world and justify their
      invasion of Iraq. Then their lie was exposed but by then their
      objective of looting Iraq's oil had also been accomplished. They had
      control of the oil fields. And in the process a few hundred thousand
      Iraqis died at the hands of Americans; well that is inevitable -
      collateral damage. As they say Weapons of Mass Deception - which of
      course the pimp press is responsible for and continues to perpetrate
      on the world.

      Saddam's weapons of mass destruction proved a bluff to keep the
      Iranians, the Syrians, the Israelis — and the Americans — at bay. The
      Sept. 11 terror attack on the U.S. focused attention on Saddam as a
      sponsor of terrorism. His refusal to meet U.N. demands for full
      disclosure of his illegal weapons program provided a justification for

      As I said in an earlier post, death is not the "item" in the news. It
      is the death of the myth of American justice and freedom. So now we
      can all breathe freely as we see the true nature of the animal before
      us. Even those who continued to insist on living in doubt can deny it
      no longer. But watch out!! This news item and a million like it,
      floating on the net or shouting themselves hoarse on the TV are all
      focused on trying to make you and me distracted from the reality of
      what we are seeing here. So they talk about how brutal Saddam was and
      how many people he killed and how he 'started' the Iraq-Iran war.

      The issue of course is none of those things. If these were in fact
      issues, then we would see Bush and all his cronies and most of their
      puppets sitting on thrones in their gilded prisons, swinging from the
      gallows long before Saddam came anywhere near them. The issue is
      America's right to invade a sovereign nation. Any country's right to
      invade and occupy another sovereign nation and loot its wealth. That
      is the issue.

      Are we, the people of the world saying that it is the right of America
      or anyone with the power to do so, to take by force what they want
      from whoever they want? Are we, the people of the world, saying that
      it is the right of the rapist to rape? Are we, the people of the
      world, saying that it is the right of the bandit or the highway robber
      to hold you up and take from you what he wishes by force?

      Because in my opinion, by remaining silent, that is exactly what we
      will be saying. You decide what you want to do. I have already made my
      decision as you can see. The pimp press and all those who it serves
      want you and me to forget these issues. And they believe that if they
      make enough noise, we will.

      Remember O People! The name of the animal is Empire. And you and I
      have a choice. Sell your soul and bow your head in submission to the
      King. Or raise your head and it will be cut off. It's as simple as
      that. Freedom is as it will be defined for you. Justice is as will be
      given to you. Democracy is as is approved for you.

      If you elect Hamas as your party of choice, that is not democracy. It
      will be sabotaged and ever willing pimps will be put in the place of
      the people you really wanted. If you have any sense you will see the
      writing on the wall and next time around you will elect Abbas. If not
      the Empire has unlimited power, money and people to enforce its will.
      All that will happen is that a 100 of you will die for every American
      soldier who comes to enforce the will of the Empire. That is a price
      that the Empire can and will extract. After all it did not get to
      where it is today by being made of sugar candy, did it?

      Resources are for those who can take them and use them. Where they
      happen to be located is immaterial. Their owners are still the same.
      Those who come in the way because they happen to be located physically
      on those resources have a choice; move away quietly and maybe you will
      even be paid something. If not, you will be moved by force...not
      sideways...but 6 feet below. Now even the dumbest in the world should
      be able to understand that, no??

      But no!! There are those who are dumber than the dumb.

      · They are those who believe in their right to determine how they will
      live, by what code.
      · They are those who believe that it is their right to live by their
      laws in their lands without apology to anyone.
      · They are those who believe in their right to choose who will lead them.
      · They are those who believe that foreigners can't dictate to them,
      who they should elect to their councils.
      · They are those who believe in their right to use what they own, to
      sell it to who they want, in whatever currency they choose to sell and
      at whatever price.
      · They are those who believe that it is the right of the owner of a
      property to decide to sell or not and at what price.
      · They believe that the buyer can't dictate those terms to them.
      · They are those who believe that all humans are equal irrespective of
      race, color or religion.
      · They believe that a lack of melanin in the skin is not a sign of
      human superiority just as a surfeit of it is not.
      · They believe that if this life is to be lived, then it must be lived
      with honor.
      · They believe that a death with honor is far more preferable than a
      life without honor.
      · They believe that enslavement is in the mind. And that until they
      accept in their minds and hearts that they are slaves, they cannot be
      enslaved. And such people will never be enslaved. No matter how many
      they kill.

      What they don't understand is that every head that is cut off to
      terrorize only strengthens the resolve that injustice must be removed
      from the face of the earth. And whatever price is to be paid, is worth
      the result. The plant of justice is fertilized by the blood of
      martyrs. As I write this post I am reminded of the Arabic legend of
      the White Bull: At Thawr il Abyadh

      Once upon a time three bulls lived in the forest. One white, one brown
      and one black. They were brothers and lived together in harmony. In
      that forest also lived a tiger who had his eye on the bulls. But every
      time he attacked one of them the others came to his aid and together
      they drove the tiger away.

      The tiger decided that he needed to change his strategy. So one day
      when the Black Bull was away, he went to the other two and said,

      "You know, the Black Bull is black and dirty and evil. Why do you keep
      him with you? His is a disgrace to you. You are beautiful and noble.
      If the Black Bull is no longer there, you will have all the grazing to
      yourself. He takes away your food and adds no value to you." The two
      bulls listened to the tiger's spiel and said, "Well, you know, he is
      our brother. What can we do?"

      "You need not do anything at all," said the tiger. "I am your friend.
      I will do what needs to be done. Just don't come to the aid of the
      Black Bull when he calls you." The others agreed.

      The next day, they heard the voice of the Black Bull calling for help
      in anguish and fear. They listened to him and went back to their
      grazing. Gradually the calls stopped. The two brothers could not look
      each other in the eye but then, nice green grass wipes away memories
      and after a little while it was as if the Black Bull never existed.

      Then one day the tiger came to the White Bull when he was alone and
      said, "So are you happy with the advise I gave you? Didn't I advise
      you well? Now here is another advise. You are the real king of the
      forest. You are White and clean and pure and holy and beautiful. You
      are wise and good. You deserve to live in solitary splendor like a
      king. Not with some dirty brown trash who you have to share your food
      with. Why do you need him? He is a liability and an embarrassment to you."

      "Well, what should I do?" "You know the score. Nothing at all. I am
      there to take care of everything for you. Just relax." Next day, the
      White Bull heard the dying screams of the Brown Bull and closed his
      ears and went back to his grazing.

      The White Bull lived for a few days all by himself, grazing where he
      wanted and drinking from the clean streams of the forest. Then one
      morning the tiger came again. From the look in his eyes, the White
      Bull knew that this visit was different. All his life flashed before
      his eyes. He recalled the time when the three brothers stood together,
      shoulder to shoulder. Then he recalled all the incidents since then.
      As the tiger sat before him, not in any hurry, knowing that the result
      was pre-determined, the White Bull said to him, "I have one last wish.
      Will you grant it to me?" "Anything at all my friend", said the tiger.

      The White Bull then climbed a hill and when he got to the top of it,
      he called out to the people of the forest, "O! People, I do not die
      today. I died the day the Black Bull died."

      Sayyidina Ali (RA) when he had been stabbed by the assassin and lay
      dying called the people around him and reminded them of this story of
      the White Bull (At Thawr il Abyadh) and said to them, "O! People, I am
      not dying today. I died the day Osman was killed."

      I say to you: "O! People, wake up and mourn. Wallahi the Black Bull
      died today. "



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